Side Quest Walkthroughs


i. Anvil
-- The Siren's Deception
-- The Ghost Ship of Anvil
-- Where Spirits Have Lease

ii. Bravil
-- Caught In The Hunt
-- Through a Nightmare, Darkly

-- The Forlorn Watchman

iii. Bruma
-- A Brotherhood Betrayed
-- Lifting The Vale
-- Two Sides of the Coin

iv. Cheydinhal
-- A Brush With Death
-- Corruption and Conscience
-- The Wayward Knight

v. Chorrol
-- Separated at Birth
-- Legacy Lost
-- Sins of the Father
-- The Killing Field
-- Shadow Over Hackdirt
-- Canvas the Castle

vi. Kvatch
-- The Battle for Castle Kvatch

vii. Leyawiin
-- Mazoga the Orc
-- Knights of the White Stallion
-- Tears of the Saviour
-- Whom Gods Annoy

viii.. Skingrad
-- Paranoia
-- Seeking Your Roots

ix. The Imperial City
-- An Unexpected Voyage
-- Imperial Corruption
-- Nothing You Can Possess
-- Order of the Virtuous Blood
-- Origin of the Grey Prince
-- Secrets of the Ayleids
-- The Collector
-- Unfriendly Competition


-- A Venerable Vintage
-- Bear Season
-- Go Fish
-- No Stone Unturned
-- Raid on Greyland
-- Revenge Served Cold
-- The Gravefinder's Repose
-- The Potato Snatcher
-- The Sunken One
-- When the Vow Breaks


-- Attack on Fort Sutch
-- Goblin Trouble
-- Zero Visibility


-- Grand Soul Gems
-- Garlic, Bloodgrass and Nightshade
-- Argonian Blood
-- Vampire Ashes
-- Known Bugs



The Sirens' Deception
Where to get it: From the Anvil rumor mill or from the redguard Maelona who you'll find in town.

A gang of women have been using their femenine wiles to seduce men, lure them to hidden locations, and rob them. Mealona's husband, Gogan, is a 'victim', and a family heirloom was among the belongings stolen from him. Your reward for retrieving the heirloom will be 100 gold, their life savings. You'll be pointed to the Flowing Bowl at the Anvil waterfront.

You won't have long to wait before Faustina Cartia and Signy Home-Wrecker enter and head over to you. If you're playing a male Signy will drench you in innuendo. If you're playing a female, Faustina will describe the attractions of joining such a lucrative gang. Regardless of the offer, you're to meet the girls at 11pm sharp at the Gweden Farmhouse, SE of Anvil. The location will be added to your map. After 11pm you'll be able to enter. Faustina will approach and things will soon get nasty. You'll be attacked by Faustina, Signy, and a new face, Tsarinna, a Khajiit. Melee fighters will find this battle to be a piece of cake. Others may not enjoy the confined space.

When the fight is over and the dust settles two Anvil city guards will enter Gweden farmhouse. My, it's Maelona and Gogan, true identities revealed. They've been working undercover and you were just the help they needed. Your reward varies from 100 to 600 gold, depending on your level. Take the Gweden bedroom key from Faustina's body which will unlock the cellar door. Claim the fruits of the Siren's previous robberies (which add up to a sizeable amount) and leave when you're ready. Or, if you don't mind the sleazy nature of the home, you can make Gweden farmhouse a serviceable base of operations.

The Ghost Ship of Anvil
Where to get it: Talk to Varulae on the deck of the Serpent's Wake in the Anvil Waterfront.

The crew has just returned from a trip to the Summerset Isles where they were to retrieve a special crystal ball that once belonged to Varulae's mother. What's the problem then? Well, the crew have been murdered, and their ghosts now haunt the ship. With the promise of a reward, it now falls to you to brave the horrors below and retrieve the crystal ball.

