Thieves Guild Advancement Guide
May The Best Thief Win
Untaxing the Poor
The Elven Maiden
Adharji's Heirloom
Lost Histories
Taking Care of Lex
Turning a Blind Eye
The Arrow of Extraction
The Boots of Springheel Jak
The Ultimate Heist

To join the thieves guild, get caught for committing a crime and agree to be sent to jail. If you want to join the guild quickly, the fastest way is to try and pickpocket a guard while you are sneaking but visible. Make sure you don't have any stolen items in your inventory, as you'll lose them when you're arrested.

Some time after you finish your sentence you'll be approached by a sour looking dark-elf with a 'Mysterious Note'. Head to Dereloth's Garden in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City at midnight to commence your initiation test for entry into the guild. The garden is behind the 'abandoned shack' in the Waterfront shanty-town.

Otherwise, read a wanted poster for the Gray Fox. You can find one on the archway to the Waterfront's shanty town. The topics "Gray Fox" and "Heironymous Lex" will be added to your list of topics when you speak to a beggar. Raise said beggar's disposition to 70 and the beggar will tell you to visit the Garden of Dereloth in the Waterfront district. Same outcome, but no jail time.

You can reduce your current bounty by half if you speak to Armand Christophe in the Imperial City or S'krivva in Bravil.

Stealing from another member of the thieves guild will incur a fine of 200 gold. Assaulting another member will incure a fine of 500 gold. Murdering another member will incur a fine of 1,000 gold. If you kill on an assignment unnecessarily you will have to pay 1,000 before you can continue within the guild. The only limit to the amount of time you can offend is the weight of gold in your pocket.

May The Best Thief Win # return to index
Armand informs you that only one of you will receive entry into the guild. You're competing against the Argonian, Amusei, and the Bosmer, Meredhel, to steal Amantius Allectus' diary. Whoever brings it back to Armand first will be welcomed into the Thieves guild.

Once Armand gives you all the OK to begin, speak to the beggar Puny Ancus, who should be sleeping about ten yards north of the meeting place. Ask him about your target to learn that Amantius lives in the Temple District.

Methredhel is on her way there, and will arrive at about the same time as you if you take your character there. The quickest way of getting to Amantius' house is to fast-travel to the Temple district, then head to the gate to the Arboretum and turn right down the little laneway. Amantius Allectus' house is the first door. Crack the 'Easy' lock and enter.

Amantius' rises at dawn, so you have a few hours before then. Make your way immediately to the desk on the right wall and take the diary. None of your competitors will try to take it from you, so this gives you some time to look around. The diary is relatively entertaining - it's an account of the author's failed attempts to make a vampire plant. You can see the results in the basement, which can be accessed once you crack a 'Very Easy' lock. You can also grab a Novice Mortar & Pestle down there.

In the first room, there's little to steal but food and silverware. Upstairs, Amantius may well be awake, so don't bother. Return to Dareloth's garden if it's still early morning - Armand will be there. Otherwise, wait until midnight. He'll accept the diary and welcome you into the Thieves Guild.

If you request another mission you'll be told you need to fence 50gp with Ongar the World-Weary in Bruma. If you'd like to get enough loot at once, break into Red Diamond Jewelry in the Imperial City's Market District. Creep upstairs and pickpocket Hamlof Red-Tooth for the not-quite aptly named 'Bit & Bridle key'. Go downstairs and unlock the display case near the door for two jeweled amulets, worth 200 gold each. Clear out the other display cases for a few other bits and pieces of jewelry.

Untaxing the Poor # return to index
Once you've fenced 50 gold, meet your doyen at Dereloth's garden when the clock hits 12. It appears that Heironymous Lex has collected taxes from the poor of the Waterfront. As the Waterfront's populace is under the protection of the Grey Fox, you're to retrieve the taxes and the tax records, and return them to Armand.

Head to the Temple District and make your way to the 'South Watchtower', which stands in the south-east corner of the district. The common room is full for most of the day, except 9-11am, when it is empty. Make your way up three floors. On your way, you'll see some relatively valuable Legion armor ripe for the taking, if you're game. Once you've hit the third floor, navigate the 'Easy' lock on the trapdoor. The tax records are on this level, hidden in a Desk with an 'Average' lock. Take the gold and the Waterfront Tax Records, then make your way down to the ground floor and out of the tower.

Take what you've found to Armand, who'll promote you to Footpad and let you keep the gold you've recovered.

The Elven Maiden # return to index
Your next assignment is the bust of Llathasa Indarys, deceased Countess of Cheydinhal. For its recovery, Armand promises to pay you 100 gold.

Head to Cheydinhal and speak to the beggar Brucius the Orphan, who sleeps behind The March Rider, located on the street which leads to the west gate. Ask him about the 'Bust of Llathasa Indarys' and, for 15 gold, he'll tell you that it's kept in the Chapel and warns you that it is patrolled by a guard, and worse, the undercroft may be haunted. I assure you that you won't see any undead, however.

Head to the Great Chapel of Arkay and descend the stairs to the Undercroft. Unlock the 'Average' door to enter. You'll see a guard roaming around. Sneak into the south-western chamber while the guard is patrolling in the central chamber, then grab the bust on the opposite side of the room. If needed, you can hide in the shadows to the left.

Upon returning to Dareloth's Garden with the bust you'll receive a journal message that the Waterfront is 'crawling with the Watch' and that you'll have to ask other Theives Guild members about Armand's location.

Methredhel will soon approach to tell you that the Watch have issued a warrant for Armand's arrest, after Count Indarys accused him of stealing the bust - the crime you committed!

Apparently, Armand used you to flush out an informant, Myvryna Arano. In order to take the heat of Armand, you're going to have to pin the crime on her by planting the bust in her cupboard, and then convince Lex to go and have a look.

