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  • Bug Fixer
    Bruma Gate and the Antipodean Hammer fixes.
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Bethesda have released updated patches for all language versions of Shivering Isles. Download the patches here. An Xbox 360 update for Shivering Isles is now available for download from Xbox Live. Bethesda have also released an updated patch for Oblivion for the English US version only. Read the full patch notes here and download the patch here.


Shivering Isles Main Quest

Retaking the Fringe

Angry over Thadon’s replacement as the Duke of Mania, Syl has betrayed Sheogorath and joined with the forces of Order. According to Syl, Order has already taken the Fringe. I should travel to the Fringe and investigate her claims.

If you look at the quest marker on your map you’ll see that it points to the Gates of Madness. The fast travel locations within the Fringe have been removed. Head to the Gates and through the dark tunnel back into the Fringe.

You’ll notice immediately that all colour and life has been sucked out of the place, and grey crystals line the pathways. You’ll receive a journal entry:

I’ve arrived in the Fringe to find that it has been completely conquered by the forces of Order. Passwall may have been attacked. I should take a closer look.

As you make your way down the path to the town center, everything is quiet. The ruined tower which stands at the center of passwall, once solemn and silent, now burns with a bright flame. As you reach the town center, a skirmish begins between Golden Saints and the Knights of Order – or Dark Seducers, if you’re the Duke of Dementia. The forces you’ll work with for this quest differ depending on which side of the Isles you rule. I’ll write the walkthrough from the perspective of the Duke of Mania, because that’s how I played it. Substitute Golden Saints for Dark Seducers if you’re the Duke of Dementia, however. You can assist in the battle. Once it’s over, speak with Aurig Desha. She says that first, the Spire in the center of town sprang to life. Second, the area was leeched of energy and crystals began to sprout from the ground. Thirdly, the Knights of Order came. Aurig will also tell you that the Knights are seemingly limitless. She believes the Spire may be the key to their power, and that it may need to be disabled before your forces have any chance of emerging victorious. For now, though, the goal is simply to survive. She believes you may be able to help with that. As the Duke of Mania/Dementia, you have the right to command the forces. You can ask Aurig how this is done, delegate the responsibility to her, or take over yourself. Take over. Why? Because it’s fun! You receive a journal entry:

I’ve talked to Aurig Desha about what has happened in Passwall. Order has been attacking the town non-stop. She’s asled for my help in protecting the Passwall. I must place the Golden Saints in the best positions possible to prepare for the attack. When I am satisfied, I should speak to the Aurig.

The Golden Saints aren’t necessarily chuffed that they have a new commander. Meh to them. I found the most effective formation to assign 50% to bear axes and stand ground, 25% bow and 25% outflank with sword and shield. Make a save here. The battle itself is not that hard but it’s difficult not to accidentally hit the Golden Saints as you fight and thus turn them against you. When you’re ready to go, speak to Aurig Desha. The Knights will come in two waves. You’ll need to throw yourself into this battle. If you stay out of it, your forces may be eliminated. Once the last of the Knights has been eliminated you’ll receive a journal entry:

The force of Knights attacking Passwall have been eliminated. I should speak to Aurig Desha about the situation.

Do so. She says that she has an idea to shut down the Spire. Unless that is done, the battle will not end. Apparently, the door to the ruins of Xeddefen have been recently opened and now Knights of Order guard the entrance. The ruins run beneath the Spire. She says that if the Golden Saints assault Xeddefen, Passwall will be lost. She suggests that you go. You receive a journal entry:

The Golden Saint commander Aurig Desha has a plan to retake Passwall. I need to slip through the gate into the ruins of Xeddefen while her Golden Saints distract the knights. They will continue to hold the line at Passwall. I have to use this opportunity to slip into Xeddefen and find Order’s source of power.

Follow your quest marker to Xeddefen. A number of Knights guard the outside area of the ruins. When you kill them, take their Hearts of Order. They can be used to close Obelisks within the Realm of Sheogorath. As you proceed, dark crystals will suddenly spring up, spawning Knights of Order. The Spire is powerful indeed. Once inside, you’ll receive a journal entry telling you what to do:

I’ve made my way into the ruins of Xeddefen. I must seek out the spire’s source of power and find a way to deactivate it.

