Cheats & Tweaks

1. Add Item
2. Console Commands
3. Tweaks
4. Enabling Screenshots
5. Naming Your Horse

To access the console, hit the ` key (above Tab).


In the editor, there's a FormID column that's next to the Editor ID column but collapsed -- you can drag to make it wider. Just write down the hexadecimal number of the ID you want to add, and then you can do player.additem 0001CFDB 1 (or whatever the ID is you're interested in).

So, player.additem followed by numeric form ID followed by # of items wanted.

Example: player.additem 00000F 100 would give you 100 pieces of gold.


tdt -- display FPS

RunCellTest (rct) -- Runs a cell test

StartAllQuests (saq) -- Starts all quests

CompleteAllQuestStages (caqs) -- Sets all quest stages

FlushNonPersistActors (Flush) -- Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistent.

ToggleFogOfWar (TFOW) -- Turns fog of war on or off.

OutputLocalMapPictures (OLMP) -- Writes out the current local map.

SetGamma (sg) -- Sets new gamma ramp.

WasteMemory (wm) -- Allocates some memory (in MB).

ClearAdaptedLight (cal) -- Clears the HDR adapted light texture.

ShowSubSpaces (sss) -- Temporarily displays subspaces.

SetSTBBColorConstants (sscc) -- Show speedtree billboard color tweak constants.

SetTreeMipmapBias (stmp) -- Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards.


GetActorValue (GetAV) -- Get an actor value. [player.getav luck]

SetActorValue (SetAV) -- Set an actor value. [player.setav luck, 75]

ModActorValue (ModAV) -- Modify an actor value. [player.modav luck, -10]

PlayGroup -- IE: PlayGroup SEQNAME 1

StartConversation -- Start a conversation. [Bob.StartConversation Joe, SecretTopic]

SetSize (CSize) -- Shrink/Grow an actor. [player.shrink 0.0 or radius]

SetCellPublicFlag (setpublic) -- Set public flag on cell. [setpublic MyCell 1]

GetDoorDefaultOpen -- Returns 1 if this door is open by default.

SetDoorDefaultOpen -- A value of 1 will make the door open by default.

SetOpenState -- A value of 1 will make the door open.

SetInChargen -- A value of 1 will be in chargen.

SetGhost -- A value of 1 will make the NPC act as a 'ghost'.

SetUnconscious -- A value of 1 will be unconscious.

GetUnconscious -- Returns 1 if is unconscious.

SetRestrained -- A value of 1 will be restrained.

GetRestrained -- Returns 1 if is restrained.

ForceFlee (Flee) -- Forces an actor to flee if destination or cell is passed in uses them.

ModPCFame -- Modifies the fame of player.

GetPCFame -- Returns the player's fame.

ModPCInfamy -- Modifies the infamy of player.

GetPCInfamy - Returns the players infamy.

SetPCFrame -- Set the player's fame to param.

SetPCInfamy -- Set the player's infamy to param.

SetWeather (sw) -- Sets the active weather to the specified type.

ForceTakeCover (TakeCover) -- Forces an actor to move away from the target actor.

ForceActorValue (ForceAV) -- Does modav xxx (value - getav xxx). [player.forceav luck 25]

ModPCSkill (ModPCS) -- Modify the player's skill [modpcs Blunt, 10]

ModPCAttribute (ModPCA) -- Modify an actor value [modpca luck, 10]

GetBaseActorValue (GetBaseAV) -- Get a base actor value. [player.getbaseav luck]

IsOwner -- Get the ownership of the ref.

IsCellOwner -- Get the ownership of the ref.

ForceWeather (fw) -- Forces the weather to the specified type, without transition.

SetScale -- Set the scale of an object.

ModScale -- Modify the scale of an object.

SetIgnoreFriendlyHits (sifh) -- Set whether an actor should ignore friendly hits (0-no, 1-yes)

GetIgnoreFriendlyHits (gifh) -- See if an actor is ignoring friendly hits.

God mode -> tgm

Toggle no clipping -> tcl

Lock selected door or container with indicated lock level ->lock <1-100>

Unlock selected locked door or container -> unlock

Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted ->kill

Add indicated amount of points to specified skill -> modpcs ,

Add indicated amount of points to indicated attribute -> modpca ,

Player.SetCrimeGold "X" - Sets the bounty

TAI (ToggleAI) - Turns off most AI behaviors.

Set Timescale to 1 - Realtime hours instead of the default timescale.

Submitted by Rayne Jarre

Edit your Oblivion .ini file to put these tweaks into effect.

Raise to increase area in which LOD tree billboards are drawn - looks quite nice doubled if your PC can take it.

Raise to increase the number of LOD tree billboards drawn - looks quite nice doubled if your compute can take it.

Raise to increase the X/Y dimension of the number of high detail exterior cells loaded - should be an odd number, 3 or greater. This is quite a performance hit with anything above 5. If there are 25 cells loaded at a time with a value of 5, then there are 49 cells loaded with a value of 7 and so on. I would not recommend going above 7 or 9, but terrain looks nicer if your computer can take it.

uNumDepthGrids = 3
Raising the above tweak can cause the reflections in the water to get messed up sometimes, changing this value to 1 can alleviate that.

Set these to 1 to allow said objects to reflect in water.

Raise to pull camera back some in dialogue.

A value of 1 forces foreground trees to always render at the highest detail - I haven't found this to be a huge performance hit for the visual benefit, your mileage may very.

Raise to allow more unique grass types per terrain texture - 4 should be enough to let you see everything possible.

Raising causes grass to be less dense, change it to a fairly high number. Range between 120-300. The higher the number the less dense the grass is. I changed mine to 200. This makes the grass very thin and sparse.

Tells the game how far away to draw the grass to, 15000 is quite a long distance.

How far away the grass will start to fade in, only works if HDR is enabled...

Setting to 0 turns off Specular lighting, but can cause a crash when going into the Wynon Priory, in the beginning of the main quest.

Setting to 0 turns off Diffuse lighting, which makes everything nice and dark...pitch-black dark...but, on the FX series of cards, raises your FPS by about 30.

Setting to 0 is more of a fix for the one above, I have makes everything fullbright, but I believe you can only set it to 0 if the one above is also set to 0...note that having this and the one above turned off, and specular on, can also cause a crash in Wynon Priory in the main quest.

The last three are mainly fixes for those with FX video cards - they can apparently yield a 30 FPS boost but can have very strange effects on lighting (dark caves are fully lit, night and day appear identical).

Method by Lord Veldrin

You will need to modify 2 .ini files.

Head to your Oblivion folder on your hard-drive and find the file: Oblivion_default.ini.

Open it and search (Cntrl + F) for the line bAllowScreenShot=0.

Change the "0" to a "1" and you can now take screenshots via the PrtScn button.

The other file will be in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini

Repeat the process: search for the line, change the 0 to 1 and you're done.

After doing this, press PrntScreen in game to take a screenshot. These screenshots will be saved as .bmp files to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion.

You cannot take screenshots using this method if Anti-Aliasing is enabled! If you want to take pictures with full AA, use Fraps.


To name your horse:

Target the horse with your cursor, open up the console with the tilde (~) key, then click on the horse. You then type in:

setactorfullname xxxx
setactorfullname "xxx xxxx" if you use a name with a space.

Yes, xxxx is where you type the name you want.


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