Main Quest Walkthrough
Non-Spoiler Index
Having links to the name of each quest will tell you two things you don't want to know: 1) how far you are from the end-game and 2) might reveal key themes of upcoming quests. Rather, I'm going to use a system of Quest Number and Hint Word. For example, Quest 1 (Assassination) would indicate that it is the guide for the tutorial.

Quest 2 - To the priory
Quest 2 - Jauffre
Quest 3 - To Kvatch
Quest 4 - Siege
Quest 5 - Brother Martin
Quest 6 - Cloud Ruler
Quest 7 - Dawn
Quest 8 - Shrine
Quest 9 - Spies
Quest 10 - Artifact
Quest 11 - Bruma Gate
Quest 12 - Divines
Quest 13 - Welkynd
Quest 14 - Allies
Quest 15 - Defense
Quest 16 - Great Gate
Quest 17 - Paradise
Quest 18 - Anaxes
Quest 19 - Grotto
Quest 20 - Carac Agaialor
Quest 21 - Dragonfires

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and skill by writing a walkthrough to the tutorial. Start the game, do it however you like, make a character you're happy with, finalize it, and step out into the vista of beauty that is Cyrodiil.

If your graphics card is too crappy to play the game, this is when you'll notice it. If your graphics card meets or exceeds the recommended requirements, I'll let you soak in the scene for a moment. Water, ruins, trees, sky... beautiful.

To Weynon Priory #return to index
The Emperor has just been assassinated. He's entrusted the last hope of the Septim Bloodline -- the priceless Amulet of Kings -- to you. Unless you find another ruler soon, really bad things are going to start happening. There may be Daedra and Oblivion gates involved. Yes, you're in a hurry -- but perhaps you have enough time to check out Vilverin (the Ayleid ruin straight ahead of you), or Sideways Cave (due West from the sewers exit). I strongly recommend you explore Vilverin at least. Inside you'll find a necromancer, bandits, as well as some nasty presents left by the long gone Ayleids (traps, undead), as well as some really nice ones (about 20 Welkynd Stones, and a coveted Varla Stone).

Sideways Cave is another good beginner dungeon. However, it's filled with Imps, which are arguably Oblivion's answer to cliff racers. The loot on offer here is not as valuable as that found in Vilverin (though Imps do drop an ingredient worth 15 septims, and you will be killing a lot of them -- this can add up).

After cleaning out both these dungeons my weapons and armor were in pretty poor condition, and I was unable to find any armourer's hammers. I recommend holding off on any more dungeoneering until you have a chance to repair your equipment. There are plenty of ruins on the way to Wynon Priory and you can have your equipment fixed cheaply at The Best Defence store in the Imperial City Market District.

If you're following the Main Quest your next stop should be Wynon Priory. Perhaps your character, unlike mine, fully understands the weight of the Emperor's death and is determined to make his/her way there post haste. You can fast travel there using your map, or walk there. I chose to walk -- and I didn't regret it. The scenery on the way is simply beautiful, and I found several interesting side missions on the way. I followed the road to the Imperial City, stopped off there to sell some loot, buy some better equipment, do a few side-missions, and fix up my broken and battered weapons and armour. You can take any route you like, as long as it leads to:

Weynon Priory #return to index
After a lot of walking (or very little time, if you fast travelled) you reach Weynon Priory. There's little of interest here, so head into Weynon House. You can chat to the monks or head straight upstairs to find Jauffre -- he's on your right, sitting at a table and when I saw him, reading. You'll talk to him for a bit and eventually give him the Amulet of Kings. "Close shut the jaws of Oblivion...", yes, I wonder what that means? Jauffre doesn't really know. What he does know is that the Dragonfires which have burnt for hundreds of years have gone out. No heir can be found to the Septim Throne... unless...

It is here you first hear about Martin, the Emperor's illegitimate son. He isn't aware of his royal blood, and lives a normal life, working as a Priest in the Chapel of Akatosh, City of Kvatch. Jauffre exhorts you to find him there and bring him back at once.

Once the conversation is finished make sure to ask Jauffre about 'Assistance'. He will open the chest to your right and allow you to take what you like from it. You'll find some basic light and heavy armor, a selection of potions, a steel bow and arrows, as well as a few other things. Take whatever you think you might need. Chat to Jauffre some more and you'll find he's the Grandmaster of the Blades. Well, you're making friends in high places already.

Don't forget to talk to Brother Piner. He'll give you a book ("Warp in the West") which will increase your block skill by 1.

Talking to Maborel will also see him 'loan' you his Paint Horse. If you don't accept now, you can claim the horse later on, after he has, err, no use for it anymore.

Rest up and start your journey...

To Kvatch #return to index
On the road to Kvatch you'll come across a refugee camp. A high-elf, Hirtel, will approach you immediately, urgently explaining that several Oblivion portals have opened in Kvatch and that the town has been destroyed by Daedra. To make matters worse, it's uncertain whether Martin got out alive.

At this point you can find a place to sleep, or do a little shopping. Batul gra-Sharob can repair your armor for a price and buy a small amount of weapons and armour from you. Sigrid can buy potions and ingredients. Despite Hirtel telling you that going to Kvatch will mean only death and destruction, you're a brave adventurer who doesn't heed warnings. Bypass the camp and carry on up the path to Kvatch. About half-way up you'll meet Ilav Dralgoner, a priest at the Chapel Martin supposedly works at. He'll tell you Martin was last seen leading people to safety in the Chapel. There's still hope that you'll find him yet.

Carry on up the hill and things get progressively more worrying. The sky is a strange shade of red, and as you crest the hill, you'll encounter your first Oblivion gate. Impressive, isn't it. Talk to Savlian Martius. He'll tell you a little more about the situation and about Martin. He's inside the town. The only thing standing between you and him is, well, a big hurking portal to the plane of Oblivion. Talk to Savlian about 'Help'. "You want to help us? Alright... but you'll probably die."

Nah... Cyrodiil's dimension of torture and destruction? How bad can it be?

Breaking the Siege of Kvatch #return to index
Walk up to the portal. Step inside.

Your introduction to Oblivion is brief. Lots of lava and wierd plants. A charred corpse. And leveled creatures -- scamps when I visited at level 1. Go help out the Kvatchian soldier as he fights several of the Daedra. Once the combat has ended he'll talk to you. He's kind of cowardly, but if you ask him to stay with you, he will. If you tell him to go back to Matius you'll encounter him again later. I asked him to follow, but he didn't last long for me, unfortunately crushed by a boulder, but perhaps you can keep him around for longer. He tells you that there are other soldiers here looking for a way to close the portal. Others have been taken to the tower.

There's quite a bit to explore here, but a lot of ways to die, and nothing much of value to find. I had a level up ready to go but nowhere to sleep, so I was stuck at level 1 throughout my first journey into Oblivion. I found it tough. I recommend you head to the big, central tower as soon as possible. Don't worry about finding the other soldiers -- they're all dead, bar one.

