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I now have the Shivering Isles expansion pack. This may not be the most important news in the Elder Scrolls community, but it does have an effect on this site. In the coming weeks you'll be getting a lot of quality SI content. I believe the walkthroughs I've been writing will be some of the most detailed on the net, so stick around!

New interviews - RPGVault talks to the Shivering Isles team about their favourite enemies, favourite places, most memorable thing and what stood out the most in the areas of Mania and Dementia.

New reviews - GameZone, GameWorld Network, GamePro, GamerZines, PAL Gaming Network, Extreme Gamer have all posted reviews of Shivering Isles. The Globe and Mail, PSX Extreme, PGNx, Geek.com have posted their reviews of Oblivion for PS3.

In other news, the official site is now hosting 6 new Shivering Isles screenshots, 23 new PS3 Screenshots and three new SI wallpapers.

Screenshot of the Week - Welcome.

First impressions of the Shivering Isles

The environment - Very different to both Morrowind and Cyrodiil but much more in the high-fantasy style that I like. I want environments to be unfamiliar, containing things I've never seen before. I've really enjoyed wandering through the swamps of Dementia. No wonder the people are crazy - there are monsters everywhere! I haven't even visited Mania yet. The land is much smaller than Cyrodiil but it certainly seems chock full of detail.

The city - New Sheoth, with its Bliss and Crucible sectors, seemed much smaller than I was expecting. The designers have done a great job at making the Mania and Dementia design styles very distinct from each-other, and every NPC seems to have a quest to offer. That said, there were not enough shops available, and the designers could have made them more quirky than they were.

The monsters - after many hours roaming around Cyrodiil I've fought and defeated every kind of monster the game had to throw at me. Facing Gnarls, Grummites, Skalons and Balliwogs has been really refreshing, and I'm very impressed with their combat animations.

The NPCs - Forget dialog, the thing that most pleases me is that, while many of the old voice actors have been recycled, they've at least made an effort to make each character sound unique. Why couldn't this have been done in Cyrodiil? The dialog has been kooky, though I've not found it funny enough to laugh out loud yet. I would have preferred deeper, more detailed characters, but perhaps that's just a quirk of mine.

The dungeons - So far I've only explored one style of ruin, that of Xeddefen and Xedilian. I'm really glad the developers decided not to recycle any design elements from Cyrodiil, and build something from scratch. The ruins have an almost alien feel. One thing that has been missing so far is traps, though I'm sure they'll be revealed later. I'm sure there's a number of different ruin styles I've yet to experience, including one I walked past and didn't enter that looked to be a giant spider burrow!

The storyline - I'm still not quite clear what it is, but the quests have been fun so far, and a nice change from the 'go into dungeon, retrieve thing' quests that were common in Cyrodiil. It's also interesting to see that there is not always a 'good' choice available. In the Shivering Isles you're forced to get your hands dirty.


Shivering Isles - A Door on Nibben Bay

Several days after you install the expansion you'll receive a journal entry alerting you to a floating Island in the middle of the Nibben bay. The island will be marked on your map, and you can proceed there at your leisure when you're ready to explore this new realm.

Swim across the water to the island. On it is a portal, a guard and a Khajiit who is clearly not all there, as well as some strange flora and fauna, clearly a spill-over from the lands inside, as they've not been seen before in Cyrodiil.

Talk to the guard, who says the portal is making noises and that 'another one' must be coming through...

A very Morrowind-looking Dunmer will emerge from the portal, cowering on the ground, clearly in the grips of psychosis. The Dunmer and guard fight a prolonged battle. The guard wins. You can claim some new, if poor, clothes from his corpse, if you want to fit in with the inhabitants if this new area.

The guard warns you that those who go in come out “changed”.

Entering the portal will take you to an area called ‘The Fringe’. You’ll arrive inside a waiting room. A man named Haskill sits at a desk, urging you to sit.

The conversation goes something like this:

Haskill: “Yes, you have entered and now you are here. Amazing – truly.”

Player Character: “Who are you?”

H: ”I am Haskill, Chamberlain to the Lord Sheogorath.”

PC: “What is this place?”

H: ”You approached the Shivering Isles. Through the door behind me lies the realm of Sheogorath. Prince of Madness. Lord of the Never-there.”