Inside the captain's cabin you'll find a "Spectral Sailor", one among many throughout the ship, as you'll discover. Dispatch it and retrieve the key from the captain's body. I guess I don't need to tell you to search for loot as you go along. Descend down into the mid-deck and you'll find some more spectres and bodies. Descend further to the lower deck and then to the hold. You'll find the crystal ball in a chest there. Now that you've de-haunted the place, ascend back up to Varulae, give her the crystal ball and claim your reward, Redwave, a cutlass with a leveled Drain Health enchantment. If you play through the Dark Brotherhood quests, you may just discover the fate of the Serpent's Wake crew. Regardless, the quest is complete. Varulae will leave and there's nothing to stop an extremely macabre character using the Serpent's Wake as his or her base of operations. You'd get used to the smell, I'm sure...

Where Spirits Have Lease
Where to get it: Talk to Velwyn Benirus at the Count Arms from noon to midnight.

Velwyn is selling a house for the rather decent price of 5,000 dollars. Of course, you may have heard rumours indicating it is haunted or otherwise cursed, but like you care? Give Velwyn the money, if you have it, and he'll sod off somewhere else.

Upon entering Benirus Manor you'll find it to be, well, spacious - but that's about the only nice thing you can say about it. Unless your character is a bit evil, you'll most likely find the place quite gloomy and oppressive. Travel to the cellar and through it to find a 'sealed portal' against one of the walls. For now, you can do nothing with it, but it will be significant later.

Head upstairs and sleep, though remember, this house could quite possibly be haunted, and you shouldn't hang about in it unprepared for whatever it may throw at you.

While sleeping within the house you'll be woken in the night by three ghosts. See, what did I tell you? Let's hope you have a weapon which can deal with undead. If you have an enchanted weapon, better that it not be frost enchanted: ghosts are immune to that. When the spirits are taken care of you'll receive a journal entry telling you the house is haunted (no, really?) and that you should investigate a noise downstairs: another bump in the night...

Head downstairs to find a vase has fallen from a cupboard. Inside the vase is a skeletal hand and a page torn from a journal. Read the creepy recollections and you'll find the house is home to a secret room only grand-dad Benirus can open. Remember the portal in the cellar? Make sure, at this point, that you pick up both the journal entry and the skeletal hand. You will need them to continue with the quest.

As you know, grand-dad Benirus is dead, but anyone of his kin will do in opening the portal. That means you need Velwyn, but he's gone. Ask around where you last saw him, at The Count's Arms, and you'll be pointed towards the Imperial City. From there, head to the Elven Garden's District, ask around, and when you learn of his location head to the The King and Queen Tavern.

Talk to Velwyn and mention the topics "Lorgren Benirus" and "Lift the Curse". If you have the skeletal hand and journal entry on your person, he'll agree to meet you back at The Count's Arms in Anvil. Meet him there, then he'll lead you back to Benirus Manor. You'll need to head down to the cellar portal. Unfortunately, seven ghosts lie in your path. You can do things the hard way, and fight all of them, or run down there with Benirus on your tail, and protect him as he works his mojo over the portal. The advantage to this option is that once the portal is open the ghosts disappear. Velwyn will leave for The Count's Arms and you're on your own to uncover the final mystery of Benirus Manor.

Explore the room beyond, then activate the altar with the skeletal hand in your inventory. Lorgren Benirus' spirit will rise and have a chat. Once he's done, activate the Skeleton and kill it. A Lich is a tough opponent, but it is weak to Fire. Make use of any fire-enchanted weapons, staves, spells or scrolls you have in sending it back to hell. Ignore the creatures it summons - fighting them only makes you weaker and the Lich itself stays the same.

Once you've won the battle, make sure that, before you leave the accursed room, you pick up Lorgren's staff, a valuable book (The Tome of Unlife), and other miscellaneous loot which lies around the place.

Stumble out of the basement and you'll be greeted with a very pleasant surprise. The curse has been lifted, and the house has been restored to its former beauty, renovated, rejuvenated and injected with warmth and light. It's your home!

Talk to Velwyn at The Count's Arms to complete the quest.


Through A Nightmare, Darkly
Where to get it: You'll find out from the Bravil rumor mill that a friend of the Bravil Mages Guild archmagister has gone missing.