Myvryna's house is located amongst the shacks near Dareloth's Garden. Enter at 1pm and you'll find her sleeping, but be quick. Myvryna's cupboard is on the right of her bed. Activate it to place the bust inside. You'll recognize her as the woman who passed on the invitation for your entry into the guild.

Heironymous Lex should be wandering amongst the shacks of the Waterfront. At first he won't believe you, and will continue to question your accusation until you raise his disposition to 75, no doubt through much bribing and persuasion. Once you do so, tell him again about Myvryna. He'll decide to go to her house, and ask you to follow.

Once you arrive, Myvryna attempts to rat you out, but Lex arrests her. You'll then be able to return to meet Armand at midnight again. He'll tell you that this was, essentially, a test to make sure you weren't working with the informant. A little bit paranoid, methinks. Still, you get a neat promotion to Bandit and a new fence, Dar-Jee of Leyawiin.

Armand is no longer the one to give you assignments - he deals with greener recruits. Your new doyen is S'Krivaa of Bravil, who can be found at the Lonely Suitor Lodge, or at home (if the door is unlocked).

If you need to fence some goods, Dar-Jee's house can be found directly between Leyawiin's East and West gate.

Adharji's Heirloom # return to index
Find S'Krivva in Bravil. She'll tell you to travel to Leyawiin and retrieve a ring which belong to former Doyen, Adharji. Travel to Leyawiin and find a beggar, such as the Khajiit Rancid Ra'Dirsha, and ask her about Adharji.

You'll learn that she spends her evening at the Three Sisters Lodge and takes her lunch at the Five Claws at midday. If you talk to her, it's quite clear she has a problem with Argonians, and it's little wonder that Amusei targeted her for a theft. "Filthy Argonian stole my ring," she says. It was apparently a gift from her mate.

Speak to a beggar to learn that Amusei has been arrested, though the prison guards can be bribed to allow visitors. The prison is located in Castle Leyawiin.

From the castle entry, head down the entry hall and then turn right. Follow the corridor down to the dungeon. Once you've entered, follow the prison corridor around a corner and continue past the guard until you hit a door with an 'Average' lock. Pick it and continue down to Amusei's cell. Bribing is for those without lock-picks.

Talk to Amusei to learn that he returned to Leyawiin after being rejected from the Thieves Guild. He'll tell you where the ring is, but he wants you to do something in return. You have three options. Consider that Amusei's primary concern is to stop rotting in a cell. With that in mind, give him a lock-pick. He'll tell you that after he stole the ring he discovered that the words 'To Alessia' were engraved on the inside. It was already stolen property! The Countess managed to get the ring back after Amusei tried to ransom it - and so Amusei landed in jail.

Go talk to another beggar and ask about the 'Recovered Caro family ring'. You'll learn that the Countesses Handmaiden, Hlidara Mothril, is the best source of information on the ring's whereabouts. She eats in the castle dining room at 8pm, but you should be able to find her wandering around the castle before then.

Find her and raise her disposition to 70 before she'll talk about the secret passage which leads, not only to the Caro private quarters, but through a torture chamber. Amusei would have told you about the Count's dark practices - torturing Argonian immigrants from Black Marsh. You'll learn that the Countess wears the ring at all times, except at night when she is sleeping or having a bath. At that time, she puts it in her jewelry box. In the morning the Countess goes to the Chapel, has a late meal at 8pm, and goes to bed at 11pm.

Head to the basement, which can be reached via a door in the throneroom. Your map will indicate a secret passage with no clear means of opening it. You'll find a lever in a barrel against the opposite wall of the basement. Pull it to open the secret door, then follow the dark and cob-webbed passage to the 'secret room'. Pass through the grisly torture chamber until you reach the door to the 'Lord's Manor Private Quarters'. Crack the lock and save before you enter. There's a guard roaming through the room who is somewhat difficult to avoid.

Wait until the guard heads out up the stairs on the right wall. Move quickly to the left and enter the short corridor, unlocking the 'Very Easy' wooden door at the end.

Alessia and Marius, if you've done what all thieves should do and have gone there in the middle of the night, should be sleeping. The jewelry box containing Adharji's ring rests to the right of the bed. Take the ring and other items of jewelry, as well as a short but valuable document titled 'Divining the Elder Scrolls'.

If you're game, pickpocket the Count and Countess. They both have a minimum of around 95 gold on their persons. Take the ring to Adharji in the morning for a reward of 100 gold. Return to S'Krivva in Bravil for a promotion to Prowler, and 200 gold. She will also pass on the news of your good work to the Gray Fox.

Misdirection # return to index
You need to have fenced 300 gold to take this assignment. Speak to S'Krivva, who'll tell you that Heironymous Lex has invaded the Waterfront and has vowed not to leave until the Gray Fox is in custody. Though the poor of the Waterfront are loyal to the Gray Fox, S'Krivva fears that they may soon crack under the pressure and give away information that could lead to the arrest of many members of the Thieves Guild. You're to speak to Methredhel in the Imperial City, who is co-ordinating the Thieves Guild response. She's hiding somewhere in the Imperial City.

Travel to the Imperial City and ask a beggar about Methredhel. For 15 gold pieces you'll learn that she's hiding out at Dynari Amnis' house in the Talos Plaza District. Once you reach the Talos Plaza, head to the statue of Akatosh and take the northern street. Dynari's house is the first on the left.

'Welcome to my hide-out' says Methredhel. It is clear from her attire that Dynari is a fellow theif. Ask Methredhel about the 'Waterfront Invasion' to learn that Armand is under house arrest and that Waterfront business with the Thieves Guild has ground to a halt. To combat this, Methredhel has put together a plan.

You and four other operatives will stage simultaneous high-profile thefts. You're to steal Hrormir's Staff from the Arcane University. It is kept in the Arch-Mages' room. While you're up there, you're to place a note from the Gray Fox in the Arch-Mages' nightstand. Further, you're to do this while he sleeps: he does so between 1am and 7am. If you read the note from the Gray Fox it threatens that more artifacts will go missing unless guards are re-assigned to their old posts.