The tower you want is called 'The Blood Feast'. The sub-towers have similarly charming names. My favorite; the 'Meat Factory', with bonus Corpse Grinder. Those of you with evil characters are probably kicking yourselves for backing the wrong team at this point.

From 'The Blood Feast' head into the Rending Hall. From there, enter 'The Blood Feast' again (the second level). Climb to the Corridors of Dark Salvation and cross the bridge to the Eastern Tower. Ascend to the top to find Menien (alive, but a lost cause) and the Dremora Sigil Keeper. Kill him, and take the key. Talk to Menien, he'll tell you that the key to closing the gates is a sigil stone, at the top of the central tower.

Return to the Corridors of Dark Salvation and use the northern door. Be careful of spear traps here (I found it best to run and jump through them). When you reach the top, enter the Daedric Citadel again, and head for the lift on the far side of this level. On the way, you'll encounter two Dremora Churls. It's a difficult fight, so you may want to try and sneak around them. However you pass this obstacle, get to the lift. When at the top, climb to one of the two Sigil Keep entrances. The Sigil Stone is the ball of energy at the top of the flame spire. Walk close to it and activate it. The gate begins to collapse in on itself, though you are not harmed. After a flashy display, you'll be deposited back outside the main gate of Kvatch. Phew.

Pat yourself on the back for surviving Cyrodiil's hell. This will not be the last time you're called into that unpleasant place.

Talk to Matius. He's desperate to re-enter Kvatch. You can delay a little or enter straight away. If you've achieved a level up it might be a good idea to drop down to the refugee camp and nap there for an hour or two in one of the free beds before entering Kvatch. When you're ready, return to Matius to proceed into the town.

Inside you'll find the area overrun by several weak Clannfear and a few scamps. The fight is tough, but hanging back and letting the soldiers do the work won't help you at this point. They fall pretty quickly, and Matius, as a necessary quest character, may fall unconscious here and there. He always gets back up though, which makes him a valuable ally. The Clannfear are you're toughest opponents, as they regenerate health. Concentrate on one at a time, and try to avoid being ganged up on.

Once you've cleared the area talk to Matius. He'll proceed into the chapel. You can look around if you like but there's little of value to find.

Enter the chapel and listen to Matius' conversation with another Kvatchian soldier. You'll see some civilians file past you, on their way outside. Could one of them be Martin?

Once Matius has finished his conversation, talk with him. He'll ask you if you'd like to continue helping him in the battle for Kvatch. He gives you some time to think it over. Search through the barrels and containers throughout the chapel. I found two repair hammers and a gold nugget, so it's worth your time. Though you can return to Matius to further assist him immediately (I didn't just yet), the Main Quest leads you out of the Chapel and on out of Kvatch. One of those civilians may have been the heir to the Septim Throne.

Once you exit Kvatch glance over the civilians until you find Brother Martin. Talk to him. Though he doesn't look that impressive, it's all in the voice -- Sean Bean, as you may know. He's not terribly hard to convince that he may be the Emperor's Son, and is willing to follow you to Weynon Priory, to meet with Jauffre.

Back to Weynon Priory with Martin #return to index
You arrive to find a dangerous situation at Weynon Priory. Mythic Dawn Cult assassins have attacked, and killed several of the monks. Take them out as quickly as possible -- you will have to make an effort to keep Brother Piner alive. I wasn't able to save him, but it can be done. Head to the tower (Weynon Priory proper). Martin is quite capable in combat.

Once you enter, you'll find Jauffre pitted against two assassins. Help him and Martin take them out, then talk to Jauffre. His main concern is the Amulet of Kings. Follow him back across the grounds to Weynon House, up the stairs, and into the secret room. The Amulet is gone.

You do however, have the heir -- hope is not lost just yet. Cloud Ruler Temple is the only place where Martin will be safe -- that's your next destination.

Before you set out, don't forget to ask Jauffre about 'Assistance' once again. He'll tell you that now Maborel is dead, he obviously has no use for his horse anymore. The stables are behind Weynon House. Once there, Jauffre and Martin mount their horses. You hop on Pryor Maborel's Paint Horse (unless, of course, you already accepted Maborel's gift during your first visit to the Priory).

Your next destination is Cloud Ruler Temple. You can ride there (as I did), or fast travel.

Cloud Ruler Temple #return to index
The door to the temple is locked, but Jauffre will open it. Inside the Blades hail Martin. Jauffre gives a speech, followed by a significantly weaker speech by Martin. Talk to him, then talk to Jauffre. You'll find out that your next destination is the Imperial City, where you must meet with Baurus (the last surving Blade from the Emperor's assassination). He can be found at Luther Broad's Boarding House, which is your next destination.

Before you leave the temple, enter the Western wing. If you're a Heavy Armour user, pick up the Blades armor. You'll find most of the set in the common room, and a cuirass in a private room upstairs. It is better than Steel Armour.

The Path of Dawn #return to index
Without the Amulet of Kings, Martin is useless. That must be your next objective. The man most likely to know something of its location is Baurus. Find him at Luther Broad's Boarding House, Elven Gardens District, Imperial City. Baurus is the redguard with a green top and a sword by his side. If he's sitting down, sit beside him. He'll tell you to be quiet and act normal: he's being watched. Attempts to tell Bauras about either the disappearance of the Amulet or that you found the heir will be met with a "Shuddup!" Perhaps you should wait for a more appropriate time to tell him.

When Baurus gets up, another man begins to follow him. You're supposed to follow that guy. Your little gang proceed down the the basement where the follower, Astav Wirich, is revealed as a Mythic Dawn Cultist. Baurus is not protected by the 'crown icon' this battle - if he falls, he falls for good. In that case, help him take on the cultist.

A search of the Cultist's body will turn up 'Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes Book I' by Mankor Camoran. Familiar? Talk to Bauras and he'll tell you that the Mythic Dawn worship Mehrunes Dagon (Daedra Lord of Destruction). He suggests you take the book to Tar Meena at the Arcane University, who should be able to reveal the secrets of the tome.

If you've won access to the Arcane University through doing the Mages Guild Recommendation quests, you'll find her within the university (I found her in the Mystic Archives). If not, she'll meet you in the University lobby. Speak to her, and she'll tell you that this series of books are the key to finding the secret location of the Mythic Dawn Cult shrine. She'll donate the library's copy of Book II and then tell you that you might be able to find the others at 'The First Edition' in the Market District.

Talk to the owner of the store, Phintias. The books are incredibly rare, but he does just happen to have a copy of Book III on hand. Unfortunately for you it's on hold for another customer who has travelled "all the way from Valenwood to collect it." Yeah, but he's not saving the world, is he? Phinias won't budge, but he does suggest you wait around for Gwinas and barter with him yourself. Don't leave the store or wait. He'll arrive in a few seconds.