PC: “Why did that door appear in Cyrodiil?”

H: “Because my Lord wills it to be so. It poses no danger to Mundus; no compact has been violated. It is a doorway, an invitation. Perhaps you will accept it for what it is.”

PC: “What do you want with me?”

H: "For you? I do not know. My Lord seeks a mortal to act as his champion; as for his intent, an attempt to fathom it is a foolish venture. His will is his own, his reality follows suite. You are here because you chose to enter. You were not summoned.”

PC: “And the people outside?”

H: “They entered this realm and were ill-prepared. Their minds are now the property of my lord.”

PC: “How can they be cured?”

H: “Cured? You speak as if they are diseased. They live now in another state of being. Perhaps it is you who needs a cure.”

PC: ”What happens now?”

H: “You do as you will. You may leave the way you entered. Your life will be none the worse for your time spent here. Or you may continue onwards, and pass through the gates of Madness. Perhaps my lord Sheogorath will find a use for you?”

PC: “And if I go through the door?”

H: “Who is to say? There are always choices to be made. The realm of madness is no different in that regard. Speak with me again when you have made up your mind. The anticipation is almost too much to bear…”

Tell Haskill you want to pass through the gates of Madness. He warns you to mind the Gatekeeper as he rises from his chair and leaves. In a few moments, the walls disperse in an explosion of colourful butterflies, revealing a beautiful view of the Shivering Isles.

Shivering Isles - Through the Fringe of Madness

‘I have entered the Shivering Isles. In order to find the lord of this Realm, I must first pass through the Gates of Madness.’

Follow the winding path onwards. You’ll pass by the ruins of Xeddefen, then on to Passwall.

Once inside the strange town, you’ll see a Redguard named Shelden and a Dunmer named Felas Serandas having a conversation. Speak to Shelden to learn that the keys to the Gate through to the lands of Mania and Dementia are sewn into the Gatekeeper's body, meaning he must be killed in order to pass through. Follow them up the hill to watch a group of adventurers chewed up and spat out by the Gatekeeper. The lead adventurer, who’ll be wearing levelled armor, retreats.

‘The formidable Gatekeeper has destroyed a party of adventurers. I should talk to the residents of Passwall before trying to deal with this creature.’

On the way back into town you’ll encounter Jayred Ice-Veins, whose conversation opener is: “Have you ever wondered why things look better without their skin on?” I can’t say I have. Ask about the Gatekeeper: he wants to kill him too. “If you’re any good with a lockpick, we can help each other out. We can get into the Gardens of Flesh and Bone.” Ask him about the Gardens. “The best way to kill something is with the bones of its own. I can see the bones of a dead Gatekeeper in the gardens.” His plan is to collect the bones, make arrows out of them, and kill the Gatekeeper. Sounds a little crazy, but then again, so does everyone around here… Tell him you’ll help him out later on. For now, we’ve got some more exploring to do.

Head back into the Passwall town-centre and enter the Wastrel’s Purse. Talk to the innkeeper, Dredhwen, about the Gatekeeper. “He kills everyone who goes near. Everyone, except Relmyna Verenim…”. This begs the question: what is protecting her, and how can I get it? She’s upstairs. Before you head up, you can stop to peruse Dredhen’s selection of ingredients. You’ll discover quite a few new ones, such as ‘Smoked Baliwog Leg’, which can be combined with normal Cyrodiilic ingredients to create potions.

Relmyna Verenim is staying in the second room upstairs. You might notice the rotting, dismantled corpse in the corner. On her desk lies a ‘Letter to Sheogorath’. She writes as if she is in love with the Lord of Madness, though whether that love is reciprocated remains to be seen. One paragraph stands out: ‘Our child continues to destroy those pesky adventurers who come seeking treasure and glory.’ She references visiting ‘our child’ (the Gatekeeper) every night around midnight, but finds herself crying when she does so. And, it seems as if her tears are like poison to the Gatekeeper. How to extract Relmyna’s tears? Your journal tells you to watch the Gatekeeper at midnight, so perhaps this will yield an opportunity.

Talking to Relmyna will reveal that the ‘Garden of Flesh and Bone’ is where the Gatekeeper was created, and where other failed attempts rest. This confirms Jayred Ice-Veins hunch about the gardens.

