Fighters Guild Advancement Guide
The Desolate Mine
A Rat Problem
The Unfortunate Shopkeeper
Unfinished Business
Drunk and Disorderly
Den of Thieves / Newheim's Flagon
Amelion's Debt
The Master's Son
More Unfinished Business
Azzani Blackheart
The Wandering Scholar
The Fugitives
Trolls of Forsaken Mine
The Stone of St. Alessia
The Noble's Daughter
Mystery at Harlun's Watch
Information Gathering
The Hist

To join the Fighters Guild speak to Guild Master Vilena Donton in Chorrol, Azzan in Anvil, or Burz Gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. You must have an infamy score of under 100 to join. Once you join, you'll immediately hold the rank of Associate.

If you get caught stealing or seriously assaulting another guild member you'll be expelled from the guild. You can ask Vilena Donton to rejoin twice. The first time you'll have to collect 20 black bear pelts. The second time, 20 Minotaur horns. Third time you're out and can't go back.

Here are the missions as I did them:

The Desolate Mine #return to index
Talk to gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. He'll give you a bow, hammer and sword to deliver to fellow Fighters Guild members in 'Desolate Mine'. Travel there, deal with any goblins you run into on the way. Once inside talk to Rienna, who'll gladly take the bow. Make the orc happy and give him a hammer with which to 'crush skulls'. Elidor works best with a blade, so give him that. Mismatching weapons will simply make combat more difficult -- keep in mind that you're docked 20% per member of the expedition that dies.

Clean the place out, but don't leave just yet. The place is a mine, after all, so search the place for viens of gold and silver. You can net a handful of valuable nuggets this way. Once you've put the mine out of business, head back to gro-Khash and ask about Advancement. You're now an Apprentice. He'll send you packing to Azzan in Anvil for more Contracts.

A Rat Problem #return to index
Talk to Azzan in Anvil about 'Contracts', then head to Arvena Thelas' house. Rats in the basement eh? No problem - they fall upon my sword! Oh... wait... they're your pets? Someone or something is killing Arvena's beloved rats, and its up to you to stop them. Go down the basement only to find that the creature doing the dirty work, is, of all things, a Mountain Lion. Kill it and head over to Arvena. Where there's one lion, there'll be others, so Arvena puts you in contact with hunter Penarus Inventius. Follow your little green map marker to find him.

He's seen a few Mountain Lions in the wilderness and is happy to have you along for the hunt. He leads you to a hill north-west of Anvil, where several lions will be doing their thing among the rocks. Kill all of them (don't feel guilty about it - they're bad, just look at the human bones). Head back to Arvena only to find that she gives no thanks for your hard work: there's another lion down in the cellar. Pop down, deal with it, and return. Arvena suspects her neighbor, Quill-Weave, is involved. Paranoia? Perhaps not.

At around 8pm get yourself in position to watch over Arvena's backyard. Make sure you stay out of sight, as if Quill-Weave can see you, she won't drop the meat. Yes, Quill-Weave has been leaving slices of meat outside Arvena's house. Confront her, as your journal instructs, and you'll learn she simply wanted to draw the rats out and then hoped the guards would deal with them. If you want Acrobatics training, don't tell Arvena (she'll still give you a cash reward). If you want Speechcraft training, tell Arvena the truth. She'll also give you the gold. It's really up to you to decide which would be best for your character. Return to Azzan to complete your contract and take on the next one...

The Unfortunate Shopkeeper #return to index
Talk to Azzan about the next 'Contract'. Norbert Lelles is having trouble with robbers, and you're to go and help him out. His store is on the docks of Anvil, across from the two boats. The front door is locked, so head around the back and enter. He tells you to stay overnight and deal with the problem. He's off to drown his sorrows at the Flowing Bowl.

You should wait around in the main service area of the shop. Wait until 11pm and then in hour blocks until the thieves appear (could be anytime from 11pm to 4am). Taking on three enemies at once is always tricky, so try to position yourself at the foot of the stairs or in the entry to the area behind the counter, so as only to take on one or two thieves at a time. Once you've dealt with them one way or another, head over to the Flowing Bowl and speak with Norbert. He's surprised at the identities of the thieves: all former employees who he trusted to 'open the shop in the morning'. Um... maybe it's a good idea to take the keys from your employees after you fire them.