Wait until he collects the book from Phintias, then talk to him. If you reveal that the Mythic Dawn were responsible for the assassination of the Emperor, Gwinas will not only give you Book III but also pass on directions as to how Book IV can be obtained. It seems Gwinas was thinking of joining, but knew nothing of the true nature of the cult. You now have a meeting with a Mythic Dawn 'Sponsor'.

Travel back to Luther Broad's Boarding house and then talk to Baurus about "Mythic Dawn meeting" and then the "sewers". He knows his way around and will lead you there immediately. Just as well, because it seems the meeting is starting very soon. Follow him for quite some time, dealing with the occasional mud-crabs, rats or goblins. Finally, you'll get to a point where Baurus will turn around and tell you that he's going to meet with the Sponsor, and that you should keep watch. If you press him enough, you can swap positions, with you meeting the Sponsor and Baurus keeping watch. If you decide to meet with the Sponsor, you'll sit at the table and be met by Raven Camoran. If you decide to keep watch, you ascend to a little arch-way and keep hidden there. Don't let Raven Camoran see you, or the meeting will be off immediately.

Raven will make a little speech, interrupted by the arrival of two more cultists on the foot-bridge above. Baurus will either be recognised as the Blade that Astuv Wirich was following, or two other cultists will enter and discover that there's someone else here. One way or another, the meeting devolves into a fight. Take out the three cultists and pick up Book IV from Raven Camoran. Speak to Baurus, he'll tell you that he's leaving for Cloud Ruler Temple to protect Martin.

So, you have all four books. Neat. Now you have to use them to discover the location of the Mythic Dawn Cult shrine. I'm really crappy at riddles and such, so I was a little worried about this. Don't be - it's not very hard. If you don't get it immediately, talk to Tar Meena again. Over the course of three days she'll offer you two tips and finally a solution. The first hint should be enough, that there's some kind of message hidden in the first letters of each paragraph. Put these letters together across the four books and you get: Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun. Green Emperor Way is the cemetery of the Palace District of the Imperial City. If you fast-travel there, follow the walk-way in front of you, turn right before the stairs and walk up to the Tomb of Prince Camarril. Wait until noon to find that the entrance is now covered in a red image. It's a map of Cyrodiil with a marker on it. And thus, a marker appears on your map, over Lake Arrius. You're not required to report back to Cloud Ruler Temple and beg for instructions on what to do next. Don't bother. Instead, make your way to Lake Arrius, to retake the Amulet of Kings.

Dagon Shrine #return to index
You'll have to wind your way up a steep hill to find the Lake Arrius Caverns. The cult members are not immediately hostile to you, and if you like, you can mosey on up to your goal disguised as a Mythic Dawn Cult initiate. In a few moments you will be asked to hand over all your possessions (including gold). These will be replaced only with a Mythic Dawn robe. You can do this without losing any of your items if you drop them all before you talk to the second cult member. Once you 'give him all your possessions' you can return and pick them all up again. Unless you're a powerful mage, you'll need them soon. You will, however, have lost all the gold in your inventory. If it's a significant amount it might be a good idea to spend it all before you enter, if you're determined to take the 'covert' route. There's nothing to stop you from returning later and taking your gold back.

On the other hand, if you're insulted by the very idea of handing over your hard earned cash, you can simply refuse to give up your possessions, and then freely admit that you are not here to join the Mythic Dawn. You will then have to fight your way through most of the complex.

If you take the disguise route, follow Harrow into the shrine. You'll hear the voice of Mankor Camoran in the distance, preaching to the faithful of Dagon. Stand with the others and watch. He'll disappear, it seems, into Oblivion, taking the Amulet of Kings with him. You didn't expect it to be that easy, did you?

You don't have to leave here empty handed. The holy book of Lord Dagon (The Mysterium Xarxes) is lying on the altar behind which Camoran gave his speech. You will be told to walk on to the raised platform where Ruma Camoran orders you to slay a sacrificial victim - the argonian laid out on the altar.

If you're a Dark Brotherhood nasty, it's probably in keeping with your character to do so. Killing Jeelius really won't help you much, though. As soon as you take the Mysterium Xarxes from its spot on the altar, the alarm sounds anyway. If you're a character with any shred of decency, refuse to kill Jeelius. Ruma tells you that you'll make just as good a sacrifice. Free Jeelius by activating him, run across for the altar and grab the Mysterium Xarxes, then run to the stairs to the north. You may need to try this maneouvre several times for Jeelius to follow you. It's hard to keep him alive, and I must admit, I wasn't able to. Apparently if you do manage to escape with him you'll meet him again later in the game.

A locked gate has been shut over the path back to the antechamber. You'll find a raised exit on the north side of the room, however, so continue up the tunnel. Your journal entry will tell you to take the book to Martin.

To exit the Caves, follow the tunnel until you reach a place with one passage left and one right. Take the right passage, and essentially keep going straight, dealing with any Mythic Dawn cultists you run into (there may be quite a few!). Keep pressing forward until you find a door to Lake Arrius Caverns, then enter it. Follow these tunnels until you see a switch on the wall in the exit-way of the first 'room'. It opens a secret door at the end of the next corridor, which will allow you to exit the shrine. If you still have Jeelius with you, you've done better than me!

You can return at any time to reclaim your belongings/cash from Harrow (if you haven't already) or finish off the rest of the Mythic Dawn and loot the place.

Return to Cloud Ruler Temple and give the Xarxes to Martin. He hints here that he may have dabbled in the dark arts in his youth. Oh my! He's going to study the book for a way to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise. In the mean time, report to Jauffre, who has some work for you.

Spies #return to index
The temple guards have reported seeing strangers lurking around the wilderness outside Cloud Ruler Temple. He strongly suspects they are spies. He'll tell you to find them and kill them before Martin's location is revealed. You're to speak to Blade Captain Steffan and Captain Burd in Bruma.

If you can't find Steffan soon enough, wait until bedtime. He should be sleeping in the shared quarters. He'll tell you that the strangers are usually seen at dusk around a runestone below Cloud Ruler Temple.

You'll see the runestone if you leave Cloud Ruler Temple and simply walk forward down the steep slope leading up to the temple. If it's between 5pm and 7pm you might be attacked by a Mythic Dawn agent called Jearl. If not, stand near the runestone and wait until 5pm. Jearl will appear and you'll have to fight and kill her. Search her body and take the keys.

One spy down, one to go. Head to the Bruma castle and talk to Captain Burd (you might find him in the Castle Barracks). He'll mention Jearl, you'll tell him she was a spy. He'll give you free reign to search her house without it being reported as a crime.

Head to Jearl's house, open the door with your key. You should have the key to get into a little trap-door, half covered by the rug in the center of the room. This leads to Jearl's basement.

There should be a note on the counter, indicating that another spy is involved, and worse, that the Mythic Dawn know of Martin's location and are planning a massive Oblivion assault. The door into the caves holds little of interest, and leads outside into the wilderness.