You can also discover this information from Relmyna’s apprentice, Nanette Don, who can be found inside her home or wandering around Passwall. If you raise her disposition to 70 and ask about the Gatekeeper, you’ll learn that Relmyna’s tears hurt him, and that she visits him every midnight. Your journal will tell you once again that you should observe their meeting.

‘I should find Relmyna at midnight, and spy on her visit with the Gatekeeper. I can also tell Jayred I’m ready to go to the Gardens of Flesh and bone.’

Jayred will either be waiting near the Gatekeeper or in his house. Find him when you’re ready to travel to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. When you see him, tell him that you’re ready to depart. He’ll give you a lockpick, though it’s the only one he’s got. Perhaps you’ve got a few of your own.

Follow Jayred on the stone path until you reached the walled ‘Gardens of Flesh and Bone’. The gate is locked, though it’s easy. You’ll see the decayed corpse of a failed Gatekeeper in the center of the yard, though you’ll need to defeat a few undead Shambles before you’ll have free access to it.

Once the enemies are defeated you’ll receive a journal update and Jayred will tell you he’s going to start work on fashioning the arrows you need. There is a door into the next section of the Gardens, but it cannot be accessed without a key: one that you don’t have yet. Jayred retreats to his house (on the south side of Passwall) to work on the arrows.

‘Jayred has collected bone fragments from a skeleton of what appears to be another Gatekeeper. I should see Jayred in a few hours to retrieve the arrows made from these fragments. I can also find Ralmyna at midnight, and spy on her visit with the Gatekeeper.’

The journal suggests a good use of your time while you wait for Jayred to fashion the arrows. Follow the path back to Passwall and up to where the Gatekeeper patrols.

Wait until just before midnight. Soon, Ralmyna will approach to visit her ‘son’. She speaks to him for a bit, then begins to cry. He offers her a hug (which is something of a funny sight) but she backs away, not wanting him to be burnt by her tears. You receive a journal entry:

‘The sorceress has dropped a handkerchief full of her tears, which apparently can hurt the Gatekeeper. I should get that handkerchief. I can also find Jayred to get the arrows made from dead Gatekeeper bones, once he is done making them.’

Be careful retrieving the handkerchief, as straying too close to the Gatekeeper will force him to attack. If it does so, retreat down the stairs and back into Passwall. He will not follow you once you have left the stairs. You’ll find you have three doses of Relmyna’s tears in your inventory.

When you activate the handkerchief you’ll receive another journal entry:

‘I’ve squeezed the handkerchief full of the Sorceress’ tears into a bottle. This may act as a poison to the Gatekeeper. I have a limited number of doses so I will need to be careful using them. I can also find Jayred to get the arrows made from dead Gatekeeper ones, once he is done making them.’

By this time, Jayred will most likely have finished fashioning the arrows. Head to his house and enter, then ask him about the bone arrows he has made. He will give you twenty ‘Gatekeeper Bone Arrows’, and keep a few for himself. You can choose to fight the Gatekeeper immediately, or wait until a better time.

As you can probably guess, the tears should be applied to an arrow and shot into the Gatekeeper. As you only have three doses, it would be a good idea to only shoot at point blank range. If you don’t have a bow, you can buy one from the innkeeper at the Wastrel’s Purse. Click on Relmyna’s tears and you’ll be asked if you want to poison the next shot from your bow. Do so when you’re ready to use a dose on the Gatekeeper.

Each dose will give you three shots. Take Jayred to the Gatekeeper and enter the stone-tiled area to begin the battle. You will find shooting him with the poisoned arrows much more effective than any other method of attack, so stick to them. It should take 5-6 poisoned shots to fell him. His attacks are very powerful, however, so make sure to keep your distance. If you run into difficulty, leave via the steps and the battle will end.

When the Gatekeeper has fallen you’ll receive a journal entry:

‘The Gatekeeper is dead. I should retrieve the keys to the Gates of Madness from the Gatekeeper’s corpse.’

Jayred will congratulate you. He will also, kindly, give you the honor of removing the keys from his corpse. Thanks!... You can remove the Gatekeeper bone arrows you used from where they stick in his corpse, and you can take two strange purple keys: a key to ‘Dementia’ and a key to ‘Mania’.

‘I have both the Key to Mania and the Key to Dementia. I can go through either door of the Gates of Madness.’