Speak to Kud-Ei at the guild hall. Her friend, Henantier, has got himself into a spot of bother during a failed experiment to control his dreams. Tell her that you'd like to help and she'll take you to a nearby house and up to the bedroom where Henantier sleeps, tossing and turning, in the grips of a nightmare.

Kud-Ei will explain what as happened. To recover Henantier from the Dreamworld, you will need to enter it and bring him out. To do this, take the Dreamworld Amulet from Kud-Ei and slip it around your neck. Sleep in one of the nearby beds. You'll appear next to Henantier in the dreamworld, which appears as a warped version of the house you are in, illuminated with Oblivion-esque red light. Your possessions have not made the journey here, and the Amulet casts constant effect silence on you, preventing the use of spells.

Henantier will tell you that he's stuck here, unable to fully comprehend the situation until the shreds of his personality, taken from him throughout the ordeal, are restored. With each 'test' you complete, Henantier will gain another portion of his sanity back. As the dreamworld is a product of Henantier's mind, kill him and your new world will crumble, taking you with it. The only way he can get out (and thus, the only way you can get out) is for you to complete the four 'tests' to restore Henantier's sanity. Let's begin with the easiest.

The Test of Courage
This test is the test of not drowning. You've got to swim through some water filled tunnels. You'll run out of breath on the way, but if you picked up the two waterbreathing potions en route, you'll be fine. Avoid getting disoriented when you reach a tricky bend or two, and use the automap to ensure you're traveling in the right direction. Once you reach the end of your waterfilled path, you'll surface in a queer little pillared enclosure. Henantier's lost element of courage burns brightly in the center and is there for the taking.

The Test of Perception
This test is a test of surviving traps. Pick up the torch from the "Perceive" container and you're set to overcome the challenge. If at any time you're hurt, wait an hour. Proceed carefully through a pressure-plate triggered falling rock trap, a swinging blade trap, several gas traps, another falling-rock trap, another swinging blade trap, then another falling-rock trap, then avoid the pressure-plates (which set off a Frost Damage spell targeted at you). Once you've overcome these traps, claim the element of perception. You're now halfway to restoring Henantier's sanity and leaving this strange world.

The Test of Patience
Pick up the scroll from the "Patience" container. This is the key to making your way safely across several pressure-plate triggered arrow traps (here are three sets of these on your way to Henantier's patience). If you have a high agility or speed then you can forge past these traps and soak up the damage. If you want to be elegant about it, then recognise that one of the Daedric runes makes a path across the grid of letters. If you don't see it, follow the first pattern below for the first grid, the second pattern for the second grid, and so on. S = starting plate, X = safe and 0=unsafe.

x 0 0 0
x 0 0 0
x x 0 0
0 S 0 0

0 0 0 0 X 0
0 0 X X X 0
0 X X 0 0 0
0 X 0 0 0 0
0 X X X 0 0
0 0 0 S 0 0

X 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
X 0 0 0 X X X X
X X X X X 0 0 X
0 0 0 0 0 0 X X
0 0 0 0 0 0 X 0
0 0 X X X X X 0
0 0 X 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 S 0 0 0 0 0

Step off the last pressure plate with a sigh of relief and claim the element of patience.

The Test of Resolve
Welcome to Oblivion's version of the Arena. Clean out the "Prepare" container and don what you'll use. Don't take anything you won't, as it will only weigh you down and won't return with you to the real world when you exit. Most important is the staff. If all goes to plan, it'll be the only piece of equipment you use.

Make your way up the ramp to meet with your opponents. Two Minotaurs a level above your own. Of course, you could probably win this battle with melee finesse, but why dirty your hands? Keep your distance and blast your foes with well placed shock attacks from the Staff of Lightning. Once you've killed both enemies a staircase will appear and provide a path up to the element of resolve. You'll be transported back into the dream house. Find Henantier and talk to him about "Dreamworld". He seems to have regained his sanity, and you'll be transported back into his real house. You'll get all your stuff back and gain a reward of six leveled scrolls for your trouble. If you were trying to get a Mages Guild recommendation out of Kud-Ei, you will now be able to talk to her about it.