If you explored Xeddefen earlier in the game you’ll find it a very different place now. Dark crystals will break through the rock and the forces of Order pepper your path. They’ll keep regenerating as long as the Spire’s active, so it’s in your interests only to fight those that you have to. If your character has the skills, sneaking to the power source would be a good idea. Follow the route outline on the map below:

Once you reach the Great Chamber of Xedeffen you’ll receive a journal entry:

I’ve discovered the source of Order’s power – an obelisk is having its power amplified by the spire that leads to the center of Passwall. I must find a way to shut down the obelisk.

Shelden, the Redguard from Passwall, sneaks up on you. He tells you he ran to Xedeffen to escape. Felas, his friend, has joined the Knights of Order. You can tell Shelden to stay here, or ask him to come with you. I told him to stay, but he decided to try and get out on his own. Idiot. I’ll look for his corpse on the way out.

Head into the chamber with the obelisk and quickly place a Heart of Order in it. You’ll need to fight off the Knights and eventually place three hearts of order in there before the obelisk is overloaded. You’ll receive a journal entry: I’ve overloaded the obelisk and collapsed the spire. The carverns are now coming down around me and I must escape before I’m trapped.

Head back to the door exiting the Great Chamber, avoiding fallen rocks and still-surviving Knights of Order. You’ll find the door has been caved in, however, but another entry has been revealed. A door to Xedeffen, Felles. Enter it.

Once outside Xedeffen you receive a journal entry:

I’ve survived the collapsing ruins of Xeddefen. I should seek out Aurig Desha and ask her how the battle above ground went.

Head back to Passwall. If the Golden Saints are skirmishing with the Knights, help them out. When the battle is over speak to Aurig. She congradulates you, but says that your work, and hers is not yet done. You’ll receive a journal entry:

Passwall has been liberated and the forces of Order have been defeated. I should speak to Sheogorath.

Head through the Gates of Madness and return to the Palace in New Sheoth. Speak to Sheogorath. He says he has an important task for you to perform, and details it for you.

Rebuilding the Gatekeeper

Sheogorath has tasked me with rebuilding the Gatekeeper. He has given me instructions to visit the powerful sorceress named Relmyna Verenim in Xaselm to petition her assistance.

Xaselm is within walking distince of the Gates of Madness and appears just above the words ‘The Low Road’ on your map. Head into Xaselm’s outer ruins, deal with the two shambles, and enter. Your next task is to find Relmyna Verenim, who you may have spoken to when you were first trying to discover the Gatekeeper’s weaknesses long ago. The blue line marks the route you should follow to Relmyna.

Once inside the Experiment Chambers you can take a left to see a particularly nasty situation (marked V) on your map. An elven maiden is trapped in the chamber below, and a decrepit shambles walks around her in circles. Read the note ‘Hunger vs. Shambles’ on the table to get an idea of what Relmyna is up to here. You can perform her experiment yourself if you like. The button closest to the desk releases the hunger into the chamber. The findings of the experiment? The hunger wins, and kills everyone. Pressing the button second from the desk sends a shower of darts into the room to draw blood from the victim. The third button from the desk collapses the floor and sends everything in the chamber to an instant death – probably the most humane choice. I like this because it highlights the moral ambiguity in the Shivering Isles: there’s simply no way to save the girl.

Another live experiment is set up in the area marked B, which Relmyna has titled ‘Reptilian Appetite Conditioning’. You can press the button to set the reptiles on the Breton, or put him out of his misery with a ranged spell or arrow.

Once inside the follow your quest marker to Relmyna. She recognizes you as the adventurer who slew her gatekeeper. Tell her she’s mistaken. She lets it go for now, though she seems suspect, and asks on what authority you disturb her work. Choose all the responses that end in an exclamation mark, because Relmyna likes you to be nasty. She’ll send you on an errand to retrieve the components needed to restore the Gatekeeper: Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essense of Breath. They’re located within the Gardens of Flesh and bone. You may have been there before to retrieve the bones of a dead Gatekeeper, but at that point you couldn’t get inside. Relmyna gives you a key that will allow you to enter, and to exit Xaselm from this area, rather than backtracking through a number of sections.

