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Shivering Isles Main Quest

The Helpless Army

Speak to Sheogorath to learn a few interesting things:

  • The forces of Order have attacked the Dark Seducer stronghold, Pinnacle Rock.
  • Jyggalag and Sheogorath are the same person. He is going to become Jyggalag soon.

Speak to the Dark Seducer messenger, who tells you to to travel to Pinnacle Rock straight away. You’ll receive a map marker, which is right on the tip of the ‘Madgod’s Boot’ area of Shivering Isles – the tail-like section at the bottom. If you’ve not explored that area of the map before your closest marker will be Xedilian.

Once you reach Pinnacle Rock speak to Adeo. She’ll tell you that Syl’s treachery has allowed the forces of Order to occupy Pinnacle Rock. Their commander, Dylora, is trapped inside. Your priority is to rescue her. Adeo and two Dark Seducers will accompany you. Go through the ancient doors into the Hall of Honor, and follow the blue line on the map below.

When you reach the chamber marked 'Dylora' you'll see a large chime hanging from the roof. Activate it to strike it and the crystal blockages in the chamber will shatter. Dylora is freed from her prison. Speak to her for your next goal: you must secure the Wellspring of the Mazken – the key to their survival.

Heading into the Hall of Devotion area will trigger a surprising event. Dylora speaks to you, urgently telling you that the forces of Order have done something to the Wellspring. The Mazken fall to the ground, their bodies having turned a strange shade of green. You’re to continue on your own.

I’ve located the Wellspring of the Mazken. It’s been covered in Order crystals; I’ll need to destroy them to restore the Wellspring.

In each corner of the room is a Chime, marked C on the map. There are a lot of Knights in this room, so try to deal with them one by one. A good way to do this is to let one see you and retreat into the entry passage before another one spots you, thus leading the lone Knight into an area where you can dispatch him with ease. Once the room has been cleared, proceed in a clockwise circle around the room, starting by activating the chime to the left of the entrance to the chamber. Run directly to the next chime, ring it, and continue to the next chime until all four chimes are harmonizing at once. The pile of hearts of Order will shatter, revealing the well-spring. You’ll receive a journal entry:

The Wellspring of the Mazken has been restored. I need to speak to Dylora.

The Dark Seducer warriors who had fallen are now rejuvenated by the Wellspring. Speak to Dylora. She’ll teach you the spell ‘Summond Dark Seducer’ and gift you with a suit of Dark Seducer armor. It’s really good, and it looks cool too.

Before you leave, pick up six Hearts of Order.

Head back to the New Sheoth Palace. Before you speak to Sheogorath, put the six Hearts of Order in one of the alcoves in the throne-room – say, at the foot of the Gatekeeper’s head. They’ll come in very handy later on. Speak to Sheogorath. It won’t be long before a significant spanner is thrown in the works – Sheogorath makes the transition into Jyggalag, right before your eyes! He expands, then disappears.

You receive a journal entry:

Sheogorath has vanished before we could complete the plan to stop the forces of Order. Perhaps Haskill will know what steps we should take.

Symbols of Office

Speak to Haskill. He tells you that there still may be a way to save the Realm: to have you occupy the throne when Sheogorath storms the Palace. Yep – you’re to become the new Madgod. Though you’re not a Daedric Prince, you can achieve this by wielding the appropriate ‘Symbol of Office’ – Sheogorath’s Staff. Its power has faded, but Haskill believes it can be remade. He says there’s one being that may know how to do so.

Your journal informs you of your next step:

Before I can claim the Throne of Madness and stop the forces of Order, I must remake the Staff of Sheogorath. Haskill has advised me to seek out a remnant of the great library of Jyggalag in Knifepoint Hollow.

Make your way to the entrance of Knifepoint Hollow. On the outside it looks similar to Dunroot Barrow, which you explored earlier in the main quest. Your goal is to seek out a remnant of a great library… your quest marker seems to know more than you do. Follow it.