The Forlorn Watchman
Where to get it: The Bravil rumor-mill will inform you of a ghost that roams the shore of the Niben Bay afterdark.

Once you know about the ghost, you'll be told to talk to Gilgondorin at Silverhome-on-the-Waterwill to find out what he knows. He'll tell you that the Forlorn Watchman appears each night at 8pm in Bawnwatch Camp. He'll mark the location on your map: a small island SE of Bravil. Be there at 8pm and the Watchman will appear. He's unresponsive to your advances, so follow his eerie walk until he reaches a lookout point near Fort Irony. At this point, you can talk to him. He's Grantham Blakely and can be found in the "mouth of the Panther". Your journal (which represents your character's superior intellect) suggests you return to Gilgondorin and regurgitate the conversation to get his take on it. He'll tell you that Grantham's directions are sailor's slang for the mouth of the Panther River (given the name because of the big pointy rocks, like teeth, at the river mouth). Follow your map marker to the Emma May, a half-beached ship. Got silver or enchanted weapons? Let's hope so, as you enter the ship from a dark hole in its side.

Spirits, spirits and more spirits. Luckily they're not making with the heavy damage, so you should be able to survive the trials that await you. Keep descending deeper into the ship and you'll find a logbook in one of the side cabins detailing Grantham's fate. The captain's cabin contains a lone spirit and some nice loot. The lower deck holds the 'boss' of this mission, the Wraith of Gable (engineer of the mutiny of the Emma May). This wraith is tough, so don't be afraid to use some of your hard earned scrolls. I dispatched him with the assistance of a headless zombie and some fire spells. Take the key from the remains of the Wraith and unlock the door at the end of the room and then, once you proceed through it, the shackles that imprison the skeleton of Grantham Blakely. Once you do so Grantham's ghost will appear and thank you for ending his misery. He'll tell you that the room contains "a map to my gratitude". Read gratitude as treasure. Grantham will walk away and vanish, to be at peace.

Pick up the map from behind the pillar which held Grantham's skeleton. Follow the 'X' (which marks the spot, hehe). Either way, you'll be led to a sunken treasure chest filled with a neat bit of loot.



A Brush With Death
Where to get it: Through the rumor mill or from Tivela Lythandas, who has a house in the SW corner of Cheydinhal.

You'll learn from Tivela that her husband has recently gone missing. However, it seems he has gone missing... in his painting room. Tivela provides you with a key to his ground-floor studio. Enter and you'll find that nothing appears out of order. Place your cursor over his current painting, however, and you'll find a portal to another world (and for once, it's not Oblivion!).

I'll give you a moment to take in the painted landscape before you chat to Rythe. He'll tell you that you're now both stuck in the painting, after he was trapped there when a thief stole his Brush of Truepaint, attempted to escape into the painting, and Rythe followed.

The thief has added his own touches to the landscape: six Painted Trolls. Unfortunately for him, they proved to be his undoing, and it is your task to find the body of the thief and collect the Brush of Truepaint from his body. Of course, the guardians he created are still roaming free in the painted world, and you will encounter several en route to your target.

To help contend with this threat Rythe gives you six bottles of 'Turpentine', a poison which deals +250 damage to Painted Trolls.

The setting is quite linear. As you search for the body, you'll be attacked at intervals by a Painted Troll. These are stronger than regular trolls, so make sure you poison your weapon with a bottle of turpentine - the poison really does huge damage to these creatures. There are six bottles and six trolls, so make sure you use one on each. Follow your quest marker to the theif, pick the brush from his body, and bring it back to Rythe.

He'll walk back to your entry point and paint a portrait of his studio (which works as a portal there). Step through it and watch as Rythe is reunited with his wife. He'll thank you for your help and reward you with the Apron of Adroitness, rather ugly but valuable Light Armor which boosts your Intelligence and Agility.


Separated at Birth
Where to get it: Through the rumour mill and from Reynald Jemane, who spends his days drinking at the Gray Mare in Chorrol.