Here you’re given an opportunity to end the suffering or Relmyna’s victims. Talk about ‘Victims’ and insist she stops torturing them: offer to suffer in their place if she lets them go. She’ll cast a spell which will knock you down, but it doesn’t seem to hurt as much as she thought it would. She’ll cease experimenting on the test subjects. If you want to claim a bonus, you can talk to Relmyna about ‘Exalted Pain’, and she’ll give you the Manacles of Pain, which bear Drain Endurance, Fortify Strength, Fortify Willpower and Drain Intelligence enchantments. A nice roleplaying item for an evil character, or something to sell: the set she gave me was worth 1500 septims.

Your journal entry tells you what you must do next:

Relmyna has asked me to enter the depths of the Gardens of Flesh and Bone, and retrieve some mystical components needed for the ceremony to create the new Gatekeeper. I am to return with Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essence of Breath. She has given me a key that I can use to get into the Gardens and directly to her Sanctum when I return.

Head back to the Gates of Madness and back into the Fringe. The Gardens of Flesh and Bone are marked on your map. Head into the outer grounds and then use your key to unlock the ancient doors and enter. Here is the route you should follow to claim all the items.

The Caverns of Susseration overlap too much for my blue line to make any sense. But it's a maze - and how do you solve all mazes? You follow the right-hand wall. If you stick to the right, you'll eventually find your way to the Essence of Breath, though you might end up doubling back on your tracks a bit. It's a good way to explore, though, without getting lost. You'll also find the exit into the Natatorium as well.

On the map of the Natatorium you start at the door marked 'Caverns of Susseration'. Head to the Blood Liqueur and then north to the door back into the Gardens of Flesh and Bone.

I now have all of the items required by Relmyna Verenim. I should return to her.

Head back through the Gates of Madness and return to the Secret Entrance to Xaselm marked on your map. Re-enter the Sanctum of Vivisection and talk to Relmyna. She says that now you have all the components, all that remains is to choose the bodyparts. Talk to her about ‘Bodyparts’ and you’ll receive a journal entry:

Relmyna has instructed me to choose the body parts with which we will create the new Gatekeeper. I am to pick out a head, a torso, a heart, a right arm, a left arm, and legs. I should speak with her when I am finished.

Your quest markers lead you down to where Relmyna keeps the body parts she has cultivated. For each part you are given two or three choices. The property of each part is summarized in the name, and certain parts differ in appearance. The parts you choose don’t have any real effect, though you might want to go for the coolest looking bits, as the Gatekeeper will be made in the image you choose. When you’ve chosen one of each type of part, head back to Relmyna. Your next destination is the statue of Sheogorath in the Fringe – where the previous Gatekeeper used to dwell. Make your way to the Gates of Madness and proceed into the Fringe.

Once near the statue of Sheogorath, speak to Relmyna. She instructs you to place the Gatekeepers body parts in the Cistern of Substantiation. Activate the magical pool and the body parts will be thrown in. Watch Relmyna speak for a bit, until she asks you to place the Dermis Membrane into the Cistern. Activate the Cistern again to place the Dermis Membrane inside. Next she asks you to place the Blood Liqueur into the Cistern, then the Osseous Marrow, then the Essence of Breath. Relmyna then summons a Flesh Atronach to the Cistern. Soon after the new Gatekeeper will be created in a vortex of blue energy. Mine looked like this:

Wait around a few moments and a troupe of Knights of Order will attack. The Gatekeeper repulses them with ease. This should keep the Isles safe for a while.

Return to Sheogorath to complete the quest.


Please submit unsolved bugs or bug fixes to ledriver @ gmail dot com.
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Here's a fix for a problem with the Bruma Gate quest:

The Great Gate
After activating the Sigil Stone at the Bruma Gate my character is not transported back to Bruma. Instead, I'm stuck in the gate world.

Solution: If you make your way down the tower and back to the way you entered (through the Oblivion gate) the main quest will proceed as normal. Because you've technically closed this gate, you can really get away with opening the console with ~ and typing TCL (if you're on PC). This removes all the material barriers in the world allowing you to move through the air and through objects, and it'll be the quickest and safest way to leave the Bruma gate.

The Antipodean Hammer
When you character talks to the Armor in Bliss her respons only with "It's time to get down to business," and the conversation ends.

Solution: Download the latest SI patch.



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