Your reach an Ancient Door. Activate it to place the Knifepoint Crystal in its socket and destroy it. The door crumbles, revealing a pale man, sitting on a chair of old wood. Speak to Dyus of Mytheria. He was imprisoned here by Sheogorath – thus we can assume he’s been there for an era. No wonder he looks a little under the weather. Apparently, Sheogorath prevents Dyus from dying because he doesn’t want to see the destruction of the knowledge he holds.

Dyus says he can create the physical shell of the staff, but two sacred items will be required in order to make it whole. Firstly, the staff requires the eye of one who’s witnessed that which no other has – the Eye of Ciirta. The second is a branch from the Tree of Shades, located in Milchar.

Let’s relieve Ciirta of her eye first.

The Eye of Ciirta

Ciirta is located within the Howling Halls, north-north-east of Crucible. Enter the Halls. The ancient doors will deposit you in the area called Narthex. Follow the blue line on the map below to your goal. The caves are populated by Apostles. Kill the first one you encounter, then take his robes. Put them on, equip the Apostle’s dagger, and unequip all your other armor and items. As you continue on you’ll see that the Apostles have been taking their shoes off before entering the next area. Do so too. If you encounter an Apostle while dressed in your normal stuff, they’ll attack. If you dress as an Apostle, they’ll ignore you. In a conversation I overheard, it’s hard to miss this hint. One says: “With all the new recruits, it’s hard to tell who’s who these days.” Of course, you could disregard that and kill them all – but you know I’m always a fan of the sneaky option.

"Hey dudes what's happenin'."

You can now talk to the Apostles to find out what they’re up to. You can also learn that Ciirta is their leader, and that you’ll need to speak to her if you wish to join them. Ah, sure… thanks. You can take all of the offerings lying around the place without causing the Apostles to so much as blink. Stop by the Alms Collection Chest to uh… collect some Alms, I guess. Once again, these guys don’t really mind. They seem to be quite a trusting bunch - maybe they’re blinded by all that shining mauve? Head through the ancient doors and into the Congregation Chambers.

To the left you’ll see a named Khajiiti apostle, Ra’Kheran. He has a name, therefore he must be important. Speak with him, and he offers you the opportunity to have Ciirta killed without lifting a finger against her. If you bring him three Apostle Daggers, he says, he and his followers will kill Ciirta for you. It’s up to you whether you decide to unlock Ciirta’s ‘Very Hard’ door and kill her, or do things the sneaky way. You know which one I’m going to choose, though you can do it differently.

You will have killed an Apostle in the first area of the Howling Halls, which you took the robes from. He has a knife on him if you didn’t grab it. While you’re near the Narthex I’d suggest heading back into the previous area and killing one of the two Apostles there – get him alone if possible, and take his dagger. The third knife can be found on a bedside cupboard in the Congregation Chambers area, marked A on the above map. When you’ve collected three daggers bring them back to Ka’Kheran. You receive a journal entry as he runs off to do the deed:

I’ve given Ra’Kheran the daggers that he needs to begin his revolt against Ciirta. I should follow him and retrieve Ciirta’s eye once she’s dead.

Follow Ka’Kheran to his supporters. He distributes the knives, then it’s off to finish Ciirta. The three Apostles surround her, then the battle begins. Ciirta is aided by Luminary Kaz and her summoned Hungers. You should help the Apostles defeat her to guarantee victory. Once Ciirta is dead open her inventory and take Ciirta’s Eye.

Branch of the Tree of Shades

Milchar is a bit remote. The closest main quest marker you’ll have is Dunroot Barrow, if you want to fast-travel. If you have one closer, lucky you. Milchar is entered via a large tree stump surrounded by Elytra. Once inside, head forwards. The Grove of Reflection is almost directly in front of you as you enter, accessable via a large membrane. Once inside, you’ll receive a journal entry:

I’ve arrived in the Grove of Reflection. According to Dyus, I must locate the Tree of Shades and find a way to reveal my true self before I will be allowed to take one of its branches.