Going up to Arch-Mage Traven's room anytime between 1am and 7am will not work. Another mage, Irlav Jarrol, takes the night shift in the Council Chambers, and will call you for a tresspasser if he sees you for too long. There is only one very specific time in which the mission can be done safely and surely.

Head to the lobby of the Arch-Mages' tower at the Arcane University, then use the teleporter upstairs anytime between 11pm and 12:30pm. Wait until the clock strikes 1am. There is a 20 minute window when the Council Chamber is empty and Traven is asleep: Irlav Jarrol will return to the Council Chamber at 1:20am.

So, at 1am, teleport up the Arch-Mages' room. Take the staff from the desk, then quickly make your way to Traven and pick-pocket him for the key to his nightstand. Once you have the key activate the nightstand to place the note, then head down to the lobby before the clock hits 1:20am.

Return to Methredhel and choose the topic 'Hrormir's Icestaff' to hand it over. Yours was the last item on the list, so now all you need to do is wait. In the mean-time, she wants you to spy on Lex.

You don't need to be particularly stealthy when going about this. Head to the shanty town at the Waterfront and get within a few yards of Lex. The camera will switch to cinematic view and you have nothing to do but watch as a Dremora approaches and delivers a note from the Arcane-University, much to the chagrin of a nearby guard. The note undoubtedly details your crime. Lex orders the troops to pull out, and carelessly drops the note the 'Note from Raminus Polus' on the ground. The note blames Lex for creating the conditions that allowed the staff to be stolen, along with a threat to bring the matter to Lex's superior.

Head back to Methredhel and talk about 'Heironymous Lex'. As a sign of good faith towards the Mages Guild she wants you to return the staff to Ontus Vanin's safe-chest (returning it to the university itself would be too dangerous, it seems). As Ontus Vanin is a university researcher, he'll undoubtedly get it back to them.

Head back to the statue of Akatosh in the Talos Plaza district. From there, his house is south-west, against the western wall of the district. Vanus' chest can be found upstairs in his private quarters, against the far wall. Activate the chest to place the staff inside, then head back to S'Krivva in Bravil to inform her of your success. You'll receive 300 gold as a reward and a promotion to Cat Burglar, as well as a new fence, Luciana Galena of Bravil.

Lost Histories # return to index
According to S'Krivva the Gray Fox is eagerly hunting 'The Lost Histories of Tamriel', a rare book. The guild has already sent another thief, Theranis, to retrieve it but he hasn't returned in some time. If he's alive, you're to help him return it. If he's dead, or unable to return, then you'll have to retrieve the book yourself. Theranis was sent to Skingrad, so the trail starts there.

Travel to Skingrad and find one of its two beggars. For 20 gold, they'll tell you that he was last seen drinking at the Two Sisters Lodge, bragging about stealing something from Castle Skingrad. Captain Dion arrested Theranis and hauled him off to the dungeons. This is, most likely, where he is now. He will be much trickier to visit than Amusei. You could perhaps try getting arrested and then breaking out of your cell, but there is a better way to get inside the holding area.

Go through the great gates to Castle Skingrad. Upon entering the courtyard head up the stairs to your right and proceed to the end of the landing. The door to the Dungeons is unlocked. Make your way down into the Dungeon until you hit the room with the Skingrad jailor.

The door to the cells, on the left-hand wall, is kept closed by a 'Hard' lock. The door is almost constantly watched by the sitting jailor. Attempting to talk to the jailor and bribe him with the promise of fifty gold pieces will not work, regardless of how high you raise his disposition. As your journal tells you, the jailor is just "too honest", or perhaps too scared.

If you can manage it, sneak up behind the jailor and steal his 'Dungeon Key'. If not, you'll have to contend with the 'Hard' lock yourself, which may well be quite possible, but not as cool. There is a change-over of the jailors at 7am and 7pm. Wait until the clock strikes those times on the dot and wait until the jailor leaves the room. Get through the door within ten seconds or so, before he is replaced.

Once you're amongst the cells, talk to Lathjar the Haggard. Tell him you're here to rescue him and, now that he likes you, ask about Theranis. Apparently, he was in the big cell with the Argonian, and they would whisper to each other, but the 'Pale Lady' took him days ago. Ask Lathjar about 'the Pale Lady' to learn that every few days she comes for one of the prisoners and deposits them back in their cell later on. Those that are taken for a third time never return. This was Theranis' third time. Upon asking Lathjar where she took them he'll tell you that she took an Argonian less than an hour ago, and that he was bleeding all over the place.

The blood spots on the floor lead up to a secret door at the end of the prison corridor. Pull the 'strange looking candle' to open the door, then follow the spatters of blood down to the wine cellar. Keep following it through what appears to be servant's quarters and down into the cellar. While you're there, scan the shelves for expensive wines. There are several bottles worth 15, 20, 30 and 35 gold which make neat loot to supplement your payment for this assignment. Follow trail of blood up to another 'strange candle' and pull it. The central wine barrel will open, leading to a secret passage.

The Pale Lady is a Dunmer vampire, and has been extracting blood from the prisoners, bit by bit. Once you sneak to the bottom of the passage you can hit her with an arrow for the sneak attack bonus. Otherwise, engage the vampire in melee. If you need help defeating her, vampires have a weakness to fire. And remember, if you catch Porphyrric Heamophelia during the fight, make sure to use a Cure Disease potion or spell before you sleep, or else you'll be turned into a vampire. Unless, of course, that's what you want!

Further inspection of the vampire's lair will reveal that Theranis is dead. Activate his body to get a journal entry - the 'Lost Histories' is not on him. Head over to the work table to discover the Pale Lady has been putting human blood in wine bottles. You'll also notice that your old friend Amusei is locked behind an ancient portcullis. Ask him about 'Argonian prisoner' to learn that, not surprisingly, Lathjar was referring to Amusei. He's grateful to you, is rather sick of being thrown in jail, and has decided to join the Thieves Guild. Ask Amusei if Theranis ever mentioned a book. Amusei will respond that he had a message about treasure he was to give to the Thieves Guild, but you'll have to get him out of the castle first. Open the portcullis with the 'secret cell key' found on the body of the Pale Lady.