Time to deal with the last spy. Head back to the runestone and wait until dusk again. She should attack. Deal with her, loot her corpse, and talk to Jauffre. He's going to talk to the countess about this new Oblivion threat. He tells you to talk with Martin, to find out how he's going with the Xarxes. Quest complete.

Keep in mind that this, like many quests, can be solved a number of different ways. You could talk to Captain Burd first, for example. I don't have the time to play through each quest every which way, so I simply provide the method I found successful. I hope it is just as successful for you.

Blood of the Daedra #return to index
Martin believes he can use the methods employed by Camoran to bind himself to the Mysterium Xarxes and thus open a portal to Camoran's Paradise. He has discovered the first component of this ritual: the blood of a Daedra Lord. You will not, however, have to fight any such Lords to get it. This phrase actually means 'Daedric Artifact', which are said to be made from the blood of their respective Lord. Ask him about 'Daedric Artifact' to find out that these items can be obtained through Daedric cults. Unlike Morrowind, these cults are not all evil. He tells you to pick up the temple's copy of 'Modern Heretics'. You can find it on a bookshelf there. There's also a copy on Martin's table. You're free to take either.

Read the book in order to learn the location of the shrine of Azura. For the purposes of this walkthrough I will explain how to gain Azura's artifact. It's relatively simple (not necessarily easy) and her artifact, while useful, is not too valuable to be sacrificed for the cause. Whichever artifact you retrieve will not be seen again once Martin uses it in his ritual.

The artifact you will be retrieving if you follow this walkthough is Azura's star, a refillable soul gem able to fit any soul. You can retrieve any Daedric artifact, however, restricted only by your level and whether you are able to summon the Daedric Lord to talk with you.

Daedric Quests
Azura, for Azura's Star, must be level 2 or higher.

Boethiah, for Goldbrand (powerful blade), must be level 20 or higher.

Clavicus Vile, for the Masque of Clavicus Vile, must be level 20 or higher.

Hermaeus Mora, for Oghma Infinium, must be above level 20 & have completed all other quests.

Hircine, Saviour's Hide, must be level 17 or above.

Malacath, for Volendrung, must be level 10 or above.

Mephala, for Ebony Blade, must be level 15 or above.

Meridia, for Ring of Khajiiti, must be level 10 or above.

Molag Bal, for Mace of Molag Bal, must be level 17 or above.

Namira, for Ring of Namira, must be level 5 or above.

Nocturnal, for Skeleton Key, must be level 10 or above.

Peryite, for Spell Breaker, must be level 10 or above.

Sanguine, for Sanguine Rose, must be level 8 or above.

Sheogorath, for Wabbajack, must be level 2 or above.

Vaermina, for Skull of Corruption, must be level 5 or above.

To find these shrines you will need to ask around and complete the quests by your own initiative. I will give links to walkthroughs for each quest as soon as I complete the Daedic Artifacts quest section. For now, I can help only those who are willing to give up Azura's Star - I choose this because the quest can be undertaken at any level. On the other hand, this artifact, along with the Skeleton Key, are the very very useful. Do another quest if you have the patience, preferably one which yields a weapon you do not use (a hammer if you are a blade-user, etc.)

Azura's Star #return to index
To summon Azura, you're going to need Glow Dust. Come again, you say? It's the ingredient dropped by the Will-O-The-Wisp, a freaky glowing ball creature that you start encountering in certain places at level 9. Why wait for Glow Dust to come to you, however? If you're a member of the Mages Guild then head to Bruma and enter the guild there. You can find a portion of Glow Dust on a table in the cellar. If you're not a member, steal it, or join. I suggest the latter - you're crazy to pass up the chance to enchant your own items!

If you can't be bothered heading to Bruma or would like to go about things the traditional way, 3 Will-O-The-Whisps appear on the slopes around the shrine of the Azura just waiting for you to kill one and harvest it's glowing goodness. Don't underestimate them because of their cute appearance - they pack quite a punch!

To get to the shrine of Azura, fast travel to Lake Arrius and then follow your green map marker to walk there. Once you arrive, attempts to talk to the Azura's cult members will prove fruitless, so ignore them. Wait until either dawn or dusk and then activate the shrine with glow dust in your inventory. You will offer it to Azura, and she'll 'enter' the shrine and tell you of your quest.

She'll ask you to kill five of her followers, who were infected with vampirism as they fought the vampire Dratik. They killed their target, but paid the ultimate price. Now it falls to you to relieve their suffering.

You'll be directed to Gutted Mine, south-west from Azura's shrine. Inside you'll have to kill the five vampires there. Make sure you bring one or two Cure Disease potions, as you're bound to be infected with vampirism in the process.

For me, this was my first real combat challenge in the game. The first vamp can be taken out with ease, but the two in the central room I found very difficult (particularly the one that looks like a Matriarch, and no doubt has the stats of one). I won't lie - she mopped the floor with me many, many times. Eventually I defeated her with the help of many poisons and healing potions. I'm convinced my weapon sucks.

The last two vamps are also tricky. Once again, they're grouped together: a melee specialist orc and a mage. Deal with the Orc first, as he has the capacity to deal the most damage.

When you've killed all five vamps take the note from the Orc's corpse to read the sad story of these poor souls. Return to Azura for your reward: Azura's Star.

Continuing the Main Quest at this point will lead to the permanent surrender of Azuras' Star to Martin. You won't see it again. It's great for enchanting and recharging your weapons/items, so you might want to do that before you hand it over. If you do hand it over you'll be drawn into some pretty immediate Main Quest events, so, if you want to concentrate on faction quests for a bit, now is the time to do so. When travelling around Cyrodiil with the artifact in your possession, ordinary people will occasionally reveal themselves as Mythic Dawn Cultists and attack. They pose little threat, however.

When you're ready, return to Cloud Ruler Temple and give the artifact to Martin. In your time away, Martin's discovered the second item required for the ritual: the blood of a deity. No, sadly, you don't get to slay a god. Rather, Jauffre has suggested Tiber Septim a suitable candidate - once a mortal, he became divine as the god Talos. You're to speak further on this with Jauffre.

Jauffre, however, has more pressing matters on his mind. An Oblivion Gate has appeared outside Bruma, and he believes this may be a pre-cursor to a full attack on Bruma and then Cloud Ruler Temple. While you're here, ask him about "the armor of Tiber Septim" to line up your next quest, but we won't pursue this until later. An invasion of Bruma directly threatens Martin, and the ingredients for the ritual are of no use if the heir to the throne is killed...

Bruma Gate #return to index
Jauffre wants you to show Captain Burd and a few loyal guards how an Oblivion Gate is closed. No, you can't just tell them to keep going until they get to the Sigil Stone and then touch it. They want, unfortunately, to learn by example. Meet him at the Gate and he'll make a short, somewhat motivational speech to his men. Follow him inside.