Return to Azzan and talk about 'Advancement' for a promotion to the rank of Journeyman. You'll then be sent to Vilena Donton in Chorrol on a quest titled...

Unfinished Business #return to index
Vilena will refer you to Modryn Oreyn, a surly dark-elf who tells you to sort out a defaulter, Maglir. He can be found at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad (closest to the Western Gate). He's not coy about his reasons for defaulting: Fallen Rock Cave is a death trap and they weren't paying him enough to risk his life! Of course, death-traps are your favorite place. If you return to Modryn at this point he'll only tell you to get the journal, so you might as well bypass this step. Accept the contract immediately, go get yourself a weapon for smiting undead, and head to Fallen Rock Cave. Avoid rock-falls and destroy monsters on your way to the central room where, if the game plays out the way it did for me, you'll face two mudcrabs who appear to be responsible for the floating zombie corpse nearby. That's teamwork!

Take the journal. You'll be giving it away soon, so read it if you like in-game books (and are interested rats, Minotaurs, Trolls and Land Dreugh). Return to Maglir, and, if you can put your dignity aside, tell him that you'll cover for him. You have to work for him again later and it makes things easier for you. If you tell the same to Oryn (that Maglir came through) you won't gain the point of fame you would otherwise, but you do get your reward.

Drunk and Disorderly #return to index
Modryn tells you to deal with three Fighters Guild members who've been causing trouble in Leyawiin at the Five Claws Lodge. When you arrive, talk to the guy in the steel helmet. He says he and his friends are angry and idle after all the work they'd usually do has been taken over by the Blackwood Company; a bunch of mercenaries who've failed to take back territory in Black Marsh and are now trying to make some cash in Cyrodiil. Tell Pellius that they just need some work: he'll agree.

Speak to any Leyawiin resident who has a disposition of over 40 towards you. They'll think on the problem, and tell you to go speak to a woman named Margarte. Make this your active quest and follow the green arrow - she roams all over the place. She needs to do some alchemical work involving Minotaur horns and Ogre's Teeth, which she doesn't trust the Blackwood Company to do. Unfortunately, she doesn't trust the Fighters Guild much either. You'll need to prove that you and your brothers are the ones for the job.

The test? Find five portions of ectoplasm and bring them to her. Been killing ghosts lately? If you have five portions in your inventory, good for you. If not, ectoplasm can be found in a few places. You can buy at least one portion at 'The Main Ingredient' in the Imperial City. There are several ghosts in the Chapel Undercroft at Chorrol (and at other Chapel Undercrofts, if that trip doesn't yield enough ectoplasm). Or, if you'd like to do something constructive in the process, head to Anvil and board the first ship docked there. There should be a high-elf roaming around on board, and if not, wait around until she arrives. She'll give you a quest to find a crystal ball in the hold of the ship. There are ghosts in the way, but a few nice rewards too.

Once you have the stuff by any means necessary, take it to Margarte and she'll agree to give her work to the Fighters Guild. Travel back to the Five Claws and tell the boys you've got work for them. You can get in on a bit of this action, however. Margarte will pay you 500 gold for every bunch of 5 Ogres' Teeth or Minotaur horns you bring to her, if you're so inclined.

Talk to Oreyn once more and he'll promote you to Swordsman, then send you off to Azzan and gro-Khash for more work. I decided to visit Azzan first.

Den of Thieves / Newheim's Flagon #return to index
Guess who can now be found at the Anvil Fighters Guild? Maglir, the Bosmer wuss! Nah, he's a nice enough guy, and fellow member of your little Thief busting strikeforce for this mission. You're going to root out a den of thieves. Where exactly? Who can say.

As always, you've got to ask around. You'll learn that Newheim the Portly is a recent victim of thievery. Find him. He'll tell you that the all-Bosmer group of thieves (typical!) stole a family heirloom. You're thinking, awesome, priceless jewelry! Enchanted weapon! Well, no. It's a flagon that keeps ale chilled. Don't worry, the mission will be fulfilled as part of the Den of Thieves quest. You've merely got to remember to keep an eye out for the flagon (though, I must admit, the reward is kind of crappy). Newheim will direct you to Hrota Cave.