If you're detected leaving the castle the guards will go into a frenzy, shouting "escaped prisoners!" and immediately arrest you. To leave without being seen, head out of the cellar area and through the door on your right, the one that leads to the Castle Skingrad Dining Hall. Continue through the empty dining hall and head out the door to the Skingrad Castle County Hall. Sneak along the balcony to the archway on the left and head through the door to the courtyard. Sneak down the stairs and exit via the gate to the West Weald. Keep following the path away from the castle until you recieve a journal entry that you should talk to Amusei about the book. He'll tell you to "look under the bushes near the wall, near Naresterel's house".

Head to the statue of the horseman in the northern half of Skingrad and follow the path east. The bush is directly across from the first gate, next to a tree. Open the book to see that it's a short treatise on the Elder Scrolls, worth only fifty gold. Perhaps it has some other significance you don't yet know about?

Return to S'krivva in Bravil for your reward of 400 gold.

Taking Care of Lex# return to index
S'Krivva tells you that "Heironymous Lex must be eliminated once and for all". Of course, this is the Thieves Guild, not the Dark Brotherhood, so you should predict that their proposed solution to the problem is rather non-violent. Countess Umbranox of Anvil is hunting for a new captain of her guard. There is a list of recommended candidates ready to be delivered to her. The Gray Fox wants you to swap the current list for one that recommends Heironymous Lex, who'll be able to do little harm to the Thieves Guild from Anvil. The letter of recommendation sits in Dairihill's desk, steward of Countess Umbranox - the steward has told her it is yet to arrive. The Gray Fox has extended his protection to the Umbranox family, particularly Lady Umbranox. Romance, perhaps?

The steps in your assignment are as follows: steal the letter from Dairihill's desk in Castle Anvil, get a forgery made, then seal it with the seal from the Legion Commander's desk in the Imperial City and finally, deliver the letter to the Countess in person. I'll deal with each step in turn.

Stealing the letter
Upon arriving in Anvil talk to a beggar about Dairihill's office. The beggar gives you an uncharacteristically mysterious answer: find the blacksmith. Head to Castle Anvil, proceed down the entry hall and turn right, then go through the door to the Smithy. If the desk is unattended you can steal several pieces of Chainmail. Orrin, if he's not manning the Smithy, can be found in his room nearby. He's been expecting you. He leads you to a wine cellar and opens a secret door. Before you depart, ask Orrin about Dairihill to learn that she's absent from her desk in the mornings and from 8pm to midnight, and that her office is in the castle's Private Quarters. Head down the secret passage and unlock the conveniently placed door to, you guessed it, the private quarters. When you hit a dead-end push the movable pillar to opon another secret door which provides access to the castle hallway. Turn left and unlock the 'Average' door to Dairihill's quarters.

Dairihill's desk is right in front of you. Unlock it and take some spare change and a 'List of Candidates'. You can grab a Nirnroot and a bit of armour in the 'Average' chest in her bedroom. Retrace your steps through the network of secret passages and out of the castle.

Forging the letter
If you read the 'List of Candidates' you'll see that Heironymous Lex is listed as 'overly fanatical' and not recommended'. Well, you'll need a forger to change that. Head back to the Anvil city-center and ask a beggar about a 'Master forger'. For 15 gold he'll tell you of a man called The Stranger. He takes a walk in the morning but returns home in the afternoons. You'll have your best chance of finding him in the afternoons and evenings.

He lives in the abandoned house next to the Mages Guild and should be home from about 3pm onwards, milling about upstairs in his room. Speak to the Stranger about forging this letter. He'll need a full day to complete the forgery and will collect his payment from you then. It's going to cost you five-hundred gold, so rustle up the money if you don't yet have it. Don't worry, you'll be re-embursed when you complete the assignment.

Return 24 hours later and ask about the forged letter. Pay, take the letter, and read it to see that Heironymous Lex is now 'eminently qualified for the job'. Now for the seal.

The Legion Commander's seal
The Legion Compound is in the Prison District of the Imperial City. From the gate to the City Isle take the second door on the left. The Imperial Legion seal is on the desk directly in front of you when you enter. The room is empty from midnight to around 4am. Activate the seal to stamp the letter.

Giving the letter to Countess Umbranox
With the sealed letter in hand make your way to Castle Anvil. Millona Umbranox holds court from 8am to 4pm and dines from 8pm to midnight. Talk to her about the 'New Guard Captain' to give her the list of candidates. Umbranox accepts Lex as the best choice and gives you signed transfer order to pass on to him. Speak to Dairihill for a tip. She'll give you 20 gold reluctantly and spit venom about how your trickery has cost her cousin the job. One suspects that Dairihill may have had the original letter forged, also.

Head back to the Imperial City Waterfront district. Lex is most likely found amongst the shacks, drinking at the floating inn, or in the South Tower of the Temple District. Tell him about the 'New Guard Captain'. The look on his face is indeed priceless as he says "After all these years, the Gray Fox has finally won".

All you need to do is head back to S'Krivva and collect your reward. Tell her about 'Heironymous Lex reassigned'. She'll promote you to Shadowfoot and give you access to a new fence: the Blacksmith of Castle Anvil, Orrin! The reward of 1000 gold sees you emerge 500 clear.

If you ask S'Krivva about more special jobs she'll tell you're too good a thief to be taking orders from a Doyen. Your new assignments will come directly from the Gray Fox. However, you'll need to have fenced six-hundred gold overall before one of the Gray Fox's messengers will contact you. Once you've done so, you'll be contacted within a day or two. If you're really anxious to get on with things you can speed up the process by waiting around in the Imperial City.