Captain Burd will be a help to you here. He's blessed with one of those crown icons, meaning, if knocked unconscious, he'll bounce back up again like an inflatable skittle. You'll need him, as this is a tough gate. Any Shock enchanted weapons/spells you own will make this significantly easier. I detail three different tactics for closing Oblivion gates here.

From the Gate, follow the path before you as it curves its way around to a point where you are far north of your entry point. At this point, head south to the entrance of the Fury Spike. Upon entry, deal with any enemies you encounter and then head to the Eastern wall of the room where you'll find a door to the Rending Halls. Head to the North-East corridor in the Halls and make your way upwards. You'll hit a sharp corner, but don't press ahead just yet. There's a nasty blade trap in your way. Pull the lever on the left-hand wall to set it off before you make your way through the corridor. Head to the end of the trapped passage, turn left and follow the hallway down to a door which leads to the third level of the Fury Spike.

Make your way around the edge of the Spike until you reach an exit to the Corridors of Dark Salvation. Follow the curved passage around, then up to a door leading to Sigillum Sanguis. Almost there!

Make your way up the spiked staircase and continue your ascent until you reach the Sigil Stone. At this point, you can take care of enemies first or simply make a run for it. Touch the stone and you'll be deposited, with a sigh of relief, outside the crumbled gate. Burd will thank you for the lesson and assure you that he and his men can handle anything Oblivion throws at them. Famous last words if I ever heard them.

Blood of the Divines #return to index
Upon handing the Daedric Artifact to Martin he'll tell you that he's discovered the second part of the ritual - the blood of a god. Relax, you don't actually have to fight any divine beings - Jauffre has suggested the Armor of Tiber Septim (who became divine as Talos). If you didn't ask about the armor of Tiber Septim when you received the "Spies" mission, do so now. The Armor will work as the 'Blood of the Divines' as it still contains smatters of Tiber Septim's dried blood. He presented the armor to the Blades after his victory at Sancre Tor. Since that time the location has become a holy place for the blades... until an enemy of Tiber Septim cursed the place and claimed the lives of four legendary Blades - Alain, Casnar, Rielus and Valdemar. The place has now fallen into disuse and nobody ever goes there for fear of their lives. That means it's your next destination.

Jauffra hands you a key to Sancre Tor's entrance and once again tells you that you'll probably die. Heard that one before, not scared. Sancre Tor is an undead dungeon making with the bigness - it contains over six mini-dungeons and you will need to make your way through all of them. Undead = silver or enchanted weapons - though one would hope that you'd graduated to enchanted by now.

Make your way to Sancre Tor. The entrance to the underground section, your location, can be found within a ruined tower to the south-east. You will need to cut your way through some skeletons en route.

Enter Sancre Tor and you'll soon encounter an 'Undead Blade'. Kill this tough Skeleton and the ghost of Rielus (one of the legendary Blades Jauffre mentioned) will appear and talk to you. You've freed him and he can now fulfill his last duty. He heads for the Tomb of Reman Emperors to do so. Make your way down to the 'Entry Hall'. You'll be met with a pretty impressive site. Deal with the random undead roaming around this 'lobby' of sorts and then add each of the entrances to your map. From this location you can enter several sub-sections or the 'Tomb of the Reman Emperors'. This is where the armor lies, but, as you'll see when you enter, it is guarded by an extensive magical barrier, and that Rielus lies in wait for something to occur...

There's nothing more to be done here, so exit the tomb and enter the doorway which leads to the 'Halls of Judgement'. Make your way through the various rooms, corridors and undead encounters until you reach a large chamber to the north-west. You'll see another 'Undead Blade'. Destroy it to free the ghost of Casnar. He heads for the Tomb of Reman Emperors to join Rielus.

You can guess what your task is now. Find the other two undead Blades. Once they've all been united back at the Tomb, they can fulfill their last duty (lift the magical barrier - being, the curse). You can find Valdemar's skeleton deep in the 'Prison' section and Alain's skeleton wandering around the 'Catacombs'. Once the last Undead Blade has been killed (err... freed) head back to the Tomb of Reman Emperors to watch the proceedings.

The Blades will kneel before the barrier with sword-points thrust to the ground. This lifts the barrier. Having fulfilled their duty they now go off to be at peace. You can proceed freely into the tomb to see the Armor of Tiber Septim lying on a pedestal. Surely it should be worth more than 190 gold? Mmm... anyway, take it and back-track out of Sancre Tor and return to Cloud Ruler Temple. Martin will take the armor with thanks and reveal that he's discovered another necessary component for opening a door into Camoran's Paradise: the Great Welkynd Stone.

Great Welkynd Stone #return to index
This artifact can be found in the ruins of the ancient Ayleid capital 'Miscarcand'. The ruins have three levels: 'Miscarcand', 'Sel Vanua' and 'Morimath'. On the way you'll encounter a mixture of undead and Goblin foes, though you'll often have the opportunity to sit back and watch as the two forces fight (as a rule the Goblins seem to lose out).

The Great Welkynd Stone is on a raised section in the central chamber of Morimath. Approach it and pluck it into your loot bag - this triggers a surprise visit from the King of Miscarcand, a nasty Lich. Close with him immediately, disregarding his undead friends. You can exit the dungeon more quickly using the now-revealed hidden section. Return to Cloud Ruler Temple and give the stone to Martin. He's not yet sure what the first component is, so for now, he tells you to see Jauffre and gather...

Allies for Bruma #return to index
This is one of two simultaneous quests you'll be given after closing the Bruma gate, along with "Defense of Bruma". I strongly recommend you complete as much of this one as possible before tackling the second, because your success in one directly affects your success in the other.

Jauffre knows that the Mythic Dawn are planning to instigate a grand Oblivion attack on Bruma, the likes of which were seen at Kvatch. Jauffre is determined to stop this from occurring and enlists you as diplomat. You must travel to the rulers of Cyrodiil and the Elder Council in order to convince them to send aid for Bruma.

Here you will get to close anywhere from zero to a maximum of six Oblivion gates. It works like this: each of the rulers are not prepared to send troops away while an Oblivion gate threatens their city. In order to get the troops, you need to close the city's gate first.

On the other hand, if you're impatient to get the ball rolling and are confident that you can handle anything, you can completely bypass this mission. It will be rendered as completed once you set the 'Defense of Bruma' in motion. Keep in mind that you will most likely lose several well-loved characters this way, however. You can opt for somewhere in the middle, such as closing two or four gates, or be thorough and gather troops from all cities.

Here is a quick list of what each city contributes:

Bravil: Viera Lerus, 15th level guard captain
Cheydinhal: Ulrich Leland, 15th level guard caption (or a single soldier, if Ulrich was imprisoned/killed in the quest "Corruption and Conscience")
Anvil and Chorrol: two town soldiers
Kvatch, Leyawiin and Skingrad: one soldier apiece
Imperial City: Chancellor Ocato will tell you there's nothing he can do. You can skip this stop-over without any negative effects.