You shouldn't really be challenged until you get to the central room. Here, several enemies will go you at once, from close and afar. Your biggest threat is the battlemage with the big leather shield. Take her out as soon as you can, and you should be fine. Maglir is quest centric so he'll get up every time he's knocked down. I'm quest centric too - how come I don't get that ability?

Newheim's Flagon should rest atop a barrel in the pit of the central room. If you've been rough-and-tumbling down there, it might have fallen to the floor. Either way, pick it up before you leave. Return the flagon to Newheim for three bottles of his special brew (worth 2gp each... let's hope they taste real good). Talk to Azzan for some gold and then make your way to Cheydinhal and your Orc taskmaster, gro-Khash.

Amelion's Debt #return to index
Talk to the very personable Burz gro-Khash. He'll send you to chat with Biene Amelion, who lives in Water's Edge. Fast travel to Leyawiin and then walk/ride the rest of the way there. You'll find her inside her house. She won't call the guards, even if the door to her home indicates trespassing.

Amelion's father has been kidnapped, leaving her to shoulder his gambling debt (a rather steep 1,000 gold). She essentially asks you to grave-rob her own grandfather of the sword and cuirass he was buried with in order to pay off the debt. If you're cashed up and short of time - or want the sword and cuirass for yourself, you can simply pay Amelion 1,000 from your own pocket and be done with her. Return to gro-Khash to tell him you've completed the mission.

Otherwise, you'll need to take a trip into the Amelion family Ancestral Tomb. You guessed it - spirits and undead abound here, so make sure you bring along a suitable weapon. You'll meet around 6 undead baddies on your way to the Sarcophagus chamber, then you'll meet another 7 or so en route to the burial chamber, which contains a powerful spirit (how powerful depends on your level). You may find other pieces of grandpa Amelion's armor scattered around the place - if you favour light armor, all but the longsword and cuirass are free for the taking. Speaking of which, your target items are laid out atop the central stone coffin: the longsword and cuirass of Brusef Amelion. Look for a nearby emergency exit - you'll drop down into a room close to the Ancestral Tomb entry point.

Return to Biene and give her the sword and armour or pay the debt and keep them both. Once you've done either, return to Cheydinhal and speak to gro-Khash for a promotion to the rank of Protector.

The Master's Son #return to index
Return to Modreyn Oreyn for more 'duties'. It appears that jeweller Galtus Previa has been lost in Nonwyll Cavern while searching for gems. The mission seems simple enough, and will also serve as a bit of battle experience for Viranus Donton, last remaining son of guildmaster Vilena Donton. He is to accompany you into Nonwyll Cavern and he must not die. If he does, you will be permanently expelled for the fighters guild. It would be a good idea to make a seperate save just before you enter the Caverns.

Vilena Donton has been shielding her son from the rigours of battle, which is forgivable, considering her other son, Vitellus, was killed during a failed guild operation. Fetch Viranus from the Donton home in Chorrol (still living with mum, I see) and you'll find out that Vilena knows nothing of this quest. It is not difficult to understand how you could be expelled from the Fighters Guild if the last remaining son of your guildmaster is killed on a quest she knew nothing about!

Considering the threats within Nonwyll Cavern, it is not just Viranus who will be difficult to keep alive. The cave is inhabited by plenty of trolls, ogres and a minotaur. These are enemies who have powerful attacks but cannot soak up much damage. A good general strategy is to attack, then retreat as they launch their powerful counterattack. Using this method, single enemies shouldn't be hard to deal with. Remember that Waiting for an hour will restore yours and Viranus' health, so do this as often as is needed.

At several points throughout your journey you will have to face multiple enemies at once. If possible, retreat into a narrow passage so you and Viranus need only face one enemy at a time. Remember that trolls bear a weakness to fire, and Ogres a weakness to poison. The Minotaur you face in the center of the caves bears no weakness. However, the best way to defeat a Minotaur is to get as close as possible to it and launch a flurry of quick attacks. It is unable to to get far enough away from you to use its long weapon, and will be pushed back by your blows.