Turning a Blind Eye# return to index
Methredhel will seek you out in a day or so. She has a message from the Gray Fox: he has need of your services. You're to meet him at Helvicus Cecia's house in Bruma.

Travel to Bruma's East Gate. From there, town down the street on your left. Cecia's house is on the first corner. Enter and head downstairs. The Gray Fox is sitting by the fire, and looks much like he did in the wanted posters of the Imperial City. He's considerably more personable than you may have been expecting.

He tasks you to find an item hidden away in a 'remote monastery' which is both well guarded and extensive. The monastery is the 'Temple of the Ancestor Moths', essentially a retirement home for those who have gone blind reading the Elder Scrolls. The item in question is the Savilla's Stone, a stone with special properties. In addition, there is no blood-price for killing the stone's guardians. If you want to hack and slash your way through this mission then that's fine. The help I'll offer is for those who want to stay true to the core beliefs of the Thieves Guild... even if the Gray Fox won't!

The temple, on the world-map, is south of the 'S' in Jerall Mountains. The easiest way to get there is to travel to Cheydinhal's east gate, then head north, past Lord Ragdumph's estate. If you've already been there, or traveled to Lake Arrius Caverns, they might be closer points to start from. The temple is hidden amongst the snowy peaks in quite beautiful surrounds: many moths and butterflies flutter about the place.

You can find three white-robed monks in the above-ground structures, either in their sleeping quarters or in the small chapel. Talk to Brother Hrolgar and raise his disposition to 70 and you'll learn that the Savilla Stone is guarded by the blind monks of the catacombs. Once you've raised his disposition to 80, ask him where they are. He'll lead you into the Ancestor Moth Crypt and then down to the Temple of the Moth Halls. This place functions like a dungeon. If you're detected, you'll be attacked.

From the chamber with the bench (perhaps with a prelate sitting on it), sneak behind him and through the door on the left. If you're trying to be stealthy head across the empty dining hall (or around it if you can hear voices inside). From the other side of the dining hall follow the passage around and turn left, then left again, then right at the dead-end. Pick up the loot from the chest in the hallway's alcove, then continue down the corridor. Sneak-attack the giant rat, take the loot from the chest behind the crumbling wall, then head through the doors to the catacombs.

When you enter two blind monk priests may head up the corridor towards you, unaware of your presence. Duck into the corridor on your right as they pass, or crouch against the wall. There are, of course, other places to explore, but I'll give you directions on how to reach the stone.

Duck out of the corridor once the Moth Priests have passed and take the hallway after, the one leading to the sleeping quarters. Turn left, head down the corridor and unlock the gate at the end. You're now in the Caverns of the Moth. Follow the tunnel down until it widens out. Through an object into the trip wires to send the spikeballs flying. Take the tunnel to the right and stick to the walls of the poison room, pulling on the hanging stones to open the exit door. Head onwards until you run into a sliding stone in the wall just before a trip-wire. Throw something into the trip-wire, then wait until the logs settle and continue up the incline. You'll turn a corner and enter a wide tunnel descending down. Notice the pressure plate on the stairs that will send the log-trap flying. Kill the ghost guarding the tunnel or try and sneak past it. Follow the tunnel and take the first right. Head through the gate to the Shrine of the Moth.

Head out into the grand cavern. You'll see a moth priest facing a suspended black stone, as well as something like a crystal ball to the right. If you don't want to kill any moth priests, sneak around to the right hand side of the Savilla Stone platform and climb down into the trench next to the platform. Sneak up the stairs on the opposite side of the priest and grab the Savilla stone. The red stone will pound you with a few spells but it won't alert the moth priest to your presence. With the stone in hand, head back up to the caverns of the Moth and, rather than back-tracking the way you came, head left, follow the corridor down to the sliding stone and log trap. Head through the sliding stone and loot chest and around until you hit a left. Turn down this left-hand passage past the spike-ball trap and back up to the Catacombs of the Moth. Be careful to sneak past any Moth Priests in the sleeping quarters on your way to the Temple of the Moth Halls.

You should be able to sneak back to the Ancestor Moth Crypt without trouble, as long as you stick to the corridors. Exit the crypt and breathe the fresh air. Examining the stone the Gray Fox wanted so badly is useless: there are no clues as to its use.

Make your way back to Helvius Cecia's house in Bruma and talk to the Gray Fox about the 'Savilla's stone': his sources have told him that it's been reported missing. Let him know that you're the reason for this. Now he can 'see past the palace defenses' apparently. Your payment is five-hundred gold and an assurance that, when he needs you, the Gray Fox will call on you again. You'll need to have fenced at least seven hundred gold worth of stolen goods overall before he'll take interest in you again.

The Arrow of Extraction# return to index
A few days later Amusei will contact you with a message from the Gray Fox. He wants you to meet him at Malintus Ancrus' house in Chorrol. As a side note, Amusei seems to have risen quickly in the guild ranks, now running errands for the Gray Fox himself.

Make your way to Chorrol and head to its Chapel. Follow the street past the Chapel to the line of shacks: Maniltus Ancrus' house is the one on the far right. You'll most likely run into the home-owner outside who urges you "not to keep the Gray Fox waiting".

Talking to the Gray Fox will reveal that he needs another special item for his plans. The small item is in the posession of a powerful court wizard. You're to find the Arrow of Extraction and bring it to the Gray Fox. The 'court wizard' currently keeping the Arrow safe is Fathis Aren of Castle Bravil. Once again the blood-price is waived: you're to kill him if necessary, but not inside the walls of the castle. Your reward, if you succeed, will be 500 gold.

Travel to Bravil and ask a beggar about Fathis Aren. You'll learn that he spends most of his time in a tower outside town, and that, most importantly, this is where he keeps his most prized posessions. Only Fathis can open the door, but there is a secret door in the castle which should be able to get you inside.