You may well be able to 'Defend Bruma' with the soldiers from Bravil, Cheydinhal, Anvil and Chorrol. It may be worth a shot, and saves you closing three more gates.

Speak to: Millona Umbranox
Where: Castle Anvil, south of the city.
When: In the Great Hall from 8a.m. to 4p.m., the Dining Room from 9p.m. to 12.
What you must do: Close an Oblivion gate north-west of the city gate.

Upon entering the gate head forward and then enter the left-hand path. Continue past a turret until you see a cave-entrance on your right. You'll pass through the Hate Tunnels or the Worm Gut Tunnels. The Nether Tunnels door will transport you to one of seven starting sections. Activate the door at the other end and you're transported to one of seven middle sections (Molten Halls or Fume Vaults) or seven end sections (Mire of Ash or The Scratch Paths). If you ended up in the middle keep going until you hit the door at the end, which will take you to the end sections. Once in the end sections, continue until you reach an exit door.

Follow the curving path, stopping to pick up loot from the fleshy pod at your right. Keep heading around the central tower until you reach the opposite side and hit a dead-end with an entrance to the Red Gnash Channels. Pick apart the Daedra between you and the exit to the north-west. You'll be deposited close to the tower. Head counter-clockwise and then double-back on the upper path leading to the Citadel door.

Upon entering the door you're transported to one of five Citadel models: The Lust Keep and Dreaded Refuge are the standard model, The Gore Steeple is smaller, The Flesh Spire and Claw Monolith are larger. You should know by now that all you gotta do is head upwards and onwards to the Sigil stone.

Return to Millona Umbranox to claim the soldiers you have earned.

Speak to: Regulus Terentius
Where: Bravil Castle, south-east of the city gates.
When: In the Great Hall from 8a.m. to 4p.m.
What you must do: Close an Oblivion gate north-west of the city gate.

Upon entering Oblivion via this gate you have two routes you can take to the Citadel. The first begins on the southern path, which will have you involved in less encounters but you will need to do some tricky lava jumping and island hopping. Once you've bypassed the lava flats head to the Eastern tower: it contains a switch which opens the gates to the Citadel (which would have been visible when you entered through the Oblivion gate).

The second route to the west of your starting point is more straightforward but riddled with more Daedric perils. You'll need to make your way over hills and through caves. Once you've entered the caves head as deep as possible and exit into the westernmost tower. Ascend to the next floor and step out onto a bridge which leads you to the Citadel. However you got there head upwards as always until you reach the Sigil stone at its peak.

Return to Regulus Terentius to claim a 15th level heroine to aid in the battle for Bruma.

Speak to: Count Andel Indarys.
Where: Cheydinhal Castle.

Closing this gate forms part of the quest 'The Wayward Knight'. I won't go in to keeping Farwil alive here. For now, I'll concentrate on getting the Sigil Stone. Follow the path, stepping over bodies en route, and make your way to the foot of the path and around to the east where you'll encounter Farwil and a friend. From there, follow the path nearby east across the lava to the main Citadel and from here, head up. You may have more luck with the smash 'n' grab approach than fighting your way up to the Sigil Keep, if you wish to keep Farwil alive.

Return to Andel Indarys for his soldiers and an extra reward if Farwil survived the ordeal.

Speak to: Countess Arriana Valga
Where: Chorrol Castle, north-east of the city gates.
When: In the Great Hall from 8a.m. to 4p.m.
What you must do: Close an Oblivion gate south of the city gate.

Upon entering this plane you'll be confronted with a number of towers. Enter one of the eastern towers, either Eruption or Landslide, ascend to the top and flip the switch to open an outside gate. Exit the tower and head through the now open gate to the third eastern tower, Earthquake. Climb up to the top level and step out on to a bridge to the Citadel Keep. Once inside make your way up to Sigillum Sanguis and then to your prize, the Sigil stone.

Speak to Countess Arriana Valga for your reward of two soldiers.

Speak to: Savlian Matius
Where: If you have completed 'Breaking the Seige of Kvatch' return to where you last saw Savlian, in the Great Hall of the castle.
When: Anytime
What you must do: Ask for help. He'll pledge a soldier in return for your earlier assistance.

Speak to: Count Marius Caro
Where: Leyawiin Castle, at the west end of the city.
When: In the County Hall from 8a.m. to 4p.m, dinner from 8p.m. to 11.
What you must do: Close an Oblivion gate north-east of the city.

This is a big one. From your entry point head north-west around some rocks until you reach a cave-entrance to the Nether Tunnels. You'll be transported into one of seven starting sections. The "Oblivion Cave" exit will transport you again. Seven of its twelve possible locations are the 'middle' section of the dungeon and five are the 'end'. If you end up in a middle section the exit will teleport you to an end section. If you land in an end section the exit will transport you to the south-central extreme of the northern island.

From here, head east to the southeastern tower. At the top, cross the bridge to the north-west and flip the switch in the tower at the other end. These switches open the gates to the Citadel. Head over and into your final destination and ascend to the top of the Citadel to close this abomination.

Head back to Marius Caro for his contribution to Bruma's defence.

Speak to: Count Janus Hassildor - if you head up two flights of stairs and to the door of the Lord's Manor, you can pick an Average lock and speak to him directly. Otherwise, speak to Hal-Liurz and talk about "aid for Bruma" - she'll summon the Count to speak with you.
Where: Skingrad Castle.
When: Any time.
What you must do: Close an Oblivion gate east of the castle.

From your starting point you'll need to work your way up each of the two towers before you and activate switches at the top. Once you've activated both switches a bridge will extend to the third citadel. Step on to the bridge and you'll arrive at the Citadel Keep high up in the tower. Climb into the Corridors of Salvation and up to the Sigil Keep.

Speak to Hassildor again or arrange another meeting. He'll commit soldiers to your cause.

Defense of Bruma #return to index
Return to Martin and you'll learn that he's discovered the final ingredient in the ritual and it's... not good. A 'Great Sigil Stone' is required, and it's only attainable through the opening of a 'Great Gate', the kind not seen since the attack on Kvatch. Poor Bruma. Lucky you have all those allies now.

Martin will set off for Bruma and you can walk with him if you like. He'll describe the battle plans in detail - the troops must hold off an onslaught from three normal gates before the Great Gate can open. From that Great Gate Mehrunes Dagon intends to send forth a huge Seige Engine. Remember Kvatch? Bruma will look just like that if the Engine gets through.

You need to visit Countess Narina Carvain at Castle Bruma and request that she meet Martin at the town Chapel for a war-meeting. She agrees and begins the walk with Burd and another bodyguard in tow.

Watch the meeting and then speak with Narina. She'll ask you if you're ready yet. If yes, say so, and the games begin.