You'll hear that Reynald Jemane has been sighted sober in Cheydinhal, which is unusual because 1) Reynald lives in Chorrol and 2) he's a foolish drunk. He'll give you 50 gold to find this imposter.

People in Cheydinhal don't know of a Reynald but they do know of a Jemane: Guilbert, who can be found at the Newlands Lodge. Not only are they twins, but they dress the same and have the same hair - meaning Guilbert has the fashion sense of a drunk, I guess. Talk to Guilbert about Reynald - he'll be pretty happy to learn his brother is alive, and will begin the journey to Chorrol immediately. I fast travelled to Chorrol to find the brothers reunited. You can now begin the "Legacy Lost" quest, if you wish.

Legacy Lost
Where to get it: Talk to Guilbert Jemane at The Gray Mare after completing the quest "Separated at Birth".

Guilbert will tell you that his family was seperated after an Ogre attack on Weatherleah. He would like to return, with his brother, to his family's home, but is concerned that it may still be a home for Ogres. He can only tell you that the estate is somewhere south of Chorrol. Don't start looking yet: you can make this task much easier for yourself, with a little help.

Talk to Sabine Laul at the Chorrol Fighters Guild. Ask her about Weatherleah and she'll mark it on your map. When you reach the estate you'll learn that it's overrun with Ogres. Though Guilbert didn't ask you to get rid of the Ogres, he will if you return to him now. Save yourself the trouble and kill the three levelled Ogres that have overrun Weatherleah.

Head back to the Gray Mare and talk to Guilbert. He'll ask you to escort them to their estate. Do so, and he'll offer you a reward of gold depending on your level. Later on in the "Sins of the Father" quest you'll see that the brothers are truly on their way to restoring Weatherleah to its former beauty.

Sins of the Father
Where to get it: Approx. 2.5 days after the "Legacy Lost" quest is completed you'll be approached by Fathis Ules with some information on the Jemane Family.

Fathis will tell you that the Guilbert and Reynald's father, Albert Jemane, was a thief who once performed a mission for the Thieves Guild (for which Fathis is a spokesman) but kept the item for himself, hiding it away at Weatherleah. He believes that, as the item has not shown up at Weatherleah, the Ogres that overran the farm must have taken it back to their home at Redguard Valley Cave, south of Chorrol. You're promised a considerable reward for the retrieval of this item.

Stopping in at Weatherleah and telling the Jemane sons of their father's transgressions is met with irritation. They don't believe you, and resent the implication.

Inside Redguard Valley Cave you'll find seven ogres and one Chieftan. As it is with all creatures who bear slow but powerful attacks, land a blow and then retreat out of reach of their counterattack. Constant application of this tactic should see you handle the cave with ease. From the body of the Chieftan take the Honorblade of Chorrol, a beautifully crafted ebony longsword. At this point you can make like Albert Jemane and keep the blade for yourself. If you're without a decent weapon, this is a good idea, but the quest will remain incomplete unless you give it to someone. You have several choices with different rewards, as follows:

Giving it to Fathis Ules will net you between 750 and 3,000 gold, depending on your current level. However, it is clear that the sword is the property of Chorrol, and your journal suggests you take it to the castle there. Talk to steward Laythe Wavrick who will give you an enchanted shield, the Escutcheon of Chorrol, in return for the blade. The shield is enchanted with leveled Fortify Endurance and Reflect Damage enchantments. So, keep the sword, return it to Fathis for cash (less than it is worth), or return it to its rightful owner and receive a shield in return. The choice is yours.

An endnote: once you have claimed the blade, return to Weatherleah and you'll find that the brothers have come a long way in restoring the estate to its former glory. If you returned the sword to Castle Chorrol, Guilbert has, in your absence, been doing some thinking and admits that his father may not have been such a stand up guy. He'll give you four leveled soul gems to make up for his earlier reaction.

The Killing Field
Where to get it: The Gray Mare in Chorrol. Talk to Valus Odiil, who asks "Have you seen my sons?"