Head to the Castle and make your way into the Throne Room. Ascend the stairs and head to the door directly above the throne, leading to the Castle's 'North Wing'. Pick the lock while sneaking, then enter. From here sneak to the locked wooden door on the left. This is Fathis Aren's room. Enter and search the two chests on the left. You'll find some loot, but no Arrow of Extraction, Your journal suggests he might be keeping his most treasured posessions somewhere else. There's a secret door in this room. To open it, pull out the movable pillar on the wall opposite the door you entered from. Close the wall behind you and enter the 'Bravil Wizard's Grotto'.

There's a Daedra at the bottom of the passage. If you can sneak past, do so. Otherwise, kill it. I'll give you directions to lead you directly to the treasure, but there are other passages you can explore if you like. Take the gate to the north, then take the second right. Once in the water, you can either go left, which leads you into some combat but yields you a poison apple (if you're the Dark Brotherhood type) or take the right hand passage on the wall ahead, and continue towards the treasure.

From the right-hand passage head forward until you hit a deep pool. This pool, if you have enough water breathing spells to swim deep enough, contains a unique Giant Slaughterfish with some unique items in its belly. To continue towards the treasure descend about 20-30ft into the water against the northern side of the pool until you hit a submerged tunnel. Check your map if you're having trouble locating it. Follow the tunnel out of the water and then turn right, then right again, then left down the tri-section. Here you'll need to sneak past or kill another daedra guard, then turn left. Continue through the puddle and pick up the Nirn root if you need it. Follow the passage around until you hit a 'Hard' door to the 'Bravil Wizard's Lair'.

Follow the corridor around the bend and take the passage left of the big door. Continue on until the passage opens into a room with some Daedra in it. If they're not the kind that can open doors (Clannfear, for example) run through the gate ahead and close it behind you, firing arrows or spells at them through the gate until they're dead. If they are the kind of daedra that can open doors then fight them or sneak around them. Facing out from the gated dead-end head up the Eastern passage, through an arch-way, up some short stairs then unlock the 'Hard' gate. There's a tough fight here which is difficult to avoid. Wait until the daedra is in view but the Mage is not and take the Daedra out with some ranged sneak attacks. The Mage is easier to deal with alone.

Head up the stairs, crack open the chest on your right, then head, finally, into Fathis Aren's tower. There are three Daedra, two conjurer's and one Fathis Aren here. If you're careful and good at sneaking you can avoid combat with all of them. Sneak onto the stairs on your right and climb up two levels. Across from you you should see Fathis Aren making a potion at his work-bench. Sneak around to the right and step into the room behind him, making sure you aren't seen by the nearby Daedra. Save, then pick-pocket him for his 'Strange Key' and 'Tower Key' (load if he detects you), then sneak around and open the chest to his right. Don't worry if he sees you do it. Grab the 'Key Shaped Arrowhead' and other loot. If you want to complete this mission without any blood on your hands (except that of dumb daedra), simply run down to the bottom level and use the tower key to exit. Fathis Aren and his guards won't follow.

Head back to Chorrol and Malintus Ancrus' house and speak to the Gray Fox. He's once again impressed by your skills, though slightly disappointed that the arrow is not complete. He's confident that it can be repaired, though. You're promoted to Master Thief and can now use Fathis Ules of the Imperial City as your fence. Once again, the Gray Fox will let you know when he needs you.

You'll need to have fenced 800 gold overall before the Gray Fox will contact you again.

The Boots of Springheel Jak # return to index
Amusei will contact you in a day or so. This time you're to meet the Gray Fox at Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal. The house is South of Cheydinhal's East Gate. Ganredhel will be wandering around outside, and urges you not to keep the Gray Fox waiting.

Once again the Gray Fox needs you to steal a 'special item' for his plans. This time it's the 'Boots of Springheel Jak' he wants: a pair of enchanted shoes which belonged to a thief that died some 300 years ago. You're to find out where he's buried and bring back the boots. The trail begins with Jakben, the Earl of Imbel, who is the last known descendant of Springheel Jak and might know the wherabouts of his grave. Jakben lives in the Imperial City, and the Gray Fox suggests you search his house for clues.

Head to the Imperial City and talk to a beggar about finding 'Jakben, Earl of Imbel'. For 10 gold you'll learn that he has a home in the Talos Plaza District, facing onto the center plaza. In addition, he only goes out after dark. A real 'night owl'. You'll find his house to the south-east of the Statue of Akatosh in the Talos Plaza. Unlike most assignments you're advantaged by a direct approach here. Find Jakben upstairs in his living quarters and activate him as he cowers before you. Ask him about the Jakben family tomb. Get the key and run to the basement, through the wooden door and into the crypt. If you wait around too long he'll summon the guards.

You'll soon discover that the Jakben Family Crypt is also a vampire lair. Remember, vampires bear a weakness to fire. To get to the boots, head straight ahead from the entry and enter the opposite corridor. There's a vampire and a skeleton here but you should be able to smash and grab if you're quick. Run across the room, open the door and close it behind you, then activate the coffin. The boots are not there, but there is a diary. Read it to learn that Springheel Jak is not buried at all. Rather, he is Jakben, Earl of Imbel!

Run out of the crypt and exit the house, bringing any pursuing undead onto the streets where the guards can deal with them. You might run into Jakben on the way. Once again, leading him onto the streets would be a good idea. If you don't run into him you'll need to try and find him upstairs. When he sees you, he'll attack, revealing his true form as a vampire. Either kill him yourself or have the guards do it, then take the Boots of Springheel Jak from his corpse.

Return to Garedhel's house in Cheydinhal and give the boots to the Gray Fox. It seems his plan is almost complete, though he may summon you again for one last task. Take your payment and leave.

You'll need to have fenced 1000 gold overall before you'll be contacted again.