Once you drop down, you won’t be able to get back up. There’s a button on the far wall that, by the looks of the map, appears to open a secret passage back into the Nexus. For now, however, an ‘unseen force holds it fast’. Save your game here, then enter the Grove of Reflection.

You’ll have a few moments to survey your surroundings before a bright trail of energy sprouts from the grove and focuses on the ground in a dark cloud. When it dissapates you’re faced with a new enemy – a shadow of yourself. Defeat it however you can. Unsurprisingly, it’s a tough battle, and the threats you face will depend on your own character’s strengths and weaknesses. When your shadow is dead, you receive a journal entry:

After I approached the Grove of Reflection, a shadowy image of myself appeared from the waters of the grove and attacked me. I defeated it, and now the Tree of Shades is beckoning me…

Activate the Tree of Shades, which is the dark mushroom-like tree at the other end of the Grove. The tree will allow you to take the ‘Screaming Branch’. You’ll receive a journal entry:

I have both items that Dyus needs to recreate the Staff of Sheogorath. I should return to Knifepoint Hollow and speak with him.

Press the button against the wall and use the teleport pad to return to Milchar’s upper level. It’s a hop skip and a jump to the exit and out into the Realm of Sheogorath. Head back to Knifepoint Hollow and bring the items to Dyus – who strangely, hasn’t moved, despite his new freedom. Ask about the ‘Staff of Sheogorath’ and Dyus will create its physical form. You receive a journal entry:

With the Staff of Sheogorath now in my possession, I should make my way to the Tree of Madness in Sheogorath’s throne room. There I can tap into the tree’s power and begin my transformation.

Head to Sheogorath’s throneroom and you’ll notice something strange – Order crystals cover the Font of Madness. Speak to Haskill about this unfortunate development to learn that if the Font of Madness remains tainted by Order the war will be lost. He believes it was Syl’s doing, as Jyggalag’s never thought of anything so inventive. You can’t make the staff whole until the taint has been removed.

The Font of Madness has been poisoned by Order! If it becomes fully Ordered, the realm is lost and Jyggalag has won. Haskill suspects that Order has somehow gained access to the Pools of Madness that nourish the Font. I need to enter the Fountainhead beneath the Tree and find the source of the poison before it is too late.

The Roots of Madness

The Fountainhead can be reached via a door in the back of the tree. Kill the Gnarl wandering the tunnels and enter the room on the right. A strange, pulsating chrysalis hangs from the roof. Activate it and the chrysalis will spawn a ‘Gnarl Cultivator’. Hold that trigger finger until your receive a journal entry:

I’ve discovered a chrysalis that generates a tame Gnarl Cultivator. Perhaps these Gnarls can help me halt the spread of Order throughout the Fountainhead.

Watch the Gnarl make its way through the previously blocked door.

I’ve witnessed a gnarl removing the Order crystals that were poisoning a door here in the Fountainhead. It seems that the tame gnarls here can halt the spread of Order throughout the dungeon. I may be able to use their help as I work my way to the Pools of Mania and Dementia.

At the locations marked 'Tainted Pool' on the map you’ll encounter Priests of Order poisoning the Font. To stop the poisoning, kill the Priest. The crystals will recede. In some cases you’ll be able to retrieve a ‘Shard of Order’ from the Priest which can be used to access tree stumps which have been covered by crystals, or to open doors which have been blocked.

You’ll find Syl within the Pool of Mania. Kill all the standard Priests of Order before taking her on, as she won’t attack until you’ve heard her diatribe. She complains for a while, even saying (in regards to Thadon) “what did he ever do to you?”. What kind of Duchess of Dementia asks a question like that? Clearly, her time amongst the forces of Order has changed her.