At the farthest extremity of the cave you'll find Galtus Previa. Dead (after all that work!). Activate his body to search for clues, but you will find none. Backtrack out of Nonwyll Caverns and return to Modryn Oreyn. Why did he die? 'There were creatures inside' you say. But Ogres are cannibals, and Galtus was not eaten. Perhaps there was another cause of death? Did the broken shield by his body look familiar to you?

You'll be rewarded with an enchanted blade adjusted to your level.

More Unfinished Business #return to index
Talk to Oreyn about 'Duties'. It appears that Maglir's at it again - he's defaulted from a contract with a Mage in Bravil. Head to Bravil's Lonely Suitor Lodge where you'll find Maglir decked out in a new suit of armor - that of the Blackwood Company. Defaulter and a turncoat! If you gave Maglir undue credit in the first 'Unfinished Business' quest he'll give you directions to Aryarie at the Bravil Mages Guild as his last unfinished contract. If you took credit for yourself then he'll give you no help (but you're reading this guide, so head to the guild anyway).

The pretty high-elf Aryarie will now give you the task: collect 10 portions of Imp gall. She'll point out Robber's Glen Cave as a likely source. You'd be crazy not to follow her directions. The cave is full of very weak enemies and good loot. Don't forget to harvest the gall from their bodies (there are 13 imps in total). Bring the gall back to Aryarie and, despite her chagrin at the delay, she is pleased that the portions are fresh and will reward you with a valuable Ring of Aegis. Return to Oreyn and he will offer you the title of Defender. For the next job, you'll need to meet him at his home after-dark. If it's after-dark already, then head straight there. If it's daytime, wait until a little after 8pm. His home is a little shack in the NW corner of the city.

Azzani Blackheart #return to index
Oreyn recounts the tale of a disastrous guild expedition to retrieve an artifact from Azzani Blackheart. Oreyn lost over a dozen men in the attempt, including Vilena Donton's son, Vitellus. After this grand failure the Blackwood Comapany secured the contract and a completed the mission effortlessly. Things are seeming very suspicious, as Argoth has been found dead, and the artifact is gone. Vilena Donton is too afraid of the consequences to pit the Fighters Guild against the Blackwood Company, but, as Oreyn says, the choice lies only between quick death or quick victory, or a slow, gradual wasting away. His choice is the first, regardless of the risk. Donton knows nothing about his plan to expose the Blackwood Company, and he can't order you to join him. You will need to come back to this quest sooner or later, so you may as well do it now.

You'll meet him at the Leyawiin fighters guild and then travel on to Arpenia (fast travel is enabled, as Oreyn knows where it is). Arpenia is deserted, but riddled with traps. I recommend searching it thoroughly for loot, but as soon as you talk with Oreyn, he will tell you that the place is obviously deserted. The Blackwood Company are somewhere else, and their assault was a sham. Blackheart is an afficianado of Ayleid ruins - the next nearest is Atatar. Oreyn leads you there.

Oreyn's hunch is right. Atatar is expansive, and sprawls over three levels. Make sure you explore all of it, as there is good loot to be found. In addition, three Varla stones can be lowered and claimed. Make sure you push all the buttons you uncover in your thorough explorations - the last will lower the Varla stone cages, and you can claim them as you exit.

Azzani Blackheart is a redguard in Elven armor and fights with a levelled Claymore. You'll find him in one of Atatar's deepest rooms. Kill him and take his ring. The artifact is not here, nor do you learn any more about it. Talk to Oreyn and give him Blackheart's signet ring for evidence that he is no more. You'll be promoted to Warder and referred to gro-Khash or Azzan for more run-of-the-mill contracts.

The Wandering Scholar #return to index
Talk to Azzan in Anvil. He'll give you what is essentially a 'bodyguard' mission - you're to escort Elante of Alinor to Brittlerock cave and then to the shrine within. Stock up on your Shock damage weapons and spells - this cave is teeming with Daedra.