The Ultimate Heist # return to index
Be forewarned that this is one of the longest and most elaborate missions in the game - but certainly a lot of fun! Amusei will soon contact you again with another message. You're to meet the Gray Fox at Othrelo's house in the Imperial City's Elven Gardens District. Once you've arrived in the Elven Garden's district, go to the gate to the Market District and turn outwards from the gate, then head down the street to your right. Othrelo's house is the second on the left. The Gray Fox is sitting at the table and asks you if you're ready for one last heist, one which will be talked about for decades. You might have guessed it, but you're going to steal one of the Elder Scrolls!

(And no, this doesn't mean you're going to steal a copy of Morrowind from the Market District's EB Games).

The heist is for glory, not for money, though in the end you're promised a reward far more than that. According to the Gray Fox, he has been planning this for eleven years. And the plan is, indeed, elaborate. The Savilla's stone has revealed a secret path to palace interior, called 'The Old Way'. To access it, you're to sneak into the palace basement and activate the 'Glass of Time', then head to the Imperial Sewers where you'll find the now-revealed entrance. The boots of Springheel Jak will allow you to 'jump to an unreachable place, and survive a long fall'. The Arrow of Extraction will unlock the final door. Once you're inside the palace you're to find the reading room of the Palace Library. The Moth Priests will deliver one of the Elder Scrolls to you there, thinking you're Celia Camoran and here to simply try and read one of the scrolls. Rather, you're to take it and bring it back to the Gray Fox.

Confused? You're not the only one. I'll break the quest into sections based on the notes in the scroll the Gray Fox gives you. Before you start make sure to stock up on lockpicks - you should take around fourty to be safe.

1) Activate the Old Way using the 'Glass of Time'. It's located in the Imperial Palace.

Head to the Imperial City Palace District and enter the Palace. Travel around the corridor to your left until you hit the door to the basement. You may not be able to hide from the guard but save, crack the lock, then enter. He shouldn't follow you, nor should you get a bounty on your head. Make sure you sneak carefully while in the basement; there is another guard on patrol here. Wait in the darkness of the archway until the guard marches up and then turns around. Creep behind him and then turn right into the central area of the basement. Use the central pillar for cover and sneak into the north-east storage area which contains a giant crystal ball and a giant hourglass.

Activate the hourglass, or the 'Glass of Time' as it's called, then sneak out of the basement. You don't see anything change, but be assured that the door to the Old Way is now open somewhere deep beneath the Imperial City. Sneak out of the basement; it's only full of wierd junk, anyway.

2) Find the entrance to the Old Way. It is rumoured to be somewhere in the sewers under the Imperial City.

Exit the Palace and head into the Arboretum District. Head to the steps of the gate to the Arena District and face back into the Arboretum. The sewer entrance is a small manhole just to the right of the path. Enter the dank canalworks and head onwards, through the gate and down the stairs. Open the gate with the wheel on the right-hand wall. Continue, then drop down into the water and turn left, through the small passage. Head up the stairs on your right and take the right-hand tunnel to the next section, 'Beneath the Bloodworks'.

And so it becomes apparent that you are sharing these tunnels with an unsavoury force. Head right past the Necromancer's desk and through the arch-way on the left. Head out onto the bridge and drop down into the room below, then head through the eastern gate and onto another bridge. Down below you'll see a vampire warrior guarding the northern passage. Sneak attack him with a few arrows until he's a vampire no more and drop down into the room. Head through the passage and either sneak past or kill the vampire and skeleton. Head into the room on the north wall and turn the winch, then head back into the canal room and take the now-open conduit to the east. Head up the stairs and through the corridor to a gate which can be opened with the key the Gray Fox gave you. Head down the manhole and into the Palace Sewers.

From the entry, sneak across the bridge and then descend the stairs in the next room. Sneak behind the enemy and take the north-western tunnel into the waterfilled circular room, then take the right passage. Head into the next waterfilled room and take another right. The door to the Old Way is across the canal room and through an ancient wooden door.

3) Inside the Old Way is an entrance to the heart of the Imperial Palace. Two obstacles will require you to use the boots of Springheel Jak.

The Old Way is an undead dungeon. Sneak down the corridor and turn left. Try to sneak around any undead you encounter, though sneak-attack them if this is not possible. Carefully maneouvre around the pressure plate and sneak at the edges of the room, then drop down to the door at the end. Sneaking ends here, unless you feel up to taking on multiple undead enemies at once. This is the part where we run for our lives!

Head through the door into the undead infested area. Head west, dodging blows, until you hit a room with a crumbling opening at the south end. Head through the opening and through another one on the opposite wall. Follow the passage down into the next section, the 'Lost Catacombs'. Here you'll also need to run the gauntlet to survive!

From the entry, run left, turn into the passage, then turn right and continue until you hit a dead-end. Turn right again and keep heading east through the cellar area until you see the last passage on the right. Follow it around until you hit a room, then head inot the passage on the room's eastern wall. Turn left, then continue onwards and take the right-hand passage. Follow it until it opens up into another room, then head down the passage in the room's north-east corner and continue until the passage opens up into a grand Ayleid chamber. The gate at the end is locked, and here is where you'll need the boots of Springheel Jak.

Equip the boots and run up the broken Ayleid stairs, then take a running jump to scale the broken section and land on the raised platform, out of reach of the numerous undead that trail you. Press the button on either side of the platform and pick off your pursuers with arrows or spells. Once the floor below is clear drop down below again and continue down the now-open eastern passage and through the Ayleid door to the 'Hall of Epochs'.

Head up the stairs to the big Ayleid statue, ignoring your enemies for now. You'll get a journal entry telling you that you need to fire the Arrow of Extraction from a certain point to open it. If you don't want to get into combat, lead your enemies back out the exit door of the Hall of Epochs and scale the short flight of stairs. They won't follow you up them, and you can pick them off from afar here. Head back to the central statue in the Hall of Epochs and then travel around the platform, keeping to the southern wall until you hit a 'Hard' gate. Push the button on the left of the balcony, then continue down the stairs to the west. Sneak past the skeleton and turn through the wall opening at the south-east corner of the room. Continue through th door into this new section of the ruins.