She’s not too hardy, though her hammer packs a punch. Dispatch Syl and you’ll receive a journal entry:

I’ve killed the Priests of Order who had cursed the Pool of Mania. The traitor, Syl, was among them. Now that I’ve cleansed both Pools that feed the Font of Madness, I should be able to imbue the Staff of Sheogorath with power.

Leave the tunnels and re-enter the throneroom. You’ll notice the Font of Madness has been removed of its taint. Activate it to place your staff in the font. Your incomplete staff will be replaced with the Staff of Sheogorath.

Not long after you’ve done this a Golden Saint will approach you – apparently, Aurmazl Zudeh needs your immediate assistance.

The End of Order

Aurmazl Zudeh enters the throneroom. Speak with her to learn that an Obelisk has opened just outside the Palace. She feels this might be a final confrontation, and that Jyggalag himself might appear before the end. In other words, congratulations, you’ve reached the last quest.

The Captain of my Palace Guard has informed me that an Obelisk has activated in the Palace courtyard! It seems that Order is launching its final attempt to take control of the Shivering Isles. I need to defeat Jyggalag and his minions once and for all.

Remember the six Hearts of Order I told you to set aside in the throneroom. Here is where they come in. Pick them up and take them with you when you head outside to commence the final battle.

An Obelisk has risen in the courtyard. Use three Hearts of Order to overload it. As you do so, another Obelisk will rise. Use the other three Hearts of Order to close that one too, dodging blows from Knights of Order while you wait until the Obelisk can take the next heart. When you overload the second Obelisk Jyggalag himself will come down from the heavens for a final battle.

He’s a tough opponent – final bosses tend to be. Remember to use everything at your disposal – potions, spells, etc. to bring him down. Rather than fighting him toe to toe, run in, make a quick attack (if your single attack is powerful, or a flurry if you rely on enchantments to do the damage) and retreat to avoid his counter-attack. Jyggalag is big, but he’s also slow. When he drops, his body will fade. His face manifests itself in bright blue light above the courtyard. He tells you what he is, and what it means that you’ve defeated him. You are the new Sheogorath, the new ruler of the Shivering Isles. A God. Your journal tells you that Haskill might know what to do with your new-found power. Before you leave, check both Obelisks for loot.

The Prince of Madness

You can find Haskill in the throneroom. He tells you that, as Lord of this land, there are a number of benefits to which you are entitled. And a number of duties to which you must attend.


  • Attend to the needs of your subjects.
  • If you ask him about Defending the Realm, he will tell you of a threat to its inhabitants and give you the choice to send guards, or not to send guards. You must go to the location of the threat and, either with the help of the guards or not, deal with the attack. Return back to the throneroom once you’ve succeeded to receive a reward of gold.


  • You can summon entertainment to your throneroom. Asking Haskill about ‘Entertainment’ sends a woman in a dress to do a short dance before the throne.
  • You can affect the weather in the realm.
  • You receive the ‘Benefit of Sheogorath’s Protection’. Cast this upon yourself, and if your life is threatened, you will be returned to the throneroom.
  • The Court Healer can heal your wounds.
  • You can speak with either the Golden Saint or Dark Seducer escort on either side of the throne to get them to follow you and act as your bodyguard.
  • The Sword of Jyggalag will appear on the last pedestal behind the throne, though you may have to leave the palace and return before it appears.
  • And lastly, another reward – Sheogorath’s Regalia lies folded on the throne.
  • The Staff of Sheogorath, which paralyzes all in range, can be recharded at the Font of Madness.
  • All Obelisks of Order throughout the realm have been deactivated.

And that’s it, the main quest of the Shivering Isles has been completed. Take a moment to rest on your laurels, but remember – there’s still much to do. Many ruins in both Mania and Dementia, full of dangers and loot. A bevy of side-quests promising unique and considerable rewards. Or, if the Isles have grown tiresome, resume your life in Cyrodiil.

But perhaps, after spending so many weeks in the Realm of Sheogorath, it will be Cyrodiil that seems like a crazy place!



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