His sons, Antus and Rallus, are preparing to fight creatures that plague their family farm. They wait for their father to join them at Weynon Priory, but Valus feels as if he's too old to protect his boys. As you look like a seasoned fighter, he asks that you go in his stead. As you like rewards, you accept.

Head to Weynon Priory and speak to Rallus. He leads the way up to the Odiil Farm. Once you near the center of the field save your game, is it is tricky to keep both sons alive, and the death of one will severely lower your reward, while the death of both will see you get nothing.

You don't have long to wait before the Goblin's arrive. Pepper them with spells or arrows as they approach, but try to stay close to the center of the field. Leaving the boys alone is a sure way to get them killed. Ten goblins will approach spread across three waves of heightening difficulty. Once the attack has been stemmed, talk to Rallus. The sons will depart for Chorrol to tell their father that the farm is safe. You should do so, also, to claim your reward. If both sons live you'll receive a powerful enchanted short-sword ("Chillrend") with leveled frost enchantments. If one was killed, you'll get 150 gold, and if both died, you get nothing - Valus must spend the remainder of his savings on funerals.


The Battle for Castle Kvatch
Where to get it: Talk to Savlian Matus in Kvatch any time after you've completed "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch". Do it before the "Allies for Bruma" quest to make things easier for yourself.

Tell Savlian you're ready to go and free the castle of Daedra. Savlian will take the lead, charging out with a few other soldiers. Cut your way through the Daedra until you reach the bridge into the castle. Talk to Matius, and he'll tell you that the gate is locked. Head back to the Chapel and speak to Berich Inian about a "Guard house key". Talk to one of the Imperial Legion troopers in the Chapel and tell them to follow you - they'll provide useful help.

You'll descend down into the Chapel Undercroft and face more Daedra. If Inien dies at any point be sure to take the key from his body. Press forward until you reach the guard house, shoot through the empty wall passage, and then up into the castle gatehouse. Ascend the stairs and turn the wheel to open up the gates.

Eradicate the Daedra in the courtyard and entry area, then speak to Matius. He's leaving the rescue mission in your capable hands. Continue into the Great Hall and then into the count's quarters. The Sleeping Quarters hold nothing important.

Kill the mini-boss. You'll notice that the Count is dead. Retrieve his signet ring, and travel back to Savlian. Tell him the count has died (respectfully) and then hand over the signet ring. He'll give you his Kvatch Cuirass. When you reach the "Allies for Bruma" part of the Main Quest, return to Savlian. He'll give you a soldier to use in the "Defense of Bruma".




Unfriendly Competition
Where to get it: The Market District of the Imperial City. Talk to Claudette Perrick at The Gilded Carafe, who will complain that prices at the Copious Coinpurse are suspiciously low.

Head on over to Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise and talk to the woman herself. She's actually founded a committee (the Society of Concerned Merchants) dedicated to discovering Thoronir's secret. With promise of reimbursement, she'll acquire your assistance.

Stroll over to the Copious Coinpurse and chat to Thoronir. Avoid being blatant and you'll leave the conversation with a 10 point Disposition jump. He's tight lipped, regardless, and your journal suggests that you watch (read: stalk) Thoronir after the Copious Coinpurse closes. This occurs at 9pm. You'll need to follow him for some time as he weaves his way through town, eventually meeting with a man named Agamir. If you eavesdrop, you'll learn something is not quite right here.

Do as your journal instructs and follow Agamir. He'll trek through the Palace District and then across into Talos Plaza. Wait until he leaves home (you can't break in while he's there, the door is barred) and pick the Average lock on the front door. The cellar door also bears a lock that must be picked or magically opened.

Explore the cellar and it will become evident that Agamir is a grave-robber. Reading the Macabre Manifest on the table will confirm this and indicate that the author is a regular offender. Take the book with you as proof of Agamir's crimes and head back to the Copious Coinpurse. Thoronir says he had no idea that the goods were coming from the recently deceased and is determined to help you catch Agamir. Your journal points you towards the graveyard in the Palace District, the location of the last entry in the Macabre Manifest. Make this your active quest and follow the quest arrow. You'll find that the entrance to the Trentius Family Mausoleum has been recently disturbed.