Go through the gate on your left and into the large chamber, then head down the stairs at the north-east corner of the room, either running past the undead enemies, sneaking around them or killing them. In the next room take the corridor to the left. In this next chamber press the button at the end, then make your way back to the massive chamber with the big statue. The movable walls have fallen and your path to the pressure plate between the two dark welkynd stones is clear. Deal with any remaining enemies first, either by straight-up combat or by leading them into the section of the ruins where you used the Boots of Sprinheel Jak and shooting them from the stairs.

4) Use the Arrow of Extraction to unlock the final door.

Once you have un-harried access to the pressure plate you'll need to hit the key-hole in the statue with a normal arrow before the game will allow you to try with the Arrow of Extraction. Crouch and aim your crosshairs between the hands of the statue and the bridge of the hilt. Pull back the arrow as much as possible, then fire. Your practice arrow should hit the key-hole, and will know that it has because you'll hear a unique sound. Save your game in-case you miss, then click the Arrow of Extraction to load it. Repeat the process with the Arrow of Extraction loaded. If you miss, don't worry, just load your save. It may also be possible to retrieve it from the ground.

Once the statue is raised descend the short stairs below. Make sure you're sneaking when you enter the Guard Quarters of the Imperial Palace.

5) Inside the Imperial Palace you must find the Imperial Library. On the bottom floor is some sort of viewing room.

Carefully sneak out of the sleeping quarters and take the door out if the dining room. Follow the corridor around to the left until you hit the door to the Imperial Libary. Go through it, then follow the corridor around, staying behind the guard until you hit the door to the library. Enter, then head right until you come up behind a Moth Priest (or an empty chair, depending). Pull the lever behind him, then head back to the door to the Library and continue round the opposide corridor until you come to another open door, just across from where the gate and seat. Inside the door is the viewing room. Inspect the bookshelf for valuables, then sit in the reading chair.

As long as you don't speak the Moth Priests will bring you one of the Elder Scrolls and lay it before you, unaware that you are certainly not Celia Camoran. Once the Moth Priest leaves, take the priceless Elder Scroll. You'll receive a journal entry that the way you entered is blocked. This obviously refers to the Gray Fox's sixth step in the plan:

6) It's highly likely that something will go wrong with this plan. When that happens, you'll just have to get creative.

Sneak up the spiral staircase and around the Moth Priests to exit into the Library Corridor. Sneak around to the left using the shadowy alcoves for cover and ascend to the next level, the 'Moth Priest Quarters'. Follow the corridor around, hiding in the shadows when needed, until you reach the opposite door to the next level, the 'Imperial Battlemage's Quarters' - what is essentially Chancellor Ocato's bedroom.

Follow behind the guard until he stops, and wait in the shadows until he moves on again. Save here, as the sneaking here is difficult. Continue onwards and unlock the door to the central room, then quickly sneak up against the 'Very Hard' door on the right, doing your best to ignore the loot in the various display cases. Wait until the Mage in red exits the room and into the corridor, then head through the door on your left and into the room where Ocato sleeps. The exit to the Old Way is the flue beneath the fire-place. Equip the Boots of Springheel Jak as you're about to fall quite a distance. Be aware that, though it guarantees your survival, the Boots will be destroyed in the process. You might want to save and attempt the fall without the Boots if your character has a sizeable stock-pile of health.

Activate the flue to jump down the chimney chute. You'll land near the exit of the Old Way; this section should be familiar to you. Sneak east and head through the exit and out into the Palace Sewers. From here, back-track out of the sewers and return to Othrelo's house in the Elven Gardens District.

The Gray Fox, overjoyed, will take the Elder Scroll from you. He has one last request: deliver a Wedding Ring to Millona Umbranox of Anvil, and say that it comes only from 'A Stranger'.

Travel to Castle Anvil and give Millona 'The Stranger's Ring'. She recognises it as her husband's, and is amazed, as she hasn't heard from him for ten years. At this point your Master Forger, 'The Stranger', will reveal himself not only as the Gray Fox, but as Corvus Umbranox, former Count of Anvil. He renounces his life of crime and passes the Cowl of Nocturnal to you.

You are now the Gray Fox!

History has been re-written, and there is now a headquarters for the Thieves Guild on the site of Dareloth's Garden. Before you travel there, you should know a few things about Nocturnal's Cowl:

The Cowl raises your Sneak skill by 25 poijnts, bears a Detect Life enchantment and a Feather spell that increases your maximum encumbrance by 200 points. The Cowl gives you an Infamy of 100 and a Bounty of 500, though you can pay this off or halve it by seeing Armande Cristophe or S'krivva. If you get down to zero bounty while wearing the Cowl, the guards will recognise you as a the Gray Fox but can find nothing to arrest you for. Any bounty that is put on your head while wearing the Cowl will be removed when you take it off, essentially meaning that you can remove it whenever you are near guards and thereby be protected from arrest.

To enter the new Guild Headquarters, head to Dareloth's Garden at the Waterfront and go through the door to 'Dareloth's Basement'. Guild members will mingle here throughout the week. Upstairs you'll find a common room, as well as GuildMaster's quarters upstairs. You can make this your home, and a much less lonely home than most: you'll be visited at various times by Armand Cristophe, Fathis Ules, Isleif the Open Handed, Methredhel, Amusei, Carwen and Jair.

In your quarters you'll find several remnants of your time serving the former Gray Fox: The Savilla's Stone, the Lost Histories of Tamriel, the tax records from "Untaxing the Poor" and the orders reassigning Heironymous Lex to Anvil from "Taking Care of Lex": together forming a nice little time-line of your ascendancy in the Thieves Guild.

The fate of the stolen Elder Scroll is indeterminate. However, there's nothing to stop you filling your quarters with many more priceless and unique stolen items.

After all, you are the greatest thief in Cyrodiil. Prove it!



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