Follow Martin from the Chapel to the city-gates. The street is lined with supporters clapping and shouting stuff about Martin. Well, come on, he does look impressive in the armor of Tiber Septim. On a plain outside the town Martin will meet up with the forces you've recruited and then the troops will split into two groups and run like crazy down to the Oblivion gate. Stand alongside the troops as Martin makes a rather more inspirational speech than the other we've seen from him. This would be a good time to save game - the following battle is tough.

Daedra begin pouring through the gate, and your mission is to protect Martin. Depending on how many allies you've gathered you may be able to take a largely defensive role. Try not to surge towards the Daedra as soon as they exit the gate, as they'll all focus on you and it won't be pretty. Martin is quite gung-ho, so keep an eye on him. Many figures who have been mainstays in the main quest can die here - Baurus, Jauffre, Burd... Martin's death has the same effect on the game as if you'd died - it automatically loads your last save.

Keeping your soldiers alive (particularly Jauffre and Baurus) will make following quests easier, but sometimes it is not possible. You can still carry on well enough through the game with only Martin surviving. You will need to keep him alive while three gates open. You can jump into the Great Gate immediately - Martin will not die in your absence. The others do not have the same luxury, and it may be a good idea to ensure Jauffre and Baurus at least are not in combat when you jump through the gate. I must admit that upon closing the Great Gate, Martin was the only survivor in my game, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

You'll appear in the blasted wastes of Oblivion, and this is your next mission: closing the...

Great Gate #return to index
Look north. Scary looking Seige Engine creeping forward with an intent to kill. It means to destroy Bruma, and it is up to you to stop it. You can't do anything to it, so focus on getting to the Sigil Stone as soon as possible. The Smash 'n' Grab option works great here, and you should be able to close the gate with several minutes to spare. In case you don't know, Smash 'n' Grab essentially envolves running through the place, dodging blows, and healing when you get hit, all the while leaving a trail of frustrated Daedra in your wake. It's fast and furious, and quite fun! Time is of the essence here, so don't waste it by exploring or wandering around. Follow this route for the quickest closing of the gate:

From your entry point step inside the tower on your right and ascend to the top level. From there, cross the bridge to the north. Keep your distance from the Seige Engine and enter the second tower. Head to the ground-floor and exit to the north. You'll be faced with a broken bridge. Save here, then attempt the jump at a run. If you can make it on to the section of bridge, proceed forward and jump again on to the rocks, then make your way up to the bridge like a mountain goat, and enter the Citadel Tower.

If you can't make the jump then pass through the western towers, make a short jump and deal with the Daedra on the other side. Make your way up onto the bridge and proceed into the Western tower flanking the citadel. If you miss the jump you can arrive at the same place via a system of caves 'The Smoke and the Scorch'. Enter one of these satellite towers and ascend to the top. Flick the switch which opens the gates to the 'World Breaker', the central tower of this Great Gate. The Smash 'n' Grab method must stop here (unless you can open an average lock - in that case, keep going!) as the holders of the Sigil Key are on the first level. Kill one and take the key, then continue to the north door and enter the End of Times. Here you face a long corridor with three blade traps. You can run through and soak up the damage, or deactivate them by flicking the wall-switches. Run out into the hall and take the door to your left. This leads to the next level of the Citadel.

Make your way up to Sigillum Sanguis and either pick the Average lock or use the Sigil Key you gained earlier. If you missed it you can retrieve it from the enemy who patrols near the door. Once you've entered the Sigil Keep, well, you know what to do. Grab the Great Sigil Stone and wait as the world closes in around you.

You'll be deposited back where you entered. At this point, you'll see who has survived and who hasn't. At the very least Martin will be there. He begins to mentally prepare for the ritual and starts on his way back to Cloud Ruler temple. You can take some time off to concentrate on other quests, or have him open the portal to Camoran's Paradise whenever you're ready.

Paradise #return to index
Now that Martin is in posession of the Great Sigil stone, he's ready to open the portal. He'll do so as soon as you tell him you're ready.

Give Martin the go ahead and he'll put on an impressive light show, eventually opening a fiery portal to Camoran's Paradise. Make a new save here, as once you step into Paradise the portal will close behind you.

You'll immediately see that Camoran's Paradise lives up to its name. It is quite possibly the most naturally beautiful area in Oblivion, though you may not have much time to soak in the view - powerful daedra roam freely here.

Like Morrowind, arch-villain Camoran can't resist getting inside your head and sharing some information with you. He'll give you three conversation topics to bring up with the Ascended Mortals that litter the landscape: "Gaia Alata", "Savage Garden" (Australian players might have a bit of a laugh at this), and "Carac Agailor", which is Camoran's fortress.

Speak to any Ascended Immortal - Mythic Dawn cult members who've died serving Camoran and, promised Paradise, have indeed been given Hell: they are killed by the daedra, only to be reborn and killed again. You'll learn about the Forbidden Grotto (the only exit from the paradise), but learn that, unfortunately, the doors to the Grotto can only be unlocked by one wearing the bands of the chosen, given by Camoran to his higher-ranked servants.

Though you are given no map markers or boundaries here, from your starting point, the landscape essentially forces you to travel east - the direction of the entrance to the Forbidden Grotto. There's nothing else of importance to find in this first bit of Paradise, so head east until you see a stone bridge guarded by a Dremora, Kathutet. Behind him you see the doors to the Flooded Grotto, and on his wrists, the Bands of the Chosen.

There are two ways these can be taken from Kathutet - fight, or do a little quest for him. If you're a capable fighter and want to save yourself some time, kill him - keep in mind that he is five levels above you, and it might be worth saving before you choose the option to fight. Take the Bands of the Chosen from his body and equip them. You will now be able to enter the doors at the opposite end of the bridge.

Freeing Anaxes #return to index
If you decide to serve Kathutet then you will need to free a Xivilai, Anaxes, from his lair. To reach the lair, follow the river which runs beneath the bridge in a northerly direction, keeping to the western bank. You'll find a cave entrance to the Lair of Anaxes. Talk to the Ascended Immortals to learn that Anaxes is imprisoned for a reason - killing Kathutet is undoubtedly the 'good' option.

If you still wish to free Anaxes, however, you need to activate both logs holding up the boulder, and finally activate the boulder. Stand aside as Anaxes is freed and sets about murdering his guards. If, for some reason, you kill Anaxes at this point, you will need to kill Kathutet to get the bands. If you did the mission as you were supposed, however, Kathutet will meet you inside the Flooded Grotto and give you the bands. With them equipped, you can open the strange door to the Forbidden Grotto.

Forbidden Grotto #return to index
These caves are filled with Daedra and will be quite a challenge. Make your way through them slowly, picking off one enemy at a time, or run through leaving enemies in your wake. At one point, however, you will need to enlist the help of another to make your way out of the Grotto. At the entrance to the second chamber you'll meet Eldamil, a former Mythic Dawn cult member who wishes to help you take down Mankor Camoran. Agree to receiving his help: it will make your escape from the Grotto easier, and you will need it, eventually, to leave this place.