You’ll find Haskill is now wandering around Passwall. He congradulates you on defeating the Gatekeeper, though his enthusiasm is certainly not palpable. He says you’re free to travel to either Mania or Dementia, but you should seek out Sheogorath, as he may have use for you. You’ll find him in New Sheoth, in his palace, and you should speak to him soon: he has plans for you, and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

Ask him about Dementia and you’ll learn that it represents the darker side of the land’s citizens. Mania, on the other hand, is bright, colorful, and vibrant: so are its inhabitants. This does not mean that they are not just as dangerous as those in Dementia. Ask him about New Sheoth to learn that it is the capital of the Shivering Isles, and divided into Bliss, Crucible, and the Palace district.

When you’re ready to leave Passwall, head back to where the Gatekeeper used to roam. The right-hand passage leads to Dementia, while the left leads to Mania. As you step through one, Jayred will follow, though he will run past you and into the unknown. Perhaps you will encounter him again later on?

You can go through both gates to see which area you prefer: simply head back into Passwall and go through the parrallel passage. Which one you choose is up to you, as you’re able to reach New Sheoth from both realms. When you’re ready to embark on the next stage of the Shivering Isles quest line, head to the entry to Crucible in the Ises’ capital city. You’ll find it appears as a Map Marker on your map, though you’re unable to fast travel there immediately. Clearly, the developers want you to get acquainted with your new playground. The Low Road is your most direct route and will take you through Dementia, though you could cut cross country, over the Hill of Suicides, if you’re feeling adventurous. Good luck!

At the entry to Crucible you’ll encounter your first ‘Dark Seducer’. They make a nice change from the generic guards of Cyrodiil’s major cities, don’t you think? Head through the huge gates into Crucible.

The city looks unlike anything you’ve seen in Cyrodiil. The architecture is dark but elegant, the trees are dead and twist towards the sky. You can rest your legs in a room at Sickly Bernice’s Taphouse, or sell your loot ‘Things Found’. Ha.

When you’re ready, head up the steps to the Palace Grounds on the northeastern side of Crucible.

Once inside the palace grounds head across the lawn to the double doors guarded by a Golden Saint and a Dark Seducer. Enter Sheogorath’s Palace. You might have thought there’d be some barriers to meeting the God himself, but apparently not. You step right into his audience chambers. Haskill is at hand, seemingly conversing with his master.

Shivering Isles - A Better Moustrap

Speak with the Daedric Prince. He starts with: "Daedra are the embodiment of change; change and permanency. I'm no different, except in the ways that I am. The Greymarch is coming, and you’re going to stop it.”

PC: “Greymarch?”

S: “The details aren’t important – at least, not right now. Eternity is on a rather tight deadline. We’ll get back to that later.”

PC: “What now?”

S: "Now? You run an errand for me, an important one. Of course, anything I tell you to do is important. My realm, my rules. You’re going to Xedilian, one of my very favourite places in the isles. It’s a place I use to take care of my unwelcome visitors. And some are more unwelcome than others.”

PC: “Why Xedilian?”

S: "The Gatekeeper takes care of most of the unwanted visitors, but he’s dead. We’ll have to remedy that soon as well. Anyway, there are those that have other ways into my realm, and they’re on the move. We don’t want them here, trust me. Soon you’re going to get Xedilian up and running. You can always get more details from Haskill, he’s a detail oriented person, and a snappy dresser. Now get going before I change my mind, or my mind changes me.”

During the conversation, Sheogorath will gift you with Charity of Madness, an amulet with resist fire, frost and shock effects.

Talk to Haskill for clearer instructions. You’ll receive a journal entry outlining your task.

‘I’ve learned that in order to restore Xedilian, I must activate the Resonator of Judgment. To do so, I will need to findthree Focus Crystals and place them each in a Judgement Nexus, which will prepare the Resonator for attunement. I should proceed to Xedilian now and begin my search.’

Make your way to Xedilian. On the following map, b = button, x = loot container/loot, F = focus crystal. The focus crystal marker is actually placed over the Judgment Nexus, but the crystal is always located on a Grummite Mage in the same chamber as the Nexus. Once inside you’ll receive a journal entry.

‘I’ve entered Xedilian. I should now begin locating the Focus Crystals that link the Resonator of Judgment with the rest of the dungeon.’