Travel to Brittlerock and enter. You'll find Elante has made camp just inside the door. The Daedric Shrine is, of course, quite deep in the caves, and you'll have to protect her through some nasty encounters. It's better for you if you can leave her behind somewhere and deal with problems yourself, then return to fetch her when the coast is clear. As with most company not graced with a crown icon, she is more a help than a hindrance.

Once you reach the shrine, deposit Elante there and leave at your leisure. Through the door near to the shrine is another section of caverns with more Daedra and more loot. It's quite a short section, and there's an exit at the end of it. If you've had enough spelunking for one day, however, you can leave the way you came and return to Azzan for a gold reward. If, however, you failed to protect Elante, the quest is still considered complete, but you receive no reward or the usual fame/reputation bump. Azzani has no more contracts for you, and refers you on to the Cheydinhal Guild.

The Fugitives #return to index
Talk to Burz gro-Khash for a new contract. Several fugitives have escaped from Bravil's prison and are now terrorising the town. What are you going to do about it? Well, kill them, of course.

Travel to Bravil and ask around. You'll need to raise someone's disposition to 60 before they'll tell you what they know about the criminals (and who can blame them, they are all notorious murderers). It seems they've made base in Bloodmayne cave, which lies north-west of Bravil. In case you're having nightmare scenarios of taking on four seasoned criminals at once, relax. Murderers are notorious for their inability to work together. Your targets are spread out at intervals in the cave: Ashanta and Hlofgar in the first half, Dreet-Lai and Enrion (a necromancer) in the second.

Once justice has been done, return to gro-Khash for a gold reward. You've earned yourself a promotion to Guardian and he refers you to Azzan or Modreyn Oreyn for more contracts.

Trolls of Forsaken Mine #return to index
Get this quest from Modreyn Oreyn. He sent a team of guild members on a mission to clear Forsaken Mine of Trolls. One of these guild members was Viranus Donton, the last remaining son of Vilena Donton (you will have fought alongside him in an earlier quest, 'The Master's Son'). Predictably, Modreyn hasn't heard back from them and fears the worst. You're to discover the fate of the expedition.

To get to the mine, fast-travel to Leyawiin and head south-west. Enter the mine from the door indicated by your journal. Make your way down the entry passage and observe the dead bodies of five fellow guild members and (cue ominous music) two Blackwood Company goons.

In your efforts to reach Viranus and the Journal you'll fulfill the Fighters Guild's original mission here: eradicating the Trolls of forsaken mine. Remember that Trolls are weak to fire. If you have any Fire enchanted items, now is the time to use them.

Make your way deeper into the mine until you stumble across a steel-clad body in a southern room. The body, of course, is that of Viranus Donton. Take the journal from him and read it to learn what occurred here: the operation to clear out the Trolls was going very successfully until the Blackwood company arrived and, well, killed everyone and everything. Sadly, you'll find the body of Viranus' lover, Eduard, nearby.

Exit the mine with journal in hand and return to Oreyn. Yep, he knows he's in trouble, and is faced with the task of breaking the news to Vilena. You may still have a future yet, though the same cannot be said for Oreyn. He refers you to Azzani or gro-Khash for some more standard assignments.

The Stone of St. Alessia #return to index
Make your way to Azzan. Seems he knows all about what occurred with Viranus, and will inform you that Oreyn's been booted from the guild and you've been demoted two ranks to Defender as his 'accomplice' of sorts. You probably don't deserve it, but hey, it's only onwards and upwards from here.

This is your last quest from Azzan. The Chapel of Bruma has lost a sacred item and you're to retrieve it. Travel there and talk to Cirroc who'll tell you that the Stone of St. Alessia, which keeps the church safe from harm, has been stolen by a group of several men. They headed East out of town with their prize.

Head east from the gate until you run into a lone Khajiit. Yes, he was one of the ones who stole the stone, but now it's gone, taken by Ogres. If you want it back, he tells you, you'll find it in Sedor, an Ayleid ruin which the Ogres have adopted as their home. The most direct route to the stone is up the first flight of stairs, through a curving corridor, down some stairs, through a big room and a short corridor until you see it on a pedestal before you. Strangely, it's worth very little, and one must wonder why the thieves went through so much to get it.