Of course, working with him may disgust you, as he was one of the architects of Uriel Septim's assassination and helped to open the Great Gate over Kvatch. Killing him will only mean that he respawns later in the caves, so it is recommended you put aside your dislike and accept his assistance.

You'll have to play the role of a prisoner. It may be difficult to hear the conversation between Eldamil and Kathutet's brother, Orthe, due to Camoran's loud voice-overs, but Orthe essentially orders Eldamil to send you to the torture cages. Stay still as they do this.

Eldamil will open a cage suspended above lava at the eastern end of the chamber. Step inside and hope for the best as Eldamil closes the cage door, trapping you. You will slowly descend towards the surface of the lava, but don't sweat it... Eldamil secretly stops the cage just above the surface and raises you once Orthe has gone. You can now exit the cage from the other side and find yourself have crossed to the opposite bank of the lava canal. Eldamil will head off to distract the Dremora in the next chamber as you make your escape: don't worry about keeping him alive - as an Ascended Immortal he is constantly resurrected.

Make your exit into the next section of the Forbidden Grotto. You'll meet Eldamil in the first chamber here and he'll remove your bands, allowing you to exit the Grotto. He'll ask to continue on and help you defeat Mankor Camoran. Say yes - you'll need his help to overcome the trials ahead.

Carac Agaialor #return to index
Continue through the caves until you reach the door to the Terrace of Dawn - the entrance to the next section of Camoran's Paradise. Follow the path past a statue of Mehrunes Dagon and up into the strange Ayleid structure which serves as Camoran's palace. Here you'll be 'greeted' by Mankor's children: Raven and Ruma Camoran. You most likely killed both these two in the 'Dagon Shrine' quest, yet here they are, resurrected in their father's Paradise. Don't waste your time with these two, either in conversation or in battle. Like all other inhabitants of the Paradise, they'll only be resurrected.

If you continue East-East-South from Carac Agaialor you should see an island slightly off-shore. There's an Ayleid chest in the center of the island with some very good loot in it, so make your way to it if you can, before entering Camoran's home.

Once you follow Ruma and Raven Camoran into Carac Agaialor all its entrances close behind you. You'll see Mankor seated on his throne, flanked by his two children. You can begin the inevitable fight immediately, and this may, tactically be a better idea. Otherwise Camoran sends his children agains you and waits until they have been temporarily killed before you'll face him directly. This might be useful, except that both Raven and Ruma will reappear soon after you kill them.

Treat Mankor's children like the creatures summoned by Conjurers and Necromancers - ignore them, and go straight for Camoran. Mankor has powerful healing spells that he may be able to use faster than you can damage him, as well as damage reflection, spell absorption and spell reflection effects. This is one occasion where good un-enchanted weapons will give you an advantage. Don't bother trying to use the doors on the upper level of Carac Agaialor - they are sealed.

Once you have killed Camoran his children will also fall. Take the Amulet of Kings from his corpse (though you will have it when you arrive back at Cloud Ruler Temple, whether you picked it up or not) and also make sure you pick up Raven Camoran's 'Mundane Ring' - an incredibly valuable item. You will soon be deposited where the portal to Paradise once stood.

Martin is dressed for the occasion, decked out in the robes of the Emperor. Talk to him and you'll both be very nice to each other, then give him the Amulet. He is able to wear it, indicating that he is indeed the son of Uriel Septim. We'd all be laughing if it turned out he wasn't, wouldn't we?

To finally end the threat from Oblivion all that remains is to light the Dragonfires at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. He's organised to meet Chancellor Ocato for the occasion, and urges that you set off together for the Imperial City.

Light the Dragonfires #return to index
Head out into the grounds of Cloud Ruler Temple and fast-travel to the Imperial City's Palace District. Jauffre will accompany you if he survived the 'Defense of Bruma' mission. If Baurus survived this far you'll run into him just outside the palace. Otherwise, you'll be met by Blades captain Steffan.

With Martin in tow enter the Elder Council Chambers. You'll see Ocato standing around in his red robes. Talk to him to find out that he's well prepared to hand over the rulership to Martin. You'll soon be interrupted by a frantic guard shouting that Oblivion Gates have opened in all sectors of the Imperial City and that Daedra are inside the Palace walls. To punctuate that point, two Dremora enter the council chamber. Once they've been dealt with follow your companions into the Palace grounds where you'll face another wave of Daedra. Luckily you have some assistance, being: Chancellor Ocato (a battle-mage), two Palace Guards and five Imperial Legion soldiers, as well as Jauffre and Baurus (or Captain Steffan) if they still live.

Once you've dealt with the first wave of Daedra you won't have to face more until you advance into the Temple District (the doors are located in the south-west corner). Your only hope of stemming this attack is to light the Dragonfires in the midst of the attack. You can only travel between the Palace District or Temple District, and keep in mind that this is the only time these cells will appear. You will not be able to loot bodies or pick up dropped items when the battle is over (except inside the Imperial Palace).

Upon entering the Temple District you'll see that two gates have been opened on adjacent sides of the Temple of the One. You can't close them, and they will pump out a never-ending stream of Daedra. Evade enemies when possible, or fight only those you need to in order to keep Martin safe. Be awe-inspired as Mehrunes Dagon himself enters the fray - frighteningly, you will need to make your way around his legs and past him to enter the Temple of the One, but not just yet.

Your journal entry informs you that the arrival of Mehrunes Dagon indicates that Oblivion has now fully merged with Cyrodiil, making the lighting of the Dragonfires ineffectual. What use is keeping Oblivion out, when it is already here? All is not lost, though. Find Martin and talk to him, regardless of what is going on in your surrounds. It seems that Dagon is invisibile, unable to be killed with mortal weapons. A suggestion of yours, however, gives him an idea. It involves the Amulet of Kings and the Temple of the One. At this point he seems to have a moment of prophetic realization about his destiny - obviously, that trait is inherited.

I was unable to simply run past Dagon and enter the Temple of the One. If this fails, try inflicting heavy damage with a mighty-blow or powerful spell, then make your way past him as he reels back in pain. Either way, enter the Temple. You're free from attack for the moment, so go talk to Martin once again. You get the distinct impression he is going to attempt something suicidal in order to contain Mehrunes, and he says his final goodbyes.

Martin walks in amongst the Dragon fires as Mehrunes Dagon breaks his way through the roof in order to get at Martin. According to your journal, Martin has smashed the Amulet of Kings. The Dragonfires begin to burn brightly, obscuring Martin. He emerges as an enourmous flaming dragon: the Avatar of Akatosh. Watch as he and Mehrunes do battle, trading blows that would obliterate entire towns. Eventually Martin/Akatosh gains the upper hand, sinking his teeth into Mehrunes neck and sending him back to hell.

The Oblivion threat is completely defeated, Avatar of Akatosh turns to stone, and Martin is gone forever. Unlike most games, however, the credits don't roll.

There's still a whole nation to explore.


Oblivion Portal


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