When you kill the first Grummite Mage you'll recieve a journal entry stating: ‘I’ve discovered the first of the three Focus Crystals. It was affixed to the top of a Grummite Shaman’s Crystal Staff. I think they are using the crystals as a power source for their weapons. Now that I’ve removed it from the staff, I should place the Focus Crystal in its Judgement Nexus to continue.’

Activate the Judgment Nexus to place the crystal in its socket. Follow the blue line through the level, collect the two Focus Crystals and place them in their Judgment Nexus. Continue until you reach the door to the Halls of Judgment.

You enter the Halls of Judgment through the door at the bottom of the map. Head to the next Judgment Nexus chamber and kill the Mage there, then place the crystal in the Nexus. You've now collected all the crystals and placed them in the correct place. You need to make your way to the Resonator of Judgment and attune it with the crystals. Follow the blue line into the Resonator chamber. The Resonator appears as a large cluster of crystals. Activate it to strike it with the Attenuator of Judgment. Xedilian's power source will spring to life, and the gate on your right will open, revealing a teleportation pad. Activate the pad to move to the next stage of the quest.

The chamber you enter is warmly lit and inhabited by a lone friendly figure: Kiliban Nyrandil. He greets you. “Welcome to Xedilian. I’m the dungeon caretaker.”

PC: “Tell me about this place.”

KN: "A wonder of engineering, is it not? Xedilian is the ultimate test of mettle for the foolhardy adventurer that dares trespass into the Shivering Isles. What they don’t know is that they’re being drawn into their doom, courtesy of the Resonator of Judgment.”

PC: “Interesting. Tell me more.”

The Shivering Isles - Baiting the Trap

KN: "Ever since that wretched Gatekeeper was made, Xedilian become redundant. It fell into disrepair, and was vertually forgotten. After a few years the Grummites began moving in. They mistook the focus crystals for some sort of religious symbols, removing them from their respective Judgment Nexus. This rendered the resonator intert.” He tells you that the sound of the Resonator has already drawn a group of adventurers into Xedilian, and that, unfortunately, the newly sentient dungeon will not let you leave until you mete out a nasty fate to the intruders. "Xedilian will keep you here untul the adventurers are dealt with," he says.

Your to "let the adventurers complete a cycle through Xedilian." Kiliban presumes Sheogorath gave you the Manual of Xedilian. You can consult it, or he can provide instructions.

Read through the Manual of Xedilian to learn that it is a sort of oversized torture chamber for adventurers. In three separate rooms the user can choose either a Manic Result or a Demented Result. Read to see which choice sounds most appealing or amusing, because you’re going to have to choose one. The Resonator has sounded its call, and it has already been answered by several poor souls. There is no ‘good’ choice here.

Talk to Kiliban about the Chamber to hear what your choices are for this room. Talk to him about Instructions to learn what you must do. You’ll learn that you can kill the adventurers, or send them crazy. If you send them crazy, they’ll be granted a spot as a permanent resident of the Shivering Isles. It seems like Xedilian is a kind of ‘immigration test’. Sheogorath will only tolerate the truly crazy in the Shivering Isles. This is one way of making people fit in. You will get to claim their equipment regardless of which choice you make.

Head to the balcony. You’ll see a grinning button and a snarling button. The Grin represents the Manic choice, the Snarl the Demented choice. Three adventurers file into the room, surrounding the Gnarl. Make your choice when you hear the ‘thunk’ sound.

Chamber of the Gnarl

Demented Choice – ‘I’ve unleashed the Gnarl swarm on the adenturers in Xedilian. Unable to survive their onslaught, Lewin the Rogue has been slain. I should make my way to the next observation room and choose how the adventurers will encounter their next obstacle.’

Manic Choice – ‘I’ve unleashed the Giant Gnarl on the adventurers in Xedilian. With the threat of what he perceived as certain death knocking at his door, Lewin the Rogue has gone insane. I should make my way to the next observation room and choose how the adventurers will encounter their next obstacle.’

Kiliban opens the gate to the next teleport pad.

Chamber of Avarice

Manic Choice – ‘I’ve caused Syndelius the Mage to go insane by pouring hundreds of keys on the ground which convinced him that one of them opened the gate to the huge treasure pile. All that remains now is the leader of the group, Grommok. I should make my way to the last observation room and choose how the stubborn orc will encounter his final obstacle.’