Enter to find Agamir and friend, Rolgarel, hovering above a freshly opened grave. Agamir will approach and the exchange will inevitably end in combat. Use the columns to your advantage and drop them one at a time. To leave the Mausoleum you will need to retrieve the key from Agamir's corpse. Take his shovel, also, as proof of his graverobbing tendencies, and return to Thoronir. He's decided to give away the money he made from selling the grave-robbed goods and will also glady join the Merchants' Society. Take your reward, the Weatherward Circlet, a ring bearing leveled Resist Frost and Resist Fire enchantments. Talking to Jensine will also net you a reward of 100 to 600 gold, depending on your level.


Go Fish
Where to get it: Around Wawnet Inn and Weye, on the Western bridge to the Imperial City.

Talk to Aelwin Merowald (he has cropped hair and is wearing a fisherman's outfit). He's been disabled by a slaughterfish attack and asks you to collect the scales of 12 Rumare Slaughterfish so he can complete a deal he has with an alchemist and finally retire. Choose the option which is *not* laughing at him, and he'll tell you where to find the scales.

Set 'Go Fish' as your Current Quest and a green arrow will appear over each Rumare Slaughterfish. Keep killing them and taking their scales until you have 12, then return to Aelwin for a neat ring called the Jewel of the Rumare, which holds a constant effect Waterbreathing enchantment and fortifies your athletics by 5.

If you're a callous thief there may be another reward in this quest. You can pickpocket Aelwin for the key to his retirement fund. The key unlocks a chest in his house containing the gold.

The Gravefinder's Repose
Where to get it: From Malene, innkeeper at the Roxey Inn, on the Red Ring Road NE of Lake Rumare.

Malene will tell you that Raelynn the Gravefinder has made a base of operations for herself at Moss Rock Cavern and now the area around it has been troubled by undead attacks. She wants you to solve this issue by, well, killing Raelynn.

Head north of the inn and you'll find Moss Rock Cavern. Raelynn isn't the only Necromancer here, as you'll discover upon entry. The only strategy to use against Necromancers is to ignore their summoned creatures and straight to the source, preferably with melee weapons. Fight your way to the Cave's central chamber where you'll face Raelynn and a boss creature, and perhaps another Necromancer. This is a difficult fight, so do what you must to stay alive, and try to take out Raelynn first, who is your toughest opponent. Return to Malene once you've dispatched Raelynn for a reward.


Zero Visibility
Where to get it: In a village called Aleswell on the Red Ring Road.

At first the village seems abandoned, but you'll discover that this is not the case when you enter the Aleswell Inn. Your cursor alights over several invisible citizens. You'll be directed towards Diram Serethi, one of the Inn's patrons who's a little more willing to talk about things. He'll attribute responsibility for this mess to Ancotar, who's operating out of nearby Fort Caractacus.

Head SE until you find the Fort, then make your way up the outside structure to its upper levels. You'll find a little room cluttered with some alchemical equipment. Read Ancotar's journal on the desk there to learn that Ancotar turned himself invisible to gain some peace from the Aleswell inhabitants, but accidentally turned everyone else invisible, too. You'll need to find Ancotar. Be careful of the invisible creatures that inhabit the outer regions of Fort Caractacus. Wander around the fort grounds until you spot him, or hear him. I found him as he entered into combat with an invisible creature. If you're impatient, use a detect life spell.

When you find Ancotar he'll express remorse for his accidental deed and give you an area effect scroll with the power to reverse the invisibility experiment. He'll also give you Ancotar's Ring of Protection. Wear this ring when you use the scroll or your Luck attribute will drop 50 points!

Cast the spell from the point indicated by your map marker, and the people and animals of Aleswell will become visible again. Diram will reward you with free accomodation at Aleswell Inn. If for some reason you fail to use the scroll inside the town, return to Ancotar for another. Do this a second time and you won't be able to pass the quest. Considering your rather weak reward... who cares.


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