Back-track to the exit of the ruins, on to Cirroc (who'll give you three Restore Health potions) and then to quest-giver, Azzan. Your upwards climb in rank won't begin yet, but upon completion of the next mission, you'll be promoted back to your old rank of Guardian.

The Noble's Daughter #return to index
Talk to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. Your next contract is to find the missing Lady Rogbut, the daughter of an Orcish nobleman. That Orcish nobleman is Lord Rugdump, and you will need to travel to his estate in the area outside Cheydinhal. He's done well for himself, as you can see by the pretty house and scenic location. Enter the estate and talk to Rugdump himself, who believes that Ogres have taken his daughter. Leave the estate and head East - you may spot a glimpse of the Orcish lady and her captives on the hill top. Try to draw one away at a time if possible. Lady Rogbut will help out as much as she can.

Lady Rogbut, once liberated, is full of personality. She'll return with you to the manor and you can talk to Lord Ragdump for your reward - Rugdumph's sword, which casts a simultaneous Silence and Drain Speechcraft spell. Return to Cheydinhal and speak to gro-Khash, who'll give you some gold and promote you to your former rank of Champion (if you've done things in the order described here).

Mystery at Harlun's Watch #return to index
Get this contract from Burz gro-Khash. It's the final quest he'll give you, so make sure to remember his pretty face. Residents have been disappearing from the hamlet of Harlun's Watch, below Cheydinhal, and you're to find out what has happened to them.

Travel to the town and speak to Drarana Thelis. She'll tell you that some weird lights have been appearing around Swampy Cave. A group of townspeople went to investigate, but they haven't returned. Weird lights, eh? Sound familiar?

Head south-east to the swamps and you'll see three Will-o-the-Wisps hovering around the entrance. If possible, let one see you and lead it away from the others. They are manageable individually, but a group can be tough. When you dispatch one make sure to take the Glowdust from its remains if you have not yet completed the Shrine of Azura quest.

Time to enter Swampy Cave. It's full of Trolls (well, this is the Fighters Guild - what did you expect) and you'll need to kill all of them. Proceed thoroughly through the caves, making your way, eventually, to the southern end of the cave. Here you'll find the body of Eduard Denile. It seems like the Wisps and Trolls have been working together, in a way. Upon activating his body you'll get a message to exterminate the trolls. Make your way thoroughly through the cave, using fire spells/weapons if possible, until you get a message informing you that the Trolls are all gone.

Make your way back to gro-Khash for your reward and a promotion to the rank of Champion. You're moving up in the world, now. If you've been doing things in my order so far, then it's time to go and see your old friend Modryn Oreyn.

Information Gathering #return to index
Travel to Oreyn's house in Chorrol. He'll be inside, pacing around, not sure what to do with his free time. He doesn't care that he's no longer in the guild - he won't rest until the Blackwood Company is finished, and he wants you to help him. Helping Oreyn didn't end well last time, but hey, obviously you don't hold a grudge.

According to Modryn the Blackwood Company has set up base in the Glademist cave. He orders you to take Ajum Kajin prisoner and bring him back to Oreyn's house for interrogation. Make your way to the cave - inside you'll find seven members of the Blackwood Company. If you're high level, these guys are a veritable harvest of expensive equipment, and you should have a ball here. Clear out the cave - at its furthest point you'll find Ajum and, contrary to what you may have expected, he agrees to follow you in an instant. That is, if you've taken care of his guards first - you have, haven't you? Travel back to Oreyn with the Argonian in tow.

Oreyn wants you to do some dirty work here. You're to get three snippets of information out of Ajum. You can do this the nice way or the evil way. The nice way involves using the Speech-craft minigame or charm to raise his disposition to 70 (for the first bit of information) and then 90 (for the second. The evil way involves beating on Ajum with your bare fists until he relents. You'll never be able to find out the third bit of information, however, or at least, not from Ajum. He activates his suicide ring and goes splat. What you've learnt is good, but not quite enough. To complete the puzzle you'll need to... join the Blackwood Company *gasp*.

