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    Shivering Isles, PS3 Oblivion, Construction Set v1.2.
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    Knights of the Nine -- The Faithful Squire, The Sword of the Crusader, The Blessing of Talos, Umaril the Unfeathered.
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    An interview with APY, webmaster of Planet Elder Scrolls.
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And lots of it. Shivering Isles has been released for Windows and XBOX360. The PS3 version of Oblivion is out, and version 1.2 of the Construction Set has been released.

Unfortunately, I don't have Shivering Isles yet, but I'll be buying it next week and should have lots of new content ready for Issue 7. In the mean time, you can read a whole bunch of Shivering Isles reviews. The average score so far seems to be around 8.5 - not bad at all.

The PS3 version of Oblivion is also receiving rave reviews which generally mirror those given to the XBOX360 and PC version of the game. It's good to see that PS3 users certainly aren't being given an inferior product.

Modders should be drooling over the updated Construction Set. You can download it here.

Screenshot of the Week - Sheogorath


Knights of the Nine -- The Faithful Squire
Now that you've collected all the Crusader's Relics that the ghosts of the Nine knew about, return to the Priory. You'll find that your followers have gotten rid of the cobwebs, furnished the place, and made themselves at home. Lathon approaches you bearing both good news and bad news.

The good news: he has the Greaves of the Crusader, and he gives them to you.
The bad news: he retrieved them from the body of Sir Roderic, after he had been slain by the wraith of Sir Berich Vlindrel. The wraith now has the Sword of the Crusader, which you must reclaim.

Lathon was Sir Roderic's squire and is eager to avenge his death. If you accept his offer to join the order he'll accompany you to Underpall Cave. If you decline, he'll join you later. I recommend accepting him now, as he's relatively useful in Underpall.

You need to travel to Underpall cave and recover the Sword of the Crusader from Lord Berich's wraith. The sword was desecrated in the act of slaying Sir Roderic, and you'll also need to find a way to consecrate it.

Make sure you bring some potions of healing and sorcery with you on this one, as Underpall is big and relatively tough. Arriving will trigger the next quest.

Knights of the Nine -- The Sword of the Crusader
I did make a map of this complex but it seems as if FRAPS had somehow switched itself off and I was pressing the screenshot button to no affect. Technology, eh?

Make this your active quest and follow your map marker to the buried fort door. What kind of dungeon is this? An undead dungeon. You might notice the Skeletal archers patrolling the top of the cliff.

Head through the door and into the new tomb area. You want to follow your map marker to the Underpall Reflecting Chamber. There are other large areas to this dungeon, but they lead back to this room, and there really isn't that much loot to be collected. It's up to you whether you explore them or not.

"I didn't do it."

Once inside the Reflecting Chamber you can take one of two routes to reach the Wraith's chamber. The left will lead you to Sir Roderic's body, which you can plunder for levelled heavy armor. The right is devoid of enemies.

The next big area is the boss room. It's an impressive, semi-submerged cavern, and it's so big that you can't even see the other end. You probably won't be looking, though, as you'll see the Wraith of Sir Berich Vlindrel floating around the place. It's a tough fight, and I can't suggest too many tactics, other than to use fire damage when you can. I was able to keep Lathon alive until this point, but he didn't survive the battle.

You'll find the Sword dropped by the Wraith when it is destroyed. You can pick it up, though equipping it before its been consecrated will inflict you with Lord Vlindrel's Curse. The curse bears some very nasty effects and can only be removed when the sword is consecrated. My advice: don't equip it.

Rather, take the sword post-haste to the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal.

You arrive just as Umaril's followers, the Aurorans, are launching an attack on the Chapel. Exterminate them and pray at the Altar of the Nine. The sword is purified, and you have now collected all the Crusader's Relics. Your journal tells you to return to the Priory and consult with your Knights about the next step in the battle.

Knights of the Nine -- The Blessing of Talos
This quest is short - not really a quest at all, but a stage in the story. Upon arrival at the Priory you'll be told by Sir Thedret that the Prophet (the one from Anvil, right at the beginning of the storyline) is in the Chapel, preaching to your new Knights. Enter the Chapel and you'll see some new faces. You can accept them into your order, if you like.