Demented Choice – ‘Using a huge pile of treasure as bait, I lured the two remaining adventurers into a fire trap. Syndelius the Mage didn’t survive the blast, leaving only their leader, Grommok. I should make my way to the last observation room and choose how the stubborn Orc will encounter his final obstacle.’

Kiliban opens the gate to the next teleport pad.

Chamber of Anathema

Manic Choice – ‘By making Grommok think that he actually died and became a ghost, I’ve driven him insane. Now that all of the adventurers havef been dealt with, I should speak to Kiliban.

Demented Choice – ‘I’ve caused the death of the remaining Orc adventurer, Grommok, by animating the zombies in the final room of Xedilian. Now that all the adventurers have been dealt with, I should speak to Kiliban.’

He seems pleased with your work. “You’ve made short work of the intruders. Sheogorath should be proud to have such an efficient apprentice.” He asks you to step on to the last teleportation pad, so that you may claim your earnings. Your reward is the same regardless of which tortures you chose.

You are to be rewarded with a focus crystal, which will be displayed in Sheogorath's throne room. In addition, a strange weapon was recovered from the Orc warrior, Grommok. You might find out more about it in the journal found on his body. The sword is Duskfang or Dawnfang, depending on whether it is the morning or evening. It does Frost damage when Duskfang, and fire damage when Dawnfang. It also has the power to ‘Nourish Blade on Strike’. Sounds interesting!

Before you leave, collect some neat loot from the large chest on the other side of the room. Head to the exit – but before opening the gate you’ll notice three strange beings on the other side. They’re hostile. Open the gate to let them in. If you need help fighting the ‘Knights of Order’ head back to where Kiliban is. He’s an essential character and therefore can’t be killed.

‘Before exiting Xedilian, I was attacked by thee unusual beings in equally strange armor. I should ask Kiliban if he knows anything about them.’

“They are soulless abominations known as the Knights of Order," he says. "You must proceed to Sheogorath at once and tell him the Knights have returned.”

Next week, we break the bad news to Sheogorath, and hope he doesn't turn our intestines into a skipping rope.

An interview with Dave Humphrey, creator of the UESP.

Could you introduce yourself?
I'm Dave Humphrey, founder and administrator of the Unofficial Elder
Scrolls Pages (www.uesp.net) which has grown over the years into,
what I would like to think, as one of the most exhaustive sources of
knowledge on all the Elder Scrolls games by Bethesda. In real life
I'm 33 and currently work in Toronto (Canada) as an engineer.

How and when did you first discover the Elder Scrolls games?
I was first introduced to Arena in University by a friend who just
had to show me this great new RPG he got. I can still remember the
scene today: He's walking in town at night with snow lightly falling
around him. While Arena's graphics pale to those of Oblivion at the
time it was just jaw dropping. Some time later I was in a small
computer shop who happened to have one copy of Arena on their shelf
and it all went downhill from their.

What was the reason behind deciding to create the UESP?
After playing and falling in love with Arena I started looking around
the Internet, which at the time (1993-94) was primarily newsgroups. I
heard about the sequel to Arena, Daggerfall, being in development and
decided to start a text FAQ about it. The FAQ quickly grew in size
and was joined by two other editors to collect information and write
about it. During this time the web started to become popular and the
FAQ was turned into a simple web page. One of the editors suggested
to expand the page from just a FAQ to a general Elder Scrolls site. I
came up with the name and the UESP was born.

What is the most rewarding aspect of maintaining the site?
There are several rewarding aspects: Meeting people who I wouldn't
have ordinarily and who enjoy the Elder Scrolls is great and I have
made numerous friends over the years. Being involved a game series
and its development, even if indirectly, is also a lot of fun. I
think the best part, though, is helping to create a resource that
allows people to enjoy the games more, share their experiences and
promote the game to new people.

What is the best thing about being part of the Elder Scrolls community?
Being involved, even if only in part, with other great and talented
people who love the game and have contributed some great things to
the series. From all the unofficial Daggerfall editors and mods to
the numerous Morrowind and Oblivion plugins. I can only imagine what
sort of things are in the future of the Elder Scrolls series and hope
to continue to be a part of it.


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