Infiltration #return to index
Make your way to Leyawiin and enter the Blackwood Company hall. Speak to Jeetum-Zee, an Argonian who can usually be found on level-two. You chat, and then he'll lead you to the Company Training Hall. As trap-like as this seems, it isn't. He'll brief you and a few other guild members on a mission to get rid of goblins pestering the hamlet of Water's Edge. Sounds straightforward enough - just the kind of mission you're best at.

You'll learn that the key to the Blackwood Company's power is the sap of the Hist tree. Strangely, the drug doesn't seem to do anything, but when you drink it the game will immediately load the Water's Edge map. According to Jeetum, the Blackwood Company are producing their own Hist sap. Somewhere in the Company hall is one of the legendary trees. For now, however, you have to focus on the mission at hand. Your backup on this mission leaps immediately into the fray. If you've fought Goblins before, you'll know these are not acting as they should. They're unarmed and passive, but the Company members will kill them just the same. Once the goblins outside have been dealt with your new 'friends' order you to clear out the houses. If you didn't join in the combat before you are forced to do so now. The goblins in the homes act like... people. When all the goblins are dead you'll receive a message that Water's Edge has been cleared. You'll fast travel again, but this time you'll arrive at Modryn Oreyn's house. Weird, huh!

According to Modryn you were found unconscious on the streets of Leyawiin. Hist sap will do that to you, he says. You're to travel back to Water's Edge and check on the progress of its inhabitants - Modryn believes the Blackwood Company may be up to something.

Travel back to Water's Edge and you'll find the place a graveyard. The town has been massacred - animals and humans alike. Biene Amelion, who you earlier helped, is now dead. Was it your weapon that did it? Return to Oreyn. Undoubtedly there is nothing he can say to make up for the crimes you have committed, though unwillingly. The Hist tree is a force of evil - it made you do this, and now you must burn it to the ground to atone for what you have done.

The Hist #return to index
Your orders are to destroy the Hist tree at the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin. Oreyn warns you that it will be kept behind locked doors, and that Ri'Zakar is the one who will most likely hold the key. Unfortunately, he will be no pushover.

Enter the Hall and Ja'Fazir will approach you immediately. Your alleigance to the Fighters Guild is no longer a secret, and it becomes apparent that the covert approach will not apply here. Kill Ja'Fazir and take the key to Jeetum-Zee's room, then kill Jeetum-Zee for the key to Ri'Zakar's room. The key to the cellar can be taken from his remains. If you need to, rest between battles.

Enter the cellar and you'll be confronted with the Hist tree, some funky 'alien machinery' and your immediate concern, two Argonian mages. Kill them both. You'll be told that you must find some way to stop the machinery milking sap from the corrupted tree. Ever heard the saying 'throw a pipe in the works'? This is just what you'll do. Pick up both 'loose pipes' on the side-table and then activate one of the pumps. If the pipe is in your inventory, the action will set that pump to a grinding halt. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the Hist to seal its fate.

Walk out of the cellar to be greeted by one very pissed-off Bosmer - Maglir. Dispatch the ungrateful bugger and return to Modryn Oreyn. For your impressive deed he rewards you with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, a neat piece of enchanted heavy armor. He also refers you to Vilena Donton - you have some explaining to do, but in a good way.

Vilena runs the gamut of emotions, from disappointment, slight frustration, to happiness and pride. She concedes that she is no longer the best person to head the guild and promotes you to the rank of Master. Congratulations, you are now the head of the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil.

That's not quite the end. She suggests Modryn Oreyn as your second in command, but you'll need to ask him if he wants the position. At first it seems Oreyn won't accept, but he comes round eventually.

As Master of the guild you'll receive a cash stipend and a share of any good loot found during contracts. Vilena gives you a key to unlock the GuildMaster's chest on the top floor of the Chorrol guild. You can receive anywhere from 10 to 1,000 gold pieces per month. The loot you receive could be anything from a large list of potions, jewelry, magic weapons and armor.

Telling Oreyn to focus on pursuing more contracts will raise your stipend. Telling Oreyn to focus on recruitment will raise the number of items you receive as loot.

And that's all there is. There isn't any more.


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