Speak to the Prophet and you'll be given the 9th Crusader's Relic, the one Pelinal Whitestrake never received: the Blessing of Talos. Casting this will allow you to travel to the Spirit realm when Umaril is dead, to kill him once and for all.

You'll be told that your final confrontation with Umaril will take place in Garlas Malatar, an old Ayleid ruin on the coast near Anvil. Your Knights run off to assemble there. You can follow them when you're ready for the last stage of the quest-line.

Knights of the Nine -- Umaril the Unfeathered
When you arrive at Garlas Malatar you'll see your Knights arrayed around the entrance. You can tell them to attack or wait: either way, they'll follow you when you enter the ruins. Deal with the first bunch of Aurorans in the external grounds and proceed inside.

In the first room, take the time to kill of all the Aurorans present before activating the switch on the left dias. This will open three more gates and provoke another wave of attacks. Heading through the gate on the bottom level is the most direct route to Umaril, though you can take time to explore if you like.

Enter the Galas Malatar Ceysel area until you hit a passage with two locked gates. Hit the switch between them to open up the next area. You'll be faced with a large chamber, a dark orb in the center, and a whole bunch of Aurorans around the place. The power of the Orb means that that Aurorans are invincible in this room while it exists. Your best tactic is to let your Knights fight the Aurorans while you head to the Orb. To get to it, follow the path on your right, ascend the stairs, and head onwards to the Orb. Activate it and you'll experience an effect similar to when you take a Sigil stone. The room will fill up with white light and the Orb will explode into pieces which are then suspended in the air as time stops. This is a pretty awesome effect.

The Aurorans and your Knights disappear. Ayleid energy fills the chamber. You can now explore the area, taking loot from chests and so on. To continue, head down the path west of the orb and hit the switch. You'll now be able to access the final boss area. Oooh.

Continue onwards until you reach a large room with a throne at the head and a shallow pool in the center. This is Umaril's throne room.

The arch behind you will be blocked by energy. Stairs will rise up, and Umaril approaches.

At the end of your first battle, make sure to take his sword. When you've healed up and are ready to enter battle number two, cast the Blessing of Talos. You'll be transported to the Spirit realm.

The realm is quite cool. It's a starry area, seemingly suspended in space. There are no solid objects, just you and Umaril. You can defeat him again. Upon doing so, the ground falls away. Try to grab the sword again as he falls. Cool effect, no?

You will fall, and fall, and then be transported to the basement of your Priory. Sir Amiel will congradulate you on your achievements and eight of the nine knights will disappear, now together once again. Berich will remain, and you can speak to him about how destroying his Wraith purified his soul and allowed him to join the Knights again. That's sweet.

Praying at the tomb of each Knight will give you a +5 temporary Attribute bonus to a certain attribute, depending on the tomb you pray at. You can only have one bonus active at a time. You can also display the Crusader's Relics on the armor stand at the back of the tomb, if you no longer wish to wear them.

And that's all there is. You can continue to live in the Priory with your followers, visit them occasionally, or forget about them. You can continue to live a blessed life, furthering the cause of good and smiting evil, or you can stray from the path. The rest is up to you.

Stop by next week for some of the most comprehensive Shivering Isles quest guides you'll find.

An interview with APY,
Planet Elder Scrolls Webmaster.

Could you introduce yourself?
Well, to start with, my name is Abram, but in the Elder Scrolls community I go by the nickname of APY. I have been webmaster of Planet Elder Scrolls since early 2004 (back when it was still called Morrowind Summit). After starting out with organizing the mod database and adding new entries, later that year I took over the webmaster position when Dalin left to concentrate on his job at Bethesda Softworks. Since then many things have happened to the site, both good and bad. It has evolved into the (at first) unfamiliar but now pretty well-known and mature Planet Elder Scrolls. Oh, and I am now planning to take over the world :)

Now, for the biographical part. I live in the Netherlands, Europe, in a quiet town near Leiden. In daily life I’m a student of English literature at Leiden University. Luckily, this doesn’t involve lots of work or studying, so there’s plenty of time left to spend on my hobbies, most notably PC gaming. The game I have spent most time on over the years is Morrowind, but a significant chunk of my spare time has been invested in other games like Unreal Tournament (both the classic version and the 2004 edition – also can’t wait for the new version!) and, more recently, Guild Wars.

How and when did you first discover the Elder Scrolls games?
I’m a relatively new Elder Scrolls gamer – only got into the series just after Tribunal came out, I recall getting Morrowind and Tribunal at the same time. I still remember the expression that was stuck on my face for weeks after first playing it – “wow :o”. Having just got a new fancy PC with all that pixelshading business, Morrowind just looked so impressive on it, I was immediately hooked. Since Morrowind I have played all PC Elder Scrolls games. Sounds more impressive than it is, just means Morrowind and Oblivion, and the expansions :) And I’ll probably also keep on playing Elder Scrolls games until the day Bethesda goes bankrupt, my PC collapses or my brain can’t handle it anymore.

However, a confession has to be made: I am not as much into the Elder Scrolls lore and stories as you might expect. While I did play Morrowind a lot, I have never gotten into the whole background Elder Scrolls lore thing. Oblivion also hasn’t really turned out to be the “Morrowind with upgraded graphics” I’d hoped it to be (to put it simply), so not much experience there either. Still, I love the series, and I have high hopes for Oblivion’s Shivering Isles expansion. Hope this little confession doesn’t affect my credibility ;)

Which is your favourite Elder Scrolls game and why?
Having only played Morrowind and Oblivion, there’s not much to choose from. For me it’s an obvious choice though, my favorite Elder Scrolls game is Morrowind. From the moment I first started that game I just had to keep on playing…the atmosphere, the humour, the graphics, everything was great! I also enjoyed the large amount of mods people started to develop (that’s how I actually ended up at Morrowind Summit). I’ve played it through two or three times, discovering new things every time. I loved these creepy places in the game, like the Sixth House caves, or the Urshilaku Burial Caverns. I think those are my favourite locations in the game. Although, now that I think about it, the Grazelands were also very nice. Perhaps a little bit too boring for most people, but at least they were quiet and far away from the Ashlands :)

The Tribunal expansion was a great deal of fun as well – except that guy Gaenor, I ended up avoiding him until I saved up enough money to buy one hundred health potions. Needed almost all of them :| Apart from that, playing Tribunal really was a treat. Bloodmoon I’ve never really gotten into, unfortunately. I don’t really know why, as it did add a really interesting quest line and great new items. Around that time, I guess, Morrowind lost its appeal for me – having done almost everything in the game over and over, it got a bit annoying. I still occasionally start the game to play a few quests, but it never manages to grab my attention anymore for 24 hours straight as it used to do.

How much effort goes into maintaining Planet Elder Scrolls?
You’d be surprised how many things need to be done to keep a site like Planet Elder Scrolls up and running. Luckily, quite some people offered to help on the site with tasks like looking for Elder Scrolls news, checking the uploaded content, moderating feedback, etcetera. We’re really a team, I cannot possibly run this site by myself alone. We’re also very grateful to the people who keep submitting content to our site! Even when sometimes our submission system doesn’t work perfectly or when I mess up my e-mails again, you people keep up with us and keep supporting us. That really helps a lot,

What is your favourite aspect of being in the TES community?
This is similar to the thing I mentioned in the previous question: community content. The thing I love about the Elder Scrolls community is people’s willingness to make great mods for each other, to help other people out. In my time on the official Elder Scrolls forums, and on our own forums, I have really encountered the kindest people and responses, which I haven’t seen in any other site or community I’ve been in.

Unfortunately, these days my personal community participation largely consists of e-mailing: since I started studying literature, my spare time decreased and thus my contributions to the official and our own forums have been reduced to (almost) zero. I still have a great time in Elder Scrolls chatrooms and I love it when people e-mail me, but more community time than that I haven’t had for a while.

Thanks for your